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  1. SouthEndCLT811

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Mentioning dutch lanes reminded me of staying in Richmond borough of London they had these bike lanes protected from the street with a dedicated sidewalk next to it,-0.2965257,3a,75y,92.65h,68.06t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSYjfuKjgEC_l3GGQfDLD2g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  2. SouthEndCLT811

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Not sure if it's a session but something new I really liked was Sycamore Moon Juice. Though as I write that I think they were calling it an IPL and not an IPA..
  3. SouthEndCLT811

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I was just about to post going down there last month was like one giant construction zone. Add on top of it I left Buckhead at 4:45 and that added to the frustration! But yeah GA is currently expanding to 130 so like 50-60 miles from the border.
  4. SouthEndCLT811

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Atlanta is just mind boggling. Arthur Blank and even Carl Lindner of Cincy should be required to mentor any new franchise owner in MLS on how to do things. In Atlanta everywhere you go you see their branding, going from Buckhead to Little Five Points in an uber through neighborhoods no lie almost every other or ever 3-4 houses had an ATL UTD flag outside their house. Logos on their bcycle program and drop off spots. They got the word out and got the whole city to buy in.
  5. SouthEndCLT811

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Pretty cool by 2021 the whole way from Greenville, SC up to 85/40 will be 6 plus lanes except for the last 10 miles from Kings Mountain to the stateline. Any word if that is ever going to get expanded? I've been going to Greenville for a project almost weekly and those 40 miles of construction can be a nightmare! Edit: Just found it, 2026 construction start for that last 10 miles of continuity haha..
  6. SouthEndCLT811

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Live look at Garber when talking about Tepper's "interest"...
  7. SouthEndCLT811

    MLS in Charlotte?

    I think it's honestly Tepper and at a shared facility with the Panthers or no MLS in Charlotte. He mentions it any time he has a microphone in front of him. SI had a good article last week. But it has a good point, if he wants serious renovation to BoA and for the local government to help pay then bring a facility that has 27 days of use (at least) versus 10 with just the Panthers. MLS would make it used year round and I could see them try for a similar renovation to Miami's Hard Rock Stadium to get at least the seating area enclosed. This was a $350M renovation a few years back
  8. SouthEndCLT811

    MLS in Charlotte?

    I think 2021 is the best case
  9. SouthEndCLT811

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Sadly no shuttles They started off strong with it but when that wasn't drawing any more fans than usual they probably figured no sense in bothering. Our best nights are the ones they designate for fireworks and we'll get a little under 3,000 I think was the last time they did that. We sold out Ramblewood on a Wednesday for Swansea in 2016, I'd have to think we could at least do the same in Matthews for what I assume to be a Liga MX opponent. The stadium itself is great, much better than anything else we've had to date. If Matthews is too far at least come out and meet some folks at Jack's House for away game watch parties! Never too early to get into the local team
  10. SouthEndCLT811

    CATS Long Term Transit Plan - Silver, Red, Airport Lines

    Apologies if not immediately related to these lines exactly. But here's an interesting study but not overly surprising, it states that ride sharing does not do anything to ease traffic and actually adds miles to the road at the end there's a bullet hypothesizing automated vehicles will have a similar impact. May be worth sharing with your local representatives in support of a more expansive transit plan.
  11. SouthEndCLT811

    Good New Restaurants

    Oh I don't think it's that. My favorites are wings and the tacos. Definitely not something to expect from a Korean style BBQ place. Have you tried Let's Meat? Having been to similar style restaurants in Asia, I think they're pretty on the mark with that concept, more so than Seoul.
  12. SouthEndCLT811

    Good New Restaurants

    The BBQ menu itself I agree with you there. The small bites menu they rolled out around the same time they expanded the patio with the wings, tacos, potato spiral and so on are some of my fav late night eats.
  13. SouthEndCLT811

    The Good News Report

    Krispy Kreme/JAB are acquiring Insomnia Cookies
  14. SouthEndCLT811

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Technically this weekends Liverpool/Dortmund game was first announced for Nashville but they moved it here. We also have a good history of hosting the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2011, 2015 and will do so again in 2019. Had the city ponied up $275M for a close to city center MLS stadium as Nashville did for their fairgrounds I think we'd be announced for expansion too. Don Garber loves that subsidized money
  15. SouthEndCLT811

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    While I don't disagree with your overall sentiment about the direction of baseball that "how adorable" is kind of an off putting start to your message. I'm sure the same argument about the region being able to support the NBA or NFL was made over the past 20-30 years. I personally don't get nor have I done much research into the economics of how the commissioner is deadset on expansion despite those sort of numbers as you indicated. But if it's expanding and a billionaire wants to finance it by all means "why not us".