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  1. New town homes in the 400 to 500 range in West Cola, on the river. Can't link the news on this, but they are quite modern looking.
  2. No. A few years ago, a guy named Don Tomlin bought the "air rights" for building atop downtown parking garages. An article in the State (back then) indicated he had ambitious plans to build several residential towers, but that plan apparently fizzled out. Would love to see someone do it in Cola or anywhere in SC.
  3. Will be interested in the upcoming announcement of new retail near the bbq joint. It's a slow process, but each baby step builds upon the next. Should be a really vibrant place within the next 5 years or so. USC's presence there should not be underestimated.
  4. Novel Coworking has bought a 12 story building on Columbia's Main Street, with plans to renovate and lease space. Anywhere from 500 to 1,000 persons may eventually work there.
  5. victory


    Very good question. If my memory serves me, it was tied in with the Richland County penny tax, and that program has come under a lot of fire..and may be part of a law suit. It seems like all the projects have been put on hold.
  6. My dad owns a unit at the GranDevine, right behind this. Hoping these new ones will continue to boost his property value!
  7. Will really transform that side of campus. Looking forward to its completion.
  8. Devine St, Five Points, the Vista, New Brookland, Forest Acres..all these distinct neighborhoods are clicking on all cylinders. I'm a lifelong Columbian, and have traveled extensively, but there could never be another place which feels like home. I love its affordability, warm weather and warm people. Will be at Soda City this Saturday with my daughter and our dog, mixing with other Columbians (and a few out of towners), and just enjoying one of the simple (free) pleasures of residing in our state's capital. Can you tell I'm a fan?
  9. Yes, lots of good things are happening here. In today's The State, alone, are the announcement of another national retailer for Bull St, and plans for Finlay Park, which may still include a whitewater rafting center, or some such thing.
  10. I agree. The existing structures from the original campus have good bones, and when redeveloped, should make Bull St Common stand out from the cookie cutter pack.
  11. Has there already been some designation that monies be channeled to mental health services? If so..GREAT!
  12. I agree. It is almost as iconic a building for Columbians as the state capital building. I sincerely hope some of the money generated from this project could be funneled back into helping the state's mentally ill; they should see some benefit from this.
  13. victory


    Canalside has a sweet new sign at its entrance. I haven't driven into that development in some time, but may need to see if any new retail has been added to all those condos and apartments.
  14. I could not get the link for the brewery article to work. That sounds very promising, though. Will it be one of the Cola breweries we are already familiar with? Always good to see another Wofford guy on here!
  15. My daughter lives in Asheville, where the Flatiron on Wall St is being turned into a hotel. My daughter attends a school in Montford, which is a trendy neighborhood. So, the Montford Bldg, I would deduce, was created by, or in the spirit of, Ashevillians?
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