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  1. Can this 500m convention center be in downtown? like right next to the Citrus Bowl or next to Creative Village. We already have Sunrail
  2. I am not in convention business, why cant we use Amway or Dr Phillips as convention space?
  3. So the Magic is going to build entire complex in one phase? There are not much news from this.
  4. I rather they don't paint graffiti everywhere and just plant some climbing plants over those wall. To me, graffiti are not arts and especially those in Orlando. There are some that are tastefully done around the world, but in Orlando, they look like something painted by teenagers that have nothing better to do. On the side note, I hope all these buildings are green certified.
  5. LOL....yeah...that does not sound like a Pho/ramen/dumplings or Indian food place.
  6. So there Freshfield, Publix, Target, Walmart, Lucky and the future one cresent...there are a lot of grocery stores.
  7. A new district...
  8. A starbucks would be nice.
  9. Is this suppose to be urban design or suburban like the Whole Food across the street?
  10. I do not like any of these because they are too busy. Swan and fountain? Nothing unique about them. I would pick the first one if I have to but I would remove the stars and make the line thicker. Orlando is a modern city, the flag should reflect that.
  11. Downtown is connected to Lake Ivanhoe already. Fine they can cross Colonial Drive, then what about Washington, Pine, Church St...I just wonder who came out with this idea when this 7 or 8 millions can be used to complete a lot of trails. I am perfectly fine for them to remove one lane of traffic or street parking to create this trail.
  12. When can we get a cool roof top bar?
  13. Still do not understand why they spend so much money just so that the cars doesn't have to slow down and watch for pedestrians and bikers... If I live at North Orange and work downtown, and I am riding a bike to work, I would rather just go through Colonial Drive on the surface street than going up hill and down hill, wasted my extra 10 mins of sleep time. I dont need the scenic route.
  14. can I order two more of these to replace those 420, 520, central station craps?