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  1. ric75

    2016 Mayoral Election of Richmond

    If school populations aren't growing, I find it hard to justify throwing more money that way. I feel like we already spend a pretty good amount per pupil. It's going to take a lot of internal improvements and time before parents feel comfortable keeping their middle school and up aged kids in the RPS system. 1.) Improve public services/maintenance. We don't do a good job of keeping up with what should be routine things such as mowing, mulching, street sweeping, sidewalk maintenance, and City code enforcement in regards to property upkeep... and it shows. The government needs to take pride in its City if they want residents to do the same. Along the same lines, improve the efficiency/culture of City administration. 2.) A lot of wasted potential on Commerce Street. We need to improve the infrastructure (road/sidewalks, lighting, streetscape improvements), bring in fiber, and encourage new businesses to open there and revitalize that under-utilized corridor. It may be possible to get the State to build another, much-needed exit to access that area somewhere between the Maury Street and Bell's Rd exits. 3.) I liked RiverYuppy's comment about public housing. The concentrated pockets of poverty need to be broken up. In the long-term it will save the City money by lowering crime rates and will ideally improve the chances of residents receiving better education and opportunities to get jobs.
  2. ric75

    The Locks at 321

    I'm presuming this is going at the SE corner of Byrd and 10th where a portion of the old Reynold's facility currently sits?
  3. You think this is related? Not sure if Dominion Realty Partners is part of Dominion Resources. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/article_214de9ae-82aa-54de-9bea-7ec4b8c54779.html
  4. Interesting, I guess appearances are deceiving. I was just driving through downtown this morning noting how many buildings are being renovated. Definitely seems like money is being put into the CBD but maybe stats say otherwise.
  5. I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention. I passed by it recently and this project is going to wonders for this area of Broad and Boulevard that otherwise tends to look on the neglected side. I spoke with a young lady at Gus' on Broad Street and she mentioned the rumors of Whole Foods. Probably just rumors of course but that would be a great retail addition to this project. Anyone else heard anything about retail here?
  6. ric75

    Richmond Dining-Out scene

    Yeah I have high hopes for that area. It could definitely become a club destination if the two venues get their timing right. As far as the smoking ban is concerned, Off the Hookah meets the requirements because they have a separately ventilated dining area (downstairs) which allows for the second floor to be the hookah bar/lounge.
  7. ric75

    Richmond Dining-Out scene

    Payed them a visit several weeks ago. We had a lot of people and the arrangement on the upper floor (which is the floor you enter on) is not conducive to large groups. This is the floor where 2 large bars are located and where hookah smoking is allowed. Couches, cushions, and small tables are located against the wall, and small 4 person tables are in the middle. The decor is pretty intricate with an ancient Egyptian theme. Service had many issues however as it took forever just to put drink orders in and half the menu items (sushi) were not available yet. I think they may have opened a little before they were ready but hopefully they will work the issues out. The food once it came out was pretty good. They seem to be successful so far in selling themselves as a club and I wish them the best of luck. If you want to dine or smoke a hookah, my recommendation is t get their early while things are relatively peaceful. Downstairs is for dining strictly from my understanding but I did not see the space.
  8. ric75

    Richmond off-topic postings

    The rise of the blogosphere? In the beginning this and richmondcitywatch were the only places to read and discuss hyper-local news. Now there are many outlets covering this territory thereby potentially diluting readership. I still drop in here almost daily to catch up on news... there are several folks here that have inside information that can't be found elsewhere and burt does an amazing job gathering local news. I don't think this site is going anywhere.
  9. ric75

    Richmond Dining-Out scene

    I'm rather partial to that rendering myself. I hope the popularity of riverfront dining motivates the City to finally do something with that abandoned stretch of river between the county line and Tobacco Row. It needs to be a boardwalk with retail, dining, residences, and river access options. As of now it's a fishing spot for about 10 locals.
  10. ric75

    Designed for Richmond

    I believe the Shockoe Bottom stadium design had home plate facing north as well and that is a workable direction though I think the ideal direction is facing northeast... though I'm no baseball expert
  11. ric75

    Richmond Events

    My guess is the draining process is slow, requiring vacuum pumps and lots of time. Refilling it is probably a simple matter of opening the gate and letting river do its thing. Probably only takes a matter of hours to fill again.
  12. ric75

    Richmond Dining-Out scene

    They are building a nice bar that addresses the street very well... something Relish didn't do unfortunately.
  13. ric75

    Richmond Developments

    Frankly I hope they do something besides make an ice skating rink there. Talk about a very limited use for a prime piece of real estate. If they do move ahead with it, I hope they can find some other use for it for the other 9 months of the year.
  14. ric75

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Got my tickets for the evening session. Can't wait! Really happy to see Boulder Brewing will be there as well as Dogfish Head.
  15. ric75

    Richmond Events

    Arts in the Park was well-attended today. I hadn't been in years and was amazed by the quantity and quality of the artists there. Heading back tomorrow to buy a few things Hoping to visit the VMFA this evening.