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  1. Bummed to see this happening. I loved going here when it first opened and focused on a wide variety. My trips became slim to none once the middle racks were removed and the selection dwindled. Hopefully Hex stays in that spot while they do whatever re-brand it sounds like is forthcoming
  2. They won't say no to Tepper's money, just a matter of time. May wait till he releases his plans to renovate BoA or new stadium so that there's a path forward to a facility the league would deem appropriate. That way if they play in BoA "as-is" today they can at least say it's temporary till renovations or new stadium is complete. There is a lot of angst around MLS requirements to have a SSS (soccer specific stadium) and how they've pushed expansion bids or existing teams to spend money on a new venue. Atlanta was the exception lately but that's because their new stadium was built with MLS in mind.. They probably won't act on Charlotte till stadium plans are almost finalized. Like Cincy was announced the same day that the city council's final vote was to approve their new stadium, Nashville 3 weeks later, Austin 3 weeks later. I keep pointing to these teams and now St. Louis because the league has kind of a discernible pattern of events they follow for each of the teams they've announced in the last 2-3 years. Prior to, it was all over the board, Minnesota was announced with no stadium site finalized and it was a little unclear where they'd actually play for 6-7 months after and they still ended up in St. Paul in a great stadium/on light rail but it was not their first choice. Miami is a mess and even years after Beckham exercised his option for a franchise they're starting in Fort Lauderdale at what will become their academy and still no shovels in the ground on their stadium in Miami. After these sagas, hopeful expansion bids need to have a shiny new (or renovated) venue agreed upon and literally the day of or 3 weeks later they'll announce.
  3. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/soccer/mls-to-announce-st-louis-as-expansion-team-winner-sources/article_22a84fbd-8440-56d3-b0f4-2a7870fc397a.html The Tuesday rally at a civic location or popular brewery with "special guests" for an announcement is how Nashville, Cincy and Austin expansion bids were all confirmed FWIW Austin: https://www.statesman.com/sports/20190115/austin-fc-officially-announced-as-27th-mls-club-with-local-roots Cincy: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/soccer/fc-cincinnati/2018/05/29/its-official-fc-cincinnati-has-joined-mls-begin-play-2019/652201002/ Nashville: https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nashvillesc/2019/02/20/nashville-mls-soccer-nashville-sc-logo-crest-usl/2885079002/
  4. No new drive thru's in Minneapolis https://www.thedrive.com/news/29377/city-of-minneapolis-bans-drive-thrus-to-increase-safety-and-reduce-pollution
  5. Similar can be said about article when the Panthers had an aging owner and the team was going to sell to an outsider. Generate clicks by fear mongering the fans into thinking the team is leaving. Though to be fair the NFL has shown more willingness to allow this in recent years. Just funny when it's an outsider perception in this instance vs our home team where we all have dozens of pages of deliberation on these click bait articles.
  6. Love the design of the new terminals but man this looks like it's going to be a hike to get to if that roof mid walkway is already the most recent expansion. I won't complain about landing in E36 anymore after this
  7. Good Food on Montford has my favorite pork buns so I have high hopes for this place. I'll try to make it over this weekend and report back
  8. That was a rendering the Independence had drawn up for a phase 2 concept if they were to get MLS. This existed back since mid-2017 I believe.
  9. The groups sort of overlap. I'm one of those guys at the Independence games cheering, yelling little less drumming and singing but in that section anyway. Friends of ours that are out there with us are also heavily involved in MCC. Some of us are not involved and indifferent because a billionaire is gonna billionaire and get MLS if he really wants. Other's are firmly against it, so we span the whole spectrum but find a way to get along. Maybe just not obvious to everyone unless you know all us soccer nerds haha
  10. I know you just made your return a little bit ago but right before that the state approve incentives for Charlotte Pipe & Foundry to move off their acres fronting West Morehead St https://www.thesnaponline.com/2019/05/09/new-bill-could-bring-jobs-to-stanly/
  11. Enter thread to read Tech News, instead it's about whether or not to move graves lol
  12. Besides the general scope of NFL stadiums being the size of what probably only the Top 10-15 clubs in the world (and Atlanta) can fill capacity wise, the sidelines are further from the field in NFL stadiums to accommodate all that comes with football on the sidelines. Allianz Field where Minnesota United plays and just opened this year is 17 feet from front row to the touchline, FC Cincinnati just shared renderings of their stadium opening in 2021 and they're 15 feet seats to touchline. Another fad is the Borussia Dortmund wall where the slope of the stands makes for a louder and more intimidating place to play, especially when it's where your supporters sections sit. Not unlike other sports teams need to "hold serve" at home and get max amount of points possible and hope to be somewhat decent on the road (around .500) so the more a team can do to make their stadium a fortress the better. I have posted it as an ideal state a few times but the renovations to Miami's Hard Rock Stadium are probably the ideal outcome for BoA that hosts both NFL and MLS. With the Pipe & Foundry land opening up I think Tepper will build new and have movable stands that can come closer to the field for soccer, move back for NFL. And one endzone will have a slope closer to that wall type atmosphere similar to the supporters section end of Mercedes Benz Stadium
  13. The league debuted in 3/4 empty NFL stadiums and I think for a bit that made the MLS care deeply about soccer specific venues that the optics were better and owners could grow revenue by controlling the stadium. Enter Seattle and Atlanta which were owned by the same (or shared) owners as their NFL counterparts who showed they were capable of filling the venues more so than say legacy MLS owners like the New England Revolution. I think the league might realize not all NFL stadiums are bad, especially if part of Tepper's pitch will be a new shared facility build to accommodate both NFL and MLS while using a proven venue in BoA in the interim. Heck just yesterday the Chicago Fire announced their move back to Soldier Field
  14. This group is using the only pitch the MLS cares about $$$ For as much posturing fans talk on twitter and reddit about supporters groups and lower division attendance, when it comes down to it and a city like Nashville shells out $300M in private funding for a stadium or do what Tepper is doing on top of whatever funding he'll get for future stadium plans, in the end that'll be what wins us a franchise
  15. I'm just glad we opted for a different wedding reception venue now than having it at a BBQ restaurant Excited to have this in the area though!
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