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  1. Did Bagel World not go into the old Two Chefs? I honestly don’t know because I haven’t been over there since the pandemic started (although I do order BW via Ubereats with some regularity).
  2. Yeah, that building has been a real ... situation for a while now. It makes me think the same property owner also owns the rest of the block between the green building and Magnolia (although maybe it’s just a row of owners that aren’t great with color choices). Whoever has been selecting paint colors the last couple of repaints for all of those structures doesn’t quite have a “design” eye, unfortunately. The Kinko’s building, in particular, could look much cooler than it is if designed & painted with a bit more finesse.
  3. orlandoguy


    I must have missed the thing about Bento building a new facility there previously. I will for sure look forward to the food hall and I love their focus on helping up and coming local chefs get started! Re: Kobe - it’s totally possible. I feel like I’ve seen that sign move so many times over the years I’ve half forgotten, half lost interest.
  4. orlandoguy


    This seems to have flown under the radar on the forum due to the holidays (apologies if this is a repost). According to this article, the Bento founders will be constructing a new building on the empty lot next to Dollar Tree on Colonial at Hampton. (Does this mean the Kobe rumors will finally die?!) It’ll house Bento’s corporate offices, a multi-function kitchen for events, and a food hall with eight-ish stalls. Targeted to open at the end of 2021. What of their office space on Church Street - are they still in that location and, if so, I guess they’ll be leaving ... ? And not Mills/50-related: they’ve also taken the ghost kitchen space at Conway & Curry Ford that was originally built-out by Bloomin’ Brands (Outback, Carrabba’s, etc.) Collab Kitchens is already up and running and can be ordered via the various meal delivery apps under the Bento & Lucky Dragon (Chinese) brands. Sonny Nguyen (Domu, Tori Tori) is also operating Domu Wings out of Collab Kitchens, as is Uncle Sung Chicken & Rice by Ray Sungadi. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-bz-bento-group-food-halls-20201222-2z6nm2vz3nak5nbefjw2ixrju4-story.html
  5. I went once about a month after they opened to pickup a quick breakfast on my way to the office. It seemed like a bread place first then a restaurant second (as compared to, say, Panera which- despite the baked goods case- is really a restaurant first and foremost). The very small menu, lack of weekend hours as mentioned, and less-than-attentive morning staff doomed them for me which is a shame because the idea and location were great.
  6. I’ve seen a similar floor plan in Orlando town-/row houses before (Baldwin Park maybe ... ?) but I can see what you mean. I assume that garage isn’t much deeper than allowing space for a car and not much else. Probably the result of putting the laundry on the second or third level. As someone who’s been working out of their kitchen in an open floor plan house for the past 9+ months, that first level office space is looking extremely attractive right about now!
  7. I drank/ate here maybe three times prior to lockdown. Each time the food progressively got better, and the service was always super-friendly. I hope they make it as I look forward to going back once dine-in days begin again for me.
  8. Still not back in the office but I was nearby yesterday to run a couple of errands. Quite a difference from my last photo on March 5th!
  9. Who do we contact? I don’t live in this city commission district so I doubt my commissioner would care to get involved. I do think it’s important for the city to know residents are interested in keeping redevelopment of the more historic structures on this site (historic in the local sense, if not the formal sense). I’ve always thought the original news room building was a spit & polish away from being super cool.
  10. I hear ya and- granted I don’t live DIRECTLY behind the area surrounding the Bumby/CF intersection- but as a nearby homeowner I welcome the development. I love being able to stay in my own neighborhood for restaurants, shopping, and socializing 5 days out of 7. It fosters a sense of community and place for what previously was a unique-if-boring amalgam if upscale neighborhood (Bel Air), middle class residences (Lake Como), and nondescript county residential (south of CF) - dotted with businesses that were nothing special. Now I actually patronize the businesses in this district, know my bartenders by name, and recommend retail establishments to friends who live in other downtown neighborhoods. It definitely helps provide a sense of belonging and pride.
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