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  1. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Never understand the appeal of getting drunk for anything..... Anyway, here is new movement... Design updates green-lit for Cambria Suites at Lake Eola, construction plans in review
  2. Other Metro Area Projects

    Then the new bike lane will come in handy then...
  3. Other Metro Area Projects

    Tell them to get rid of half of the parkings and make it into a park
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    that club at the corner could be a nice Ruth Chris steak house... or 7-11
  5. Other Metro Area Projects

    That is the tree...
  6. Other Metro Area Projects

    Well, the other day when I was in the Winn Dixie, there were a group of well dressed gentlement that are probably higher up of the store, I overheard them talking about cutting tree at the parking lot. I didnt say anything but in my mind, I wanted to tell him please dont cut any tree. LOL....anti climatic story...
  7. Other Metro Area Projects

    I hope it becomes an Aldi
  8. Another giant asphalt parking lot...Orlando
  9. Other Metro Area Projects

    That new Walgreen with steel skin is new design to me. I have never seen them doing that. I hope they demolish the other walgreens and build something urban for the hourglass district. That smoke shop at the corner got to go. I do not know how the city can approve that when they are trying to make it a grand entrance to Conway area. On the side note, I just realized there is a take away Outback right next to the ghetto Publix.
  10. Not sure why everybody hates on that is how parking garage is in Europe and Asia at tight places...some even worse
  11. Economic Development

    It looks like a match box stack on each other.
  12. Economic Development

    On the side note, Hard Rock HQ is moving to South Florida. IAMFloridaBorn, I think the biggest argument here is, the leaders are small fish in big pond, their visions are average at best, in some case, none ....*cough" ...Thomas C... Sometimes, I think leaders in OC and Winter Park has better execution and vision than Orlando. The design of this tower looked like an undergrad student aiming for a C+ in a class.
  13. Creative Village [Proposed]

    They are all from the same architecture firm I believed.