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  1. Ate at Loading Zone (former Beth’s on Washington) last week. While I have no idea how well their cheesesteaks compare to a genuine Philly cheesesteak, I can say it was pretty good and will be back. They had a nice variety of options and saw several things I’d like to try on future visits. While the layout is pretty much the same as Beth’s, they did a good job on the makeover so it feels like its own place. Their employees were really friendly and the operations were quite smooth considering how long they’ve been open.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I went there 3 times and never was able to order what I wanted due to them being out of ingredients or in the process of changing the recipe.
  3. BITE - Be Inspired to Eat has closed in the Skyhouse building.
  4. I was a loyal shopper at the TP Woof Gang almost the entire time they were there. The sales associates were great and they were always willing to source something if they didn’t typically stock it. Then they dropped my dog’s food brand and said they wouldn’t carry it anymore. Curiously, Petco picked it up right around the same time so I migrated away from a locally owned business to the big box. [emoji58] Shame if they’re leaving because I always thought that business was a great fit for that location. It’d be a tough spot for most anything other than a professional office.
  5. Land deal closed today: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-bz-orlando-fashion-square-sold-20190927-oov37qdtn5f5bitoojnrcjyq5u-story.html
  6. I also love Ocean Sun, but agree it was rare to go there when there were more than a handful of customers there. I wonder if Hourglass Brewing opening so close siphoned any business from OS.
  7. I agree ... CV always felt placeholder and I could only cringe when it kept appearing in more and more news pieces and press releases.
  8. Yeesh ... who’d want to use that logo?
  9. There have been a lot of UCF students at the Dovecote Foxtail recently.
  10. The scuttlebutt within the EA rank and file is that this rumor might be simply a negotiation tactic for another Maitland location.
  11. Great news! It'd be awesome if Orlando Meats remained in charge of the food stall.
  12. Did the kombucha place ever actually open in this space? I walk by this area often and remember seeing work being done on the premises, but don't remember Farm Boy opening to retail customers.
  13. orlandoguy


    That’s a quote for the ages.
  14. Hopefully that’s a typo ... ? 2,500 square feet might get us a photo mat.
  15. The Millenia C&B closed roughly a year ago. Apparently Millenia didn’t renew their lease. Hermès opened in that space in the last several months. Now the closest C&B is Tampa.
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