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  1. Thank you so very much for your reply. I wonder if citizen speakers comments are listed in the minutes of City Council Meetings on the charmeck website. I was going to check it out in a month or so, but it really doesn't matter at this point what was said, I just did not know if something major had happened that caused something controversial or a scene or some sort and I really appreciate your reply because you answered my question and I am thankful for the time you took to answer my question and the time you have saved me. Happy Holiday.
  2. With this hectic season and my schedule, I am really out of the loop. What did the Immediate Past President of 1st Ward Neighborhood Association do/say at the city council meeting that you are speaking of. I feel like I have been on another planet and that is the Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. Thank you and Happy Holiday to ALL.
  3. I too thank you for responding to the question about the election of the new President and Board of Directors for the First Ward Neighborhood Association. I spoke with a friend of mine who was at the meeting and was able to get better insight into everything that took place. I don't think I will be missing any meetings in the near future and thats the Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth-LOL
  4. Can anyone post a link or scanned copy of the project rendering from the 1st ward neighborhood meeting for those of us who were not able to make it? --- please. Thank you so much!!!!
  5. Did they say anything about what would possibly happen with the other parcel of land (behind AACC) and is there a link for the rendering for those of us to had to do the Kids Christmas shopping thing last night and couldn't make it and now I hate it..... Thanks bunches neighbors
  6. WOW-how did the President of 1st ward get booted???? What happened???? That would have been TRUE DRAMA-LOL-wink
  7. I too find several aspects of the project curious and in some cases the floor plans just don't make sense. I would just like for people to want to stay in the neighborhood, but I guess that is the old-fashioned side of me coming out. Thank you for the opportunity to speak in this forum. Have a Great Day!
  8. I too believe that when all is said and done and when everything has made the full circle, then yes it will truly be a win-win situation. Thank you
  9. Right after the sign went up for the project, I picked up one of the sheets with the breakdown and it was listed like this: Unit #1=$550,000.00, #2=$530K, #3=505K, #4=345K, #5 (which was reserved at that time) $ 345K, #6=$495K, #7 & #8=$550K, #9=545K, #10=$530K, #11=495K, #12=345K, #13=340K, #14=485K, #15=550K, #16=545K. A quick calculation is somewhere close to 7.8 million, but I might be wrong (it is early after a late night), but all-in-all I sure wouldn't want to be one of the homeowners still living in the homes with a sign in my yard showing how much is going to be made from the demolition of my home. It will be public record at some point and time, and I don't like to guess on issues, but I just doubt that any of these homeowners will ever see any money that is near the cost of the 3 lowest priced units, but we will soon see the whole truth, when this project fully takes off. I did check out the website that was listed on the sheet on the day that I picked it up when I was out and about that day, but on that day, the website was not yet up and running., but as of tonight the website was up and running and there was still ONLY ONE UNIT RESERVED...hummm. But if you would like to see all the floor plans and verify all the information and pricing that I have stated, then you can go to the website (which is now up and running at www.8thSquaretownhomes.com but NOT listed on the developer's website, which is www.tdcrealestate.com) and see all the information necessary and then you can buy as many as you want. My only recommendation is that I would steer clear of those ugly Duke Power transformers on those ugly power poles. BTW, I think it is a bit too much that the developer has named the units after the homeowners of the very homes that they will have demolished. I just wonder if a potetional homeowner will ever ask the question about these names and what they mean and if it would make a difference to them that they are sleeping on top of land where these homes were moved as a result of a court decision as I understand as a type of consession for all the people who lost their homes, etc. because of Urban Renewal, but as it has been stated before, many people on this message board do not really care for any form of history and prefer to just have higher buildings, more people, and thus that will give happiness. I thank you for allowing me to speak to this issue and I respect everyone's opinion and appreciate this outlet for our opportunity to learn more about our beautiful city. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you and enjoy this beautiful day and our beautiful city.
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