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  1. I can confidently say in the themed entertainment industry, project-based employees, freelancers, and contractors are more the norm than staff positions. And not all of them work down in the attractions area. [emoji106]
  2. Mecatos is a homegrown Columbian cafe concept with 2 existing locations (Waterford & Lake Underhill). https://mecatoscafe.com Pokeworks is a national poke chain that appears to be on the brink of an aggressive expansion into Florida ... note all the “coming soon” locations on their website. http://www.pokeworks.com/location-florida
  3. News to me! Thanks for posting.
  4. Strange, especially considering Donut Experiment had already begun out of home adverts. Whoever thought to put a donut shop in the same plaza as a smoke shop should get a medal.
  5. Is this the warehouse where Clean the World used to be located? (Hughey & Pittman)
  6. Agree with the Panera comment (and I think Covelli is scouting for a new DTO location since the closure of the Lake Eola spot, right?), but you’re spot on about the need for a few more high end restaurants. People at work often ask me for restaurant recommendations for before a show at DPCPA, and other than the usual suspects the list is quite short.
  7. Is it perhaps a situation of commercial real estate owners not wanting to be both commercial AND residential landlords? Perhaps mixed use on such a small scale is a tough sell for that kind of reason.
  8. Current target for opening is June/July. The space will be an expansion of the East End stall, meaning retail cheese sales along with an expanded dine-in menu of cheese- and charcuterie-focused dishes and expanded wine selection. I believe they’ll also sell wine retail for the first time. The kitchen facilities will double as a home base for the owner’s existing catering business, although that won’t be particularly visible to customers.
  9. It would make an amazing environment for this type of use.
  10. Credit cards being accepted at the beer tent was a game changer. I know I drank more than I usually do because it was so much easier to do so!
  11. Not sure if this is new info or not, but this post by the OBJ yesterday mentions when the Sentinel’s lease expires at 633 N Orange (2023), and also that the property owner doesn’t plan on leasing out any additional space in the buildings. The rest is behind the paywall. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2019/05/10/heres-when-the-orlando-sentinels-lease-expires.html
  12. My money’s on this. The Hourglass Developers might have something to say about it, but it makes sense.
  13. I was referring to the Sentinel article. It says a Fashion Square OG was demolished last year, but I don’t know what they’re talking about. The FS location has continued to operate in anticipation of the new location opening. [emoji2369]
  14. Which “Tuscan-style” OG near Fashion Square was knocked down last year? Isn’t the OG OG elsewhere in the Fashion Square parking lot still standing and open for business until this new location opens?
  15. It’s difficult to find much info online about it, but the new restaurant in the bottom floor of Skyhouse (formerly Your Pie) looks to be on the verge of opening. The window paper has come down revealing a minimally updated interior (looks like they’ve kept the pizza oven) and employees have been inside working within the last week. They’ve established a Yelp page as well as some info on Google. There are a few pics on Google. Bowls and flatbreads appear to be on the menu: https://g.co/kgs/xLgSNo
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