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  1. Wow ... Foxtail must have gotten some serious investment. After the location in the BOA Center, the forthcoming Curry Ford store, and now this, things are really looking up for our hometown coffeehouse. A spot near ORMC makes all the sense in the world. Good for them.
  2. 55 West

    Oooo ... any more details?
  3. Magnolia Rose | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    I noticed the GS headline in the Sentinel that the City is requesting design changes. Anyone know what they are?
  4. Waiting For Godot...er, Downtown Retail

    Greenbeat is doing just that. It's still not unusual to see a line close to out the door between 11:30-1:30. I'd have figured by now the excitement would have calmed down. Philly Connection still gets a line, but not that bad.
  5. Waiting For Godot...er, Downtown Retail

    I just walked past this today and didn't even notice. Lol. Incidentally, I was on my way to the Philly Connection and noticed as I opened the door they have new hours: closed on Saturday and Sunday. [emoji849]
  6. Magnolia Rose | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    I've set my watch to wait for the pushback from Lake Eola Heights ...
  7. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I'm not sure about this. I doubt it was slated for a residential building since it's owned by St James. But someone else may know better than me. Yes. Well, not anymore. [emoji6]
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Here's your bonus demo news for the day: the sad little hut of a building just south of BOA Center is being torn down as of today. Guess that is the other structure that was mentioned by the church. When I left work, about 2/3 of it was down with the south wall still standing. The old bank teller awning is completely down and most of the debris removed.
  9. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The plan made the cafe look like it seats very few people. I'm interested to see who the tenant will be. Regardless, it's a great start for a sadly underutilized space which is awesome news.
  10. Wow, the horizontal mass is much more than i expected. Nice shot, thanks for sharing.
  11. Name your "Top 5"

    Fun stuff ... can you elaborate what "performing" means? My first instinct is for live theater but I doubt that's your intent ... [emoji51]
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Sorry to be so vague in my original post. I remember seeing previously in this thread someone mentioning the Catholic Diocese wanted to tear down the old bank teller drive-thru and resurface the entire lot. My coworker said the Diocese is moving forward with that project AND tearing down the gas station on the NE corner and paving over that for additional parking. I just checked OCPA and see the Diocese doesn't own the old gas station lot, so I think she may have misheard for that corner specifically (unless the church is going to sublease it for parking or something).
  13. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    A coworker who attends mass at the Catholic church at Orange & Robinson said recently the parking lots for both the NW corner AND the NE corner will be moving forward soon. I noticed on my way in yesterday netted fencing had gone up too. Anyone know anything? If it's true, I'm so bummed.
  14. This makes me so happy. Love the folks at Dovecote, but the coffee bar was definitely the weak link in an otherwise exceptional dining destination. Congrats, Brandon! Looking forward to trying your brews.
  15. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I have not been to [email protected], unfortunately. Your Pie is a block from my office so I've been waiting with anticipation for them to open. Fratelli's just ain't cuttin' it on North Orange!