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  1. New retail shop going in across the street from Washburn Imports: Maffrey’s, a proprietor of “good” goods. No website that I can find. Opening in March according to their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Maffreys/
  2. Are you talking about the smaller restaurants/businesses in the Winn Dixie plaza? If so, I disagree - Roque Pub, La Fiesta, Theo’s, Nature’s Market, and JJ’s are all established tenants in the neighborhood and destinations unto themselves for the surrounding residential. I agree with you that cleaning up visual clutter in front of one’s business is marketing 101. Potential customers need to see what’s going on in order to make the visual connection that they want to patronize a business. If the trees weren’t diseased or causing infrastructure problems with their root systems, I suspect the plaza owner got rid of them to make the signage more visible from the road.
  3. I agree, if another cultural institution were ever to take up residence alongside the other Loch Haven tenants, a well done cafe would be essential. Too bad the owner of the Sentinel site doesn’t want to pair with OMA to redevelop that property. That’s the one CBD site that could accommodate a relocated museum and really do something fabulous.
  4. We’ve just been paralyzed since Lucky’s closed and have just decided to eat out every meal rather than try to figure out where to shop. Bo Sharon, are you reading this?!?!?
  5. This is great news for the region’s visitors. It’s always been a bit of a head-scratcher that OIA didn’t have an on-property fueling station yet they’re commonplace at many major airports elsewhere in the US. My business travel takes me to the same 2-3 cities and all of them have gas stations right across from the rental car returns. It’s a huge convenience! Plus those stations on Semoran that price gouge make me so mad.
  6. See further up thread. The fence went up earlier this week but the UP Permit Squad has confirmed the developer has not been approved to proceed yet.
  7. This article from Curbed gives an excellent look at why metro Orlando is consistently ranked one of the deadliest regions in the country for pedestrians, how we got here, and some of the work that’s being done to change it. https://www.curbed.com/2020/1/22/21064325/orlando-crash-cycling-pedestrian-traffic-safety
  8. Yes ... my question was, will he be making an appearance in this thread now that the port-o-johns are in place? “Ron Paul, are you here?” [emoji106]
  9. There are port-o-johns on site for this project now. Ron Paul?
  10. A truly frightening prospect, indeed. Hide your blimps and your sons!
  11. It IS in the OBJ, so take it with a grain of salt. If true, the Chela space may be subdivided. Exclusive: Chipotle in talks for downtown location https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2020/01/21/exclusive-chipotle-in-talks-for-downtown-location.html
  12. This is sad, indeed. I had fully made the switch from Publix to Lucky's (Colonial Landing) with the exception of one or two staples from Target. I feel bad for those 2500 employees who are out of jobs.
  13. Doesn’t this project also require the land currently occupied by the Fratelli’s/Club Lit building? If so, I’d imagine they’d already be vacated if work were imminent.
  14. I think there's a very strong likelihood of that. Smart residents.
  15. Does Macy’s own this building and/or land like Sears did? If not, it actually could be a shrewd move for Macy’s to stay and have an exclusivity clause written into their lease, preventing any other department stores from being in the new lifestyle/power center that gets built. With no other store quite like that in the immediate vicinity, it would have the market for the downtown-ish area to itself.
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