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  1. TopShop, Club Monaco, Espirit, Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, Lidl, Netto, Legal Seafood.
  2. Barcelona has Diagonal Mar and Paris has La Defense. Also they have interesting and high quality archictecture new built low rise. Orlando has carbon copied value engineering boxes. Just look at Austin, their taller skyscrapers are more interesting than us. Even Disney has gone value engineering in their new offering of hotels. Back to this building, the exterior is what you would be expected from Baker Barrios and typical Orlando standard, but the massing is just horrible and they did nothing to try to hide or correct it.
  3. I tried... CFS, Fox Tails, Lineage, Credo....all of them are more expensive and don't taste as good and I am just ordering basic ice coffee. Starbucks win.
  4. I was thinking the same thing everytime I drove pass there, I wish I have enough money to make Harmon a Starbucks. There isn't one by Ivanhoe or Mills. Those fancy new renters need a SB.
  5. What? No Starbucks? I am going to write a letter. Bring in the national chains please. I am tired of paying 50 to 60 bucks on these small plates and left the restaurant hungry.
  6. Basically, we all want downtown Orlando to be more like Park Ave.
  7. I like the project. It is an upgrade to the area. I don't think any of the business down there would complain about "mid rises" being built with people that can afford a high price apartment next to them. With the increase food traffic and business, I would hope the local business would up their game and provide a better service.
  8. ahemm....Park Ave...
  9. sunshine


    This one is not Baker Barrios
  10. sunshine


    Can we get a grocery store there?
  11. Thank you for pointing that out. This building proportion is way off. It would be better if the width is even thrughout the entire building or the hotel part should be higher. Hopefully the second building can balance this out with some smart design.
  12. sunshine


    ok so lot 2 will be empty
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