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  1. can I order two more of these to replace those 420, 520, central station craps?
  2. Dont insult scandanavian design....
  3. In an era that cities are trying to bury their highway or cover it up to create buildable lands....we are going to new height on our highways to make it visible and add privilage lanes.
  4. But with Anderson hotel there and the old folks high is challenging to get that entire section.
  5. hmmm 1 acre lot....where are they going to squeeze in my grand entrance with a giant atrium....seem later small to be grand building. Not to mention it will be completely blocked from sight when the round building lot is built out...
  6. They slap some chinese food on some dough wrap and called it asian fusion. Hopefully something actually good go in there. Like a real indian restaurant.... Since this is Orlando, the new restaurant probably serve taco, beers and pizza.
  7. Despite the location, I think it is rather compact and urban design, better than Waterford Lakes which I hate. Only if Fashion Square Mall looks like that. But they could add a dedicated bike lane and future street car line would be good.
  8. Is there a UCF campus rendering out there? Student housing?
  9. Beers, tacos and pizzas..theme of Orlando downtown area restaurants... Anyway, the manager at the Tijuana Flat by Sodo told us that their store is one of the highest grossing in Orlando. Giving the limited options for dining in that area, I can see why How about a Red Lobster, Ale House there...
  10. Thomas Chatman should be calling and get us 1. Target Express 2. Starbucks Roastery 3. CVS - with Walgreen coming downtown, u know you can talk CVS into a store nearby.. with UCF downtown, I would guess it comes with a Barnes & Nobles
  11. how tall is a building to house 300 jobs?
  12. Gainesville is getting a Target Express. We need one of those. That town probably get more urban than Orlando soon. They are also studying for a street car systm
  13. Are they building an office building for the Arrow Sky Media?