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  1. I feel bad for the folks living in the ground level units fronting W Robinson. Without retail along W Robinson in this building & garage structure, it’s pretty much a guarantee Robinson will be a dead zone between Orange and Garland on the north side of the street for the foreseeable future. The available land once this parcel is spoken for as proposed is pretty chopped up.
  2. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Maybe the soon-to-be BOA center further down on Orange will have lawn darts.
  3. orlandoguy

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I tried The Ramen at Crescent Central Station yesterday for lunch. I’m by no means a ramen connoisseur, but I thought it was really good. The menu has a small but solid assortment of options and, notably, both the ramen and non-ramen options were good. The owners didn’t do much to the interior from the Philly Connection days. There wasn’t a line at 1:45, but that’s not unusual in that area. They were doing brisk takeaway business. I think their biggest challenge will be the price point. If you do both a bowl of ramen and an app, the final bill can easily creep up toward $20.
  4. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Here’s the full complement of renovation renderings in the BOA Center lobby.
  5. +1. I’ve been at my job long enough that I’m now no longer the young guy, and a new wave of kids have come in under me. I hear what they’re paying to live downtown, or more accurately what they’d have to pay to live downtown. It’s insane how much it has gone up in the 10 years since I was a renter in the Milk District and-before that- Greenwood. Of course, when I was a renter the Milk District wasn’t a thing ... so there’s part of the reason. [emoji1745]‍[emoji3603]
  6. Brendan posted a link to a survey being conducted by the OEP. The goal is to get insight on how metro Orlando residents view the area they call the places they live and work. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete and should be the same for a group like the UP crowd who is hyper aware of the goings-on ‘round these parts. [emoji6] https://bungalower.com/2018/11/18/tell-the-oep-how-much-you-know-about-orlando/
  7. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I can grab some shots of the renderings in the lobby. They didn’t show us anything beyond those, but happy to post them.
  8. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I can confirm interior construction and redecorating is well underway at BOA Center on the upper floors and in the parking garage annex. It’s already made for some interesting temporary arrangements for restrooms and other facilities, my own office included. The elevator modernization that began a year ago is also part of the work. They’re about halfway done. I’m grateful to the new building ownership for undertaking the changes, but cynically I think it has less to do with making the lobby space & courtyard more people-friendly and more about attracting a new tenant with the advance knowledge BOA was leaving.
  9. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    For the current BOA lobby space, it begs the question: do any other banks want a branch that large, and will there be any takers once BOA vacates? If not, is there any possibility the empty branch space could be reconfigured for some street level retail?
  10. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Agreed ... for a chain restaurant, the Lake Eola Panera felt special.
  11. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    FWIW, drive-thrus are indeed a priority for Panera corporate moving forward. The Market at Southside location is closing in favor of the SODO location (making the blog post by OBJ all the more inaccurate ... or at least misleading). The Millenia location closed its food court cafe in favor of the freestanding building on Conroy. The OFS location will surely close to move to one of the new outparcels once they’re built. Since each location is franchised-but the majority of the Central Florida cafes owned by Covelli- it’s up to the individual franchisees what format they want their restaurants to use. I wouldn’t be surprised if the partnership with Florida Hospital keeps the North Orange Ave location as-is for the foreseeable future.
  12. orlandoguy

    CNL III | Office [Proposed]

    OBJ is reporting CNL III is officially dead. No link due to the paywall.
  13. CFS Coffee has opened their DTO location on Church Street (apparently with an updated name). I stopped into their Hannibal Square location a few times and was always impressed by the service and quality of the coffee. Is this where the Flame Broiler used to be? https://bungalower.com/2018/10/03/cafe-frutos-selectos-now-open-on-church-street/
  14. orlandoguy

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Sorry to hear about Muddy. I had some good meals there, and they had my favorite cocktail in the city.
  15. orlandoguy

    Hourglass District

    Ugh. That is all.