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  1. Apparently, The East Upper and South Upper decks will be torn down, to make room for whatever bells and whistles (new stadium seating, hotel and/or condos, etc) are coming. This was made public by one of the Gamecock sports message boards' moderators, recently. The "bells and whistles" have not been announced, but there are plenty of rumors.
  2. I like the way the parking garage will be completely obscured from street view, with the apartments and some trees, fronting the roadway.
  3. Yeah, six or seven. We'll see. Hoping we don't have to wait too much longer on an announcement. First quarter of 2023 at latest.
  4. None yet. Folks believed (myself included ) said announcement might occur on 11/10 (November 10), but it appears "11/10" alluded to a moderator's response the development would be an "eleven out of ten" for the university and city. The State ran an article where they confirmed the state fairgrounds were not being sold, however, in the same article said the university did have a development project in that area. So, it is a real thing, and it will be transformative. The details may or may not include a rebuilding of WB, but it will be big. Recently, some rumors have surfaced that there will be condos and a hotel built into the stadium, where residents/guests, can walk directly to their seats. The Gamecocks nosedive here at the end of the season is unfortunate, although familiar, however, I hope this whole project is not contingent on wins and losses, or else it will never come to fruition.
  5. More new student housing. This is apparently south of Blossom, not far from fraternity/sorority row. http://www.sawyeronlincoln.com/
  6. https://www.wltx.com/article/news/local/richland-mall-redevelopment-design-plans/101-c16d08a4-c0cd-454d-a956-858f55b503d4 Details on the Richland Mall redevelopment.
  7. Well, that's the big question. A lot of folks have insinuated there will be some type of public announcement this week; in fact the project has been referred to as 11/10. I truly hope we learn something soon.
  8. Wow! This is an impressive development. I look forward to learning more about it.
  9. A new six story hotel will be built at the corner of Hampton and Wayne Streets, which ironically enough, is right across the street from my office. I was not able to read the paywall protected story in The State today, so I am unsure of any other details. Perhaps someone could post them here.
  10. Even more gossip around town on the massive redevelopment of the stadium area. In addition to retail, bars, restaurants, hotels, and new sports facilities for every Carolina sports team, a couple of folks say the project would include a new football stadium. Its thought it would be built with a smaller seating capacity, ala an NFL stadium, with nicer amenities than Williams-Brice. Non university sports teams (traveling soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, cheer, etc) would utilize the new facilities year round, for tournaments, and local high schools are thought to also have similar access. I wish they'd go ahead and put out the grand announcement. I can't wait to hear the plan details, and view renderings.
  11. victory

    Five Points

    I guess they've been closed for about one year. Duncan McRae had been on site, running day to day operations since it opened in 1978. I guess it was time. Will miss it, though.
  12. victory

    Five Points

    https://www.rubybrunch.com/?olonwp=JjBtp_vMLk25gkYh_bnoiQ This place is opening where Yesterday's used to be. Anyone been to the one in Chas? I hope it's good. Regardless, Yesterday's will always remain with me, as a fun, anti-pretentious, affordable spot to laugh with friends, and enjoy a good meal and libations.
  13. https://www.batteryatl.com/ More rumblings on a Gamecocks sports message board, with some comparing it to the Battery in Atlanta, or Clark St, outside Wrigley Field in Chicago. Some saying, in addition to hotels, restaurants, bars, etc, there will be a new basketball specific arena, and other sporting venues. One poster said he believed land on both sides of Bluff Rd, from Williams Brice Stadium to I-77, has been/is in the process of being, purchased for this. I love the speculation.
  14. This is phase 2 of the Carolina Crossroads project.
  15. https://www.wistv.com/2022/09/13/grand-strand-gets-one-step-closer-state-of-the-art-surf-park/ This is a good development for Myrtle Beach.
  16. I don't know. Something is afloat. It may not end up being the Fairgrounds, but parcels of surrounding land. I'll certainly link info about it, when the public announcement is made. I sure hope the deal isn't contingent on the Gamecocks having a good football season. I'm a fan..and a realist. If you hear anything in Charlotte, please share.
  17. Heard yesterday this will be a 1 billion dollar investment, to be completed in 4 stages. I hope they announce it soon. I have never been very patient.
  18. I would agree. I would not make any changes to the Peace Center's exterior. It is just right, as is.
  19. I am hearing a lot of chatter about a transformative project near Williams Brice Stadium. One of my sources has indicated it will be on the portion of the Fairgrounds property that actually represents the midway (not the grassy parking area), and that it essentially will be an athletic and shopping complex like that at Disney. Others have compared it to the Battery entertainment district, surrounding the Braves' suburban ballpark, featuring hotels, residential, restaurants, etc. Does anyone know anything about this? Would love to see some preliminary renderings. I, for one, would not miss the State Fair, at its current location. I'd be delighted to see something of this magnitude take its place.
  20. More housing on the way. https://www.wistv.com/2022/08/31/new-housing-plans-unveiled-bullstreet-district/
  21. https://www.wistv.com/2022/08/26/plans-revitalize-finlay-park-final-stages-construction-expected-begin-this-spring/ I hope this plan brings the park back to life.
  22. Interesting story on the conversion of a church into apartments on Rosewood. https://www.thestate.com/homes/article264560306.html
  23. Opening next Spring. Going to be massive, and one of a kind! https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/construction/82424/
  24. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2706158051944/after-years-of-visioning-south-main-street-is-still-ugly-usc-says-it-won-t-be-for-long I'm trying to get my bearings here. There appears to be a smokestack in the rendering, which would be where the Horseshoe sits.
  25. I visited REI yesterday, and had lunch at Publico. I intend to catch a Fireflies game in the next two weeks. Folks, I have to say I was a little blown away by the amount of construction going on, and the quality of it. This is going to be a destination. It is starting to feel like its own separate downtown area. It took years to gain traction, but from what I saw yesterday, it is full speed ahead, with multiple buildings rising at once.
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