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  1. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    If I pay to go on Lexus lane and it is congested, I feel like they should pay us money to be fair.
  2. Lucerne Promenade [Proposed]

    The original plan...
  3. College Park

    yes, the green space is definitely a plus.
  4. Uptown

    Can we replace all the bars in downtown that served bar food, tacos and burger and put in real food?
  5. They need to tear it down, fill part of the lake and rebuild a bigger one.
  6. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed] It is Fox Sports Florida
  7. Other Metro Area Projects

    I would live there if it is in the 200K range...
  8. Other Metro Area Projects

    New townhomes at Bumby
  9. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Block the JAVA and you can read it
  10. Creative Village [Proposed]

    But the highway is as tall as some buildings if it is not taller... this is not a good look...
  11. Winter Park & Maitland

    I like the organic new inovative building. It is far more intresting than the milk boxes that Orlando built.
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Orlando chosen to participate in Smart Growth America’s Safe Streets Academy
  13. Uptown

    I think Steel House and the other buildings without retails in that side of the ride kind of "killed" the street activities. Retails also need to be interesting. Throw something name brand in the mix, it will work, ie Target city, Darden, Chipotle....
  14. Here
  15. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    At this corner, I expect something taller. The drive thru is a no no. Besides, Winter Park rejected this project.