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  1. Agreed. Whereas I love the juxtaposed look of modern glass facades with traditional, historic architecture, there's just not enough in the core to move forward with a modern platform.
  2. I hope the UK Imports bode well. There was once a European fast-casual chain (the name slips my memory) in the space now occupied by Nature's Table at Lincoln Plaza along with Testa Rossa in Millenia, now occupied by Sushi Katana. The latter of which had very good quality sandwiches and espresso. A shame they may have ventured too early.
  3. That hotel looks great. I also think they would make for nice condos--- Imagine the views from the North and West facing units.
  4. I noticed some buildout progress on "The District" projects when going to The Courtesy this weekend. I think they'll happen eventually, certainly before Aura opens. Speaking of Church Street, as I was passing the old Dragon Room yesterday, I noticed active buildout going on. Hopefully, that German Restaurant concept is going in--- and a good one at that. While on the subject, the former Shakai Sushi/Ichiban space is being replaced by Underground Public House, themed to a London public house. From their Facebook page, one of the investors is from Stigma. Could be a promising addition t
  5. That makes sense now. This photo shows now The Courtesy, but "The District" bars under construction. The Courtesy Bar is a few doors north of these.
  6. Very unlikely. I was there yesterday. At least on Sundays, they do not open until 4P. I think it's safe to say Courtesy is not closed for business.
  7. ^ Thanks for sharing this photo--- The illusion of density shown here looks promising.
  8. RIDA does make sense, though the saturation downtown is tiring. It would be great to see an independent convenience store concept go in. Does anyone remember the market that once occupied the space where CityFish is now? A grab-n-go casual gourmet concept like that would be fantastic for RIDA.
  9. Hopefully that's sarcasm from Daily City. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me. A 7-Eleven at RIDA makes the most sense, or an urban Wawa. Better than either of those, would be a Famima!!
  10. If someone is living in Altamonte Springs, it's very unlikely they would want to journey to the Super Target in SODO when there are other Target Stores closer, with groceries. One wouldn't take SunRail with perishables. 24 Hour Fitness may be another "destination" stretch. Let's be honest, most of the businesses (retail and restaurant) surrounding SODO are intended to serve the community within a 5 mile radius. I doubt they advertise to the residents of Altamonte Springs or even Maitland. Also, we need to remember this is a commuter rail line. I don't know a commuter rail line in any other
  11. True. Weather always plays a factor in a city with public transit. In this case, she would take a taxi from the station, or in the future take LYMMO. Plus, other than an orthopedic center or to visit someone in The Lofts at SODO, SODO isn't particularly a destination.
  12. If the German Restaurant rumor for the former Dragon Room space is true, it would be a breath of new life to downtown. Finally, a new concept... Plus, I love German food! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
  13. Looks like even more great progress has been made on SkyHouse Apartments- A sign states they are now pre-leasing. How soon before they begin leasing new tenants. That's what I'm most intrigued by--- Whether or not viable tentants to bring traffic to this area are going to take the gamble. It's in a great location, really.
  14. The 11 is a very underutilized line. I have a car and live in Thornton Park (Eola Square) and walk to Orange to take the 11 to the airport. Once the E/W Lymmo begins services, I'm hoping more downtown dwellers realize the use of Lynx without the stigma.
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