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  1. SouthEnd "Gold District"

    Maybe Fathead's if they're still looking to expand to Charlotte? I went to the one in a suburb outside of Cleveland and their location there would definitely fit into this space with a pretty awesome beer garden in that currently fenced in area.
  2. Charlotte Coliseum Massive Development - City Park

    I drive by this every day to work but finally remembered to look at the company who is posting.. At Tryon/Tyvola The Nichols Company is advertising 'District X'. Looks like a Waverly scale of retail along Tyvola with an outparcel maybe for hotel/office along Tryon. Would look good from the street as parking is hidden in the back of the development.
  3. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Love the container homes. I find myself scanning Zillow for some acres within 45 minutes of Asheville and putting a few of these down as mountain house. One day!
  4. Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    To be fair, while underwhelming it's along the same template as this year. May be more an NBA thing than a critique on Charlotte
  5. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    The link to the city page sort of answered my question but once the BLE opens will pedestrians be able to walk to N Tryon? The link below only mentions motorists impacted by the closure and a pedestrian disclaimer that seems general to all work sites. Trying to figure out how quickly I can take the train and walk to NoDa Brewing!
  6. Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    Oh totally I get an art museum vs federal courthouse. Just first thing that came to mind being from there and felt it was relevant to the discussion to bring it up
  7. Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    I'm fine with it being a court house but Cleveland Museum of Art and it's expansion is a good mix of old and modern. It can work, the purpose for this location isn't conducive to the openness I get it. But just for fun:
  8. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    FWIW - A friend at work knows the townhouse developer and showed me a Facebook rant on Jan 11 regarding the fact he "finally" closed on the parcel needed for the W Tremont project. Apparently the rezoning and renderings to the Agenda may have come out before he owned the land. Couldn't have made it easy negotiating
  9. Sports in Charlotte

    Good influx of cash and vote of confidence in the team. Have to think a long term lease at Memorial is the next domino to fall into place for them.
  10. Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    I think there's a better historical aerial view tool but a quick search I found this from 1/15/1967! I find it interesting the area on S Church and Kee may look relatively identical in the future with town homes being built. And on Bland where the Railyard is going there looked to be small single family homes there as well. Pretty cool!
  11. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Also wanted to share this, we're not the only ones dealing with the bike share etiquette. Same companies even I saw these on a trip at People's Park in Shanghai this summer and thought it to be fairly organized. Doesn't seem to be the case everywhere though.
  12. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Gives a general idea of the space needed though...
  13. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Use this The only comparable stadium to the site of the Knights is Wrigley which should be an exception to the rule due to the age/historical relevance. Target Field in Minneapolis is around 11 acres, SunTrust 14 acres, Citi Field 12 acres. This location comes up short for MLB.
  14. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    I agree with the tear down and rebuild on the current site being what I hope happens. I think it'd be kind of cool if the team split half a season at Clemson and half at NC State/UNC. Or do the first season at one then the other before coming back home. I'd miss having the team in Charlotte for those years but that's a cool opportunity to reach out to both the Carolinas and continue to grow the fan base.
  15. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Went to Fat Heads in Cleveland when I was just home for Christmas. Solid brewpub, only tried an the Head Hunter IPA and thought it was a solid 7/10 west coast IPA. They had a lot of high gravity Christmas ales and Imperial beers that were 9+% but I was driving back to my parents about an hour away. Food was really good, especially their smoke house wings. I think it'd be a solid addition to our brewery scene.