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  1. The Bad News Report

    31 here so closer to the older end of millennial and from being here for 7 years and having quite a few friends/acquaintances I can only think of one person our friend group has lost to Ballantyne. All others in our group age ranging from 26-33 live in Brightwalk, Cherry, Southend, Plaza, Elizabeth, Third Ward. In fact having bought a single family home around Scaleybark I feel like I'm the one in the burbs.
  2. Amazon HQ2 Creative incentive examples from a Chinese city Edit: Sorry full article appeared on phone but when I linked it here WSJ is asking for subscription
  3. Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    I'll gladly let them come get the vines out of my yard that I can't seem to kill off
  4. Amazon HQ2

    Figure an average of $100K per job is about $5,300 in annual income tax per person (quick math done by our tax rate). Multiplied by 50,000 that's $265M of additional income tax collected in NC once HQ2 is fully operational. For context: Chiquita was given $20M for 375 at average pay of $107K which is $2.1M per year to income tax. Sealed Air received $43M for 1,262 jobs at $120K each or $8.2M per year to the income tax collected. Tried to get Met Life but that was a little harder to decipher as average salary was varying between Cary and Charlotte but they brought 2,600 jobs and receive at least $87.5M up to $125M if they meet certain requirements. Using straight-line math I wouldn't be surprised to see incentives to Amazon be in the $2.5-3B range paid over 10-15 years. All hyperbole but till they make an announcement that's pretty much all it is
  5. The Good News Report

    As the guy who loves trying to figure out where to fit our MLB/MLS stadium pipe dreams by drawing it out on the map, I found this site that allegedly tells you the acreage to a space drawn through Google maps. So let's see what everyone's 100 acre HQ2 looks like in Charlotte while we wildly speculate
  6. The Good News Report

    #atoz4clt? You'd get a subtle shout out every time it's used
  7. The Good News Report

    Throw whatever incentives needed and give Amazon the lead to helping develop the North Tryon Vision Plan. It'd be such a game changer for our city.
  8. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Few more Southern Tier/Victory renderings in the CO today
  9. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Cheesy name for the area with OMB, Queen Park Social, Broken Spoke, Sugar Creek. Brewery District or Queen Park sound way better if we have to name every area but unfortunately LoSo stuck. Here's where the brewery is going at the corner of Old Pineville and Yancey
  10. Learning from Other Places

    I have nothing to contribute to your overall comment outside of I went to Montreal for the first time this past weekend for a bachelor party and with perfect weather that place is something else. Grid structure makes it so easy to navigate and it seemed like we'd walk up to a different street festival going on every 4-5 blocks. Very vibrant and at least when it was 65 and sunny seemed very livable. I did think of this forum walking along the Promenade and all of the shipping containers re purposed into shops down by the St. Lawrence River. Made me really wish we could make RDF's plan for the parking lot by Ink n Invy a reality.
  11. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    First hour is free in the big hourly lot right across from the entrance. Or the good ol' go upstairs and get picked up at departure trick
  12. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    The homesite map looks a little better and more connected to the future retail fronting South at Clanton. Any idea if the whole site is going to be fenced in still? If so I take back my first comment here but from the looks of it I only see a bit on the side that's near Red Clay
  13. The Bad News Report

    From the owner of the Independence, it's a good solution compared to past like Ramblewood where they were guaranteed a $1-2M loss each season but the goal for them will be an Uptown location.
  14. Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    Local, called Smooth Monkeys
  15. The Bad News Report

    Wish they'd go public and put it to bed. Memorial renovation to 10,000 seats for our current team could be back on the table as it was a year ago.