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  1. Great, that will definitely get visitors to downtown to visit Taco Bell.
  2. I rather them use the money to move Millenia Mall downtown.
  3. But we still have a surface parking lot after so many years....
  4. A mayor can shape downtown, we need someone that have the will to make Orlando the next Miami/ Austin.
  5. For the same reason, i was talking to my friends that it is time to get a new mayor not name Buddy. They all think i am crazy. Hence, downtown Orlando will only be playing catch up and not a leader.
  6. A Lululemon probably will have more success than this Michael Jordan store. I didn't know there are people who are still following Michael Jordan.
  7. Isnt the arena can essentially be a large conference room?
  8. why cant they stack phase 2 on top of phase 1? Now, I hope the former lynx station get developed.
  9. Yeah, sucks that we don't really have a star offensive player that can take over the game. We are one reliable offensive player away from anything....
  10. Agreed. Also, downtown Orlando also need to upgrade itself to make it attractive.
  11. Miami has Jimmy Butler and then there is Chicago. No 7 could easily end up number 9.
  12. ahem...Park Ave...and nothing wrong with Republicans.
  13. I know it was just pre-season game, this is going to be a brutal season. We have no offense. When Fultz, MCW, Bamba, Ross and whatever is out there, Ross is the only person that can score.
  14. No, people want to live in downtown paying suburban rent. The cost of maintenance for a sprawling apartment complex is vastly different from a shiny high rise. That is like me wanting to find a house in 32789 for 350k or wanting a restoration hardware furniture at Ikea price. It is supply and demand, if people want to live there, they have to pay the price..
  15. We talked about it because we can count the amount of towers being built. If it is in Miami, we wont even notice it.
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