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  1. orlandoguy

    Orlando Skyhouse Apartments

    Yeah, of the various make-your-own-pie chains, YP was my favorite. Sorry to see it go as now my closest pizza to the office is Fratelli’s. [emoji58]
  2. orlandoguy

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    BOA Center was out until about 9:45am too.
  3. orlandoguy

    Orlando Skyhouse Apartments

    Your Pie has left the building. Noticed today the windows are papered over.
  4. Things aren't looking good for the Philly cheesesteak place. Two weeks ago I went to grab lunch and there was a handwritten sign stating the business was closed that day due to "lack of employees" - on a weekday. I've been twice since- again, both weekdays during peak lunch times- and the place is shut down, albeit without any notices on the door. Meanwhile, Greenbeat still has a line nearly out the door everyday and DD keeps a steady stream of customers throughout the day. 🤷‍♂️
  5. orlandoguy

    Just Wow

    I stopped by their exhibit last year. It's definitely worth your time if you haven't been.
  6. orlandoguy

    The Milk District

    The lot to the north of the Chevron. May be nothing but I hadn't read anything on here about it. (As I was typing the question I was completely thinking, "There's no way to say this without being a little confusing.") [emoji851]
  7. orlandoguy

    The Milk District

    This morning on my way to work I noticed dirt piles and a silt fence on the block behind the South Street Chevron at Primrose and Jackson. Anyone know what's going on?
  8. orlandoguy

    Hourglass District

    Now that I have to boycott Publix, this is probably as good as it's going to get in Curry Ford West. Thanks for the update!
  9. Minor updates on the new coffee shop for Aspire: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/consumer/os-cfb-deeply-coffee-downtown-orlando-20180515-story.html
  10. It's the corner unit, which I believe was originally marketed as a restaurant space.
  11. Yes, please ... make a redo of this building happen. It's got to be one of the most unfortunately styled buildings in the CBD (with the most potential). [emoji144]
  12. orlandoguy

    the Press.

    That's interesting ... I kind of accept traffic as a part of living in a moderately sized metro area. But- and this is a big but- I don't have to commute on I-4 to get to work, so maybe I'd feel differently if I did. If I had to pick one thing, it'd be the public transit. Getting that right has the possibility of spilling over into so many other benefits to metro residents (not the least of which could be the afore-mentioned traffic).
  13. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Thanks. It was there so briefly it completely slipped my mind.
  14. orlandoguy

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Is this the Delaney? Sorry, that tall skinny window on the building next door isn't enough of a landmark for me to figure out! Is it wrong I can't remember which space UF occupied? Is it currently vacant? I bet the current AT space will fill up quickly.
  15. orlandoguy

    Hourglass District

    Scott Joseph reviewed it in February and was not a fan: https://www.scottjosephorlando.com/reviews/recent-reviews/61-italian/4233-peppino-s-organic-italian-kitchen-pizzeria It's Yelp rating currently sits at 3.5 stars with 60 reviews, which isn't stellar. And this is purely anecdotal, but I live in the neighborhood and the three neighbors I know who have been said it's average but the service is what really sinks the experience.