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  1. victory

    The West End

    My 14 year old daughter and her mom are moving to Greenville. My daughter has been heavily involved in the theater scenes of both Columbia and Asheville. We are sort of feeling out what the Greenville scene is like. The Children's Theatre looks great. I hope she will stay in Greenville a long time, as it's obviously a great town, and get involved with the arts, there.
  2. victory

    The West End

    What is the building in the lower photo?
  3. victory

    Five Points

    Free delivery of one of the best pizzas you can get this side of Brooklyn! Hope these guys, and all the little guys, can keep it together until this storm passes. https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/business-services/78171/
  4. victory

    Five Points

    https://www.thestate.com/news/coronavirus/article241345446.html Locations in Columbia, Charleston and Aspen are all closing. Sad times economically across this country, but I know one day (and hopefully in the next 2 years) we will be back, and better than ever.
  5. Hi from Columbia. This is extremely impressive!
  6. The Edge tower has passed muster, and has the green light to proceed. I stand corrected from my previous post, as it is scheduled to be 16 stories, not 15. I hope the hit to our economy will not prevent this being built, as it will help fill out our downtown skyline some.
  7. Columbia's Vista was expected to have a nice go with the women's regional, as USC is the top seeded team in the country. I hate that for all the bars and restaurants, and hotels, taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft, etc, that have been adversely impacted by what is happening. Having said that, I can't say I disagree with the decision to shut things down, even if I am not changing the way I live my life, personally.
  8. "As early as 2023"..that's great!
  9. Great pic! Nashville is a great balance of the traditional and modern.
  10. Excellent news on the Edge and the Cambria. The Edge will certainly fill out the downtown skyline a bit, and the Cambria continues to add guest rooms to the Vista; seems the expansion of the convention center is inevitable, if not overdue.
  11. Congrats to the #1 ranked SC women's basketball team for their 5th SEC Tournament Championship in 6 years, and to Greenville for being a wonderful host!
  12. I love the unique architecture. Wish we had more stock like this in our cities.
  13. I am curious to see the renderings of the other two. With one of them being a Hyatt Regency, and the announcement it will become Columbia's largest hotel, I wonder how many floors it will be. Judging by the placement against the conference center, I suspect it will be larger but not in a vertical sense.
  14. https://hotelanthem.com/ One of the three new hotels for the Convention Center area. This one, according to the above article, is clear to go (the city just has to approve its signage). The Hyatt Regency will be the largest hotel in Columbia, and there will also be another Hilton within short walking distance of the other two.
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