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  1. Bringing this back up I went last night and the entire middle of the shop is now seating instead of the row that'd feature beer from NC, Seasonal and IPA. Shelves look fuller now that there's less of them. But it seems like the addition of Hex and more week day events required additional seating.
  2. This project and the alley you mentioned kind of reminds me of Huashan 1914 Creative Park from work trips to Taipei. It's an adaptive reuse of old buildings mostly for exhibition space. But looks somewhat similar (ours being less aged), especially the alley.
  3. Atlanta has used their 3 designated player spots on some supposedly great young talent. They'll be the "it" club to watch being new, the fan experience with 27k season ticket holders and all the talent their bringing in. Giovinco in Toronto is another 20 something making millions in MLS through the DP spots. As the league becomes more valuable I imagine they'll start to add more designated player spots or raise the salary cap. But the years of all teams overpaying for old "big" names seems to be coming to an end.
  4. Haven't really heard much but those talking points from Marcus Smith. Seems his right hand man on this bid is Mike Burch and he was featured on the ESPN Charlotte soccer podcast. First 20 minutes are the guys talking Liverpool so skip past that and you'll hear more from their side.
  5. Regular season goes March to October, playoffs November/December and MLS cup in mid-December. There's 34 regular season games, 17 home. Most league games are at nights weekly on Saturday, national broadcasts on Sunday vary between time slots throughout the day. Some midweek interspersed but mostly on the weekend. There are also Lamar Hunt US Open Cup matches. That's a tournament where all levels of pro US soccer compete in an open tournament. So for example our team in the USL, Charlotte Independence, defeated New England of MLS in this tournament in 2015 and lost to Chicago Fire also of MLS in that year. Depending on how far the team goes that may add an additional 1-4 midweek home games though they're usually sparsely attended till the later rounds.
  6. Again FWIW but if you believe the Indy ownership group they gave details of the talks when trying to partner with the Smith's they may be looking for a quick ROI on the team. Apparently MLS only requires 25% of the expansion fee upfront and then it's built into the cost of operating the franchise throughout the remainder off the balance. Also the team would pay $12.5M toward the stadium up front. So essentially they thought the rising team values they'd make a $49M up front investment to bring a club here and flip their share for hundreds of millions in a few years to a new majority owner as franchise values continue to go up. Getting into tin foil hat conspiracy theory territory but I do not see their passion for the sport as with some other bids. However to end on a positive for the Smith's, I do like the sports portfolio of the architecture group they chose for the rendering that was released.
  7. Good synopsis CLT2014. That's why this bid follows the Atlanta MLS more so then the Orlando, Cincy, Sacramento, St. Louis strategies. Atlanta sparsely followed the Silverbacks in NASL out in the burbs. A rich local sports figure (Arthur Blank) bids MLS separately and has a plan for a new downtown stadium with public funding (granted NFL inclusive) and the NASL team dies upon the announcement MLS is coming to town. It's worked well for them with 27,000 season ticket holders going into their first season. But that's the blueprint for Charlotte in MLS, it's all appeal of market over support of an existing club.
  8. For what it's worth at the supporters group event yesterday the owner of the Independence was there and said even prior to the Smith debacle from last week they were told MLS views Charlotte as the 8th market out of the 10 they've come out to say they're interested in. San Diego, Detroit/St Louis, Sacramento and Nashville (surprise one) were the top cities in the minds of the MLS. Other interesting news is if the Smith's don't submit their bid or are unsuccessful the Independence will try again for phase 1 renovations of Memorial to convert to a 10,000 seat stadium.
  9. Steve Malik is the owner of NCFC who's trying for the Raleigh bid. Quick Google search didn't pull up a net worth for arguments sake. But yes, he has stated the stadium construction would be privately funded. Similar to Orlando/Minnesota which are also privately funded it wouldn't be shocking if he was asking for tax easement or assistance with infrastructure near the stadium. Minor requests compared to the amount the Smith's were looking for.
  10. Even as a big fan of soccer and our current club I was waffling between for and against. As were many other avid supporters I spoke with. It didn't feel right all around.
  11. Cool, I wondered what rendering if it was that or the phase 1 that was showing up everywhere.
  12. Even this one from the Bizjournal article today? Somehow the BBTB guys were right when they posted this a couple months ago. I think it's a beautiful renovation.
  13. Sadly this debacle may not be over yet. Smith's could submit bid and front the $44M they asked from the city.
  14. County passes 5-3 (Bill James couldn't vote over phone but was against) to move forward with funding.
  15. Watching probably 90 min of the 2 hours citizens were given a chance to speak I heard someone against because they wanted it at Eastland, because they want MLB, they played high school football at Memorial and saw a couple concerts, they were a county commissioner who's against the plan's father, they don't want to tear down something historic and a memorial to veterans, the deal is too rushed, person in education wanting the money toward teachers etc.. It was a lot of for soccer people vs. other people with differing interests that thought their interest was more deserving of the money in most cases.