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  1. sunshine

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Is this new Universal "gate" located inside City of Orlando?
  2. With all these business and build up, the area still feel extremely suburbans. I wish the city would invest some money in landscaping the area to make it more inviting.
  3. sunshine

    Parramore's Future: Highrise Development or No?

    I read somewhere long time ago that they want to make Church Street the main street of Orlando. I hope they have plan to eventually make this street pedestrain only ala Lincoln Road.
  4. sunshine

    Orlando Transit

    Now they just need to build that section from downtown to Sea World to complete this. If Universal would throw in some money so they can link their old parks with the new would be great.
  5. sunshine

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Isnt there where the Lion Den supposed to be and Bob Snow want to create an entertaintment distritc..
  6. sunshine

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    People that build Brickell City Center, American Dream Mall must be insane then. Outlet mall is a mess. Wait till they wash all their purchase when they get home.
  7. That reflecting fountain in the front of the building is nice.
  8. sunshine

    Creative Village

    I was refering to the architecture itself, not the park. I would like to see a signature building like that one that designed by Santiago Calatrava. I would drive to Lakeland just to visit that building but there are zero building in downtown Orlando that is a must see for any visitors. Hypothetically speaking, if that exact same building was sitting like at the edge of Lake Ivanhoe/ Lake Dot or Lake Eola, it will be an attraction to architecture enthusiasts. Even similar buildings that done by Frank Llyod Wright at Florida Southern college is more interesting than buildings by Baker Barrios.
  9. sunshine

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Universal seems to be more "urban minded" when it comes to design until the recent expansion of the hotels. Even so, it is way better than Disney for not building isolated island of resorts. Hopefully there are new urban element in the new park that can rival Disney Spring. This will greatly enhance I-drive. A monorail connecting the new with the old parks would be awesome.
  10. sunshine

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Florida Mall parking is the pain. I like Millenia because of the high end stores although I dont spend much there. Disney Spring is nice but it is so far away and more like a suburb setting. Yes Dale, bring on the big boy mall. Even NYC doesnt have a good downtown mall like in Europe/Asia and I have yet to visit Brickell City Center. Brickell City Center looks nice and it is built by Hong Konger.
  11. sunshine

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    No more Nike
  12. sunshine

    Creative Village

    Is it too much to ask for a building like this at UCF downtown aka "Creative" village?
  13. sunshine

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It has been awhile, anymore new highrises coming soon?
  14. sunshine

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I think this is from PPS. Project for Public Space. They help design this for place making. I think the design can certianly achived that, too bad it was not built as planned. This is Orlando.
  15. sunshine

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I still like this