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  1. And they wonder why we have short and stumpy projects all over town...
  2. I went there to take some passport photos. It was so exepsnive that I should have just go to Walgreens.
  3. The museum does not have to be a 500 millions project to make it an attractions. Yes, I would support a lavish museum the size of Smithsonian or Guggenheim but Orlando does not have the leadership persons to pull this off. Daly museum is in the range of 30 millions. Even Morse museum in Winter Park has more pull than OMA. Those would be a good example for downtown Orlando.
  4. Downtown Orlando is not actually "hopping" comparing it to other cities around the earth of similar size. Is it getting better though? Yes.
  5. I would like to see that this area follow the footstep of Miami Design District and build some innovative buildings with some high rise mixed in... Get rid of the graffiti murals crap, they are not good.
  6. Can a CVS squeeze in there?
  7. calling Disney and Universal...
  8. so it is pedestrian + bike?
  9. Spice Steakhouse is finally closed! Thanks Buddha. What a waste of space. Hopefully something good will go in there.
  10. Can this 500m convention center be in downtown? like right next to the Citrus Bowl or next to Creative Village. We already have Sunrail
  11. I am not in convention business, why cant we use Amway or Dr Phillips as convention space?
  12. So the Magic is going to build entire complex in one phase? There are not much news from this.
  13. I rather they don't paint graffiti everywhere and just plant some climbing plants over those wall. To me, graffiti are not arts and especially those in Orlando. There are some that are tastefully done around the world, but in Orlando, they look like something painted by teenagers that have nothing better to do. On the side note, I hope all these buildings are green certified.
  14. LOL....yeah...that does not sound like a Pho/ramen/dumplings or Indian food place.
  15. So there Freshfield, Publix, Target, Walmart, Lucky and the future one cresent...there are a lot of grocery stores.