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  1. Does look to be about half or a little less
  2. I think this link below shows what would be the site plan but the example here of FC Barcelona in the screenshot would become the MLS team. Definitely had mixed use in the plan as you indicated https://www.wfae.org/post/developer-says-it-may-tap-175-million-city-money-eastland-mall-site#stream/0
  3. Agree Bridgeview sounded like a terrible location for a stadium. Should be interesting to see how the move to Soldier Field does for them
  4. Seattle, New England, Atlanta all owned by NFL owners, play in their stadiums and all have similar color schemes Chicago Fire isn't owned by the Bears org but they're moving to Soldier Field. Their terrible new logo is a darker blue and the red is less fire engine red and close to an orange-ish red so they're moving closer to that color scheme
  5. Once the vote happens (typically over the All Star Game week where owners are together or the meeting taking place tomorrow) there will be some leak you'll find an article from a journalist like Erik Spanberg saying it's a done deal. Then a day or two later the ownership group twitter( which oddly Tepper never set one up for the formal MLS bid) would advertise a "special announcement" at a local spot sometimes a civic center or large brewery-ish type place, usually on a Tuesday. This sounds like an oddly specific description but somewhere in this thread I shared some links to this exact run up that happened for some of the more recent team announcements and it's like clockwork they all follow a similar blueprint
  6. And immediately people suggesting he go to Cleveland if they get rid of Kitchens. You won't get away from the Riverboat that fast
  7. If they buy the Independence they could use Queen City SC. That's the LLC behind their ownership group and supposedly the original idea for a name before USL required the city/state to be in the name. Not sure if MLS has similar restrictions.
  8. That's crazy to see the overhead of it all built out. They started framing the townhomes directly on South and that just even gave a different impression. But all this is.. wow!
  9. Melrose Place has fencing all around it, looks like the replacement apartments are getting ready to start
  10. Did the soft opening as well and thought food was good and large enough portions at brunch to warrant $12-15 per plate. Overall liked the vibe of the place and live close enough to walk/scoot there it is a nice added option to the neighborhood. But the Cheesecake Factory decor comment did make me lol didn't think of that at the time but I can kind of see it
  11. Little more explanation of this in the Charlotte Business Journal "MLS Commissioner Don Garber said this month Charlotte and Tepper are at the “front of the line” to land the next expansion team. The Charlotte Business Journal has reported a deal depends, in part, upon city government kicking in $100 million for improvements at BofA Stadium, a 75,000-capacity football venue that would need new locker rooms, soccer-specific field entry and other upgrades." And also "BofA Stadium, opened in 1996, is becoming more expensive to maintain and, in some ways, is obsolete because of features it lacks, such as open concourses allowing fans to stand and watch games from bars and other group areas. Tepper again said uptown Charlotte is the best place for the Panthers to play now and in the future and made a cryptic remark regarding a site large enough for a stadium owned by Charlotte Pipe and Foundry across Morehead Street. BofA Stadium can last another five years or so, but the Panthers owner has begun to speak publicly about building a retractable-roof domed stadium within a decade. He joked several times about giving the team’s current home away, citing the expenses of keeping it running after decades of use."
  12. Having a program like this in our back yard is a low key benefit to our local pro team whether it's the Independence or MLS. 6 of the 28 kids on UNC Charlotte are from what is now the Independence Academy. Being able to develop kids from youth to college, continue a bit of continuity by having some of them play locally at a pretty consistent top 25 college program and then provide them a path to the pros is something not many cities can offer young players.
  13. https://twitter.com/Independence/status/1188889968996950016 The Independence have a thread of ongoing construction progress.
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