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  1. Semantics but according to the all knowing Wiki that 2.56M for Brisbane would be like comparing to the Charlotte metropolitan statistics. It's 2.56M over 6,116 square miles whereas our metro area is 2.63M across 3,198 square miles. Either way congrats for Brisbane! Outside of a city like LA where most facilities are already built across pro/college teams I don't find the thought of plunging billions into hosting very appealing but that's just me
  2. I am excited for what he could become, definitely not the player he is today. I think as long as everyone tempers their expectations that he's very athletic which you can't teach, but very raw as a player then I hope we can give him enough time to develop. Depending how the rotation plays out I could see him split some time between us and the Swarm, maybe if there are a few days between Hornets games with something up in Greensboro in between. He, JT Thor, and Scottie Lewis just need the reps.. Which honestly is a great approach versus the old days of the limited athlete, four year col
  3. Not everyone will love it but coming from Cleveland originally I get it and appreciate the meaning behind it. The Guardians are sculptures that are part of the Hope Memorial Bridge just outside of the baseball stadium.
  4. I live in Collingwood/Collins Park area off Scaleybark. We're a 15 minute walk from the Scaleybark light rail stop, 15-20 min from the LoSo (cringe) brewery area. And 15-20 minutes to Park Road Shopping Center using the little foot/bike path at the end of Belrose Lane We usually walk or uber to start and then take light rail or depending where we end up there are typically some Bird/Lime scooters around. Rare occasion they start off in our neighborhood, the old bikes used to be way more prevalent. Here's a house nearby up for sale for reference like InSouthPark provided htt
  5. I made a similar comment this weekend going to the new Big Ben/Devil's Logic before the soccer game. The potential is there but the Novant/CPCC bookend to that stretch seem to be holding the area back
  6. Also on the IPO front is Snap One, the newly rebranded name of SnapAV and Control4. https://www.renaissancecapital.com/IPO-Center/News/83584/Smart-home-integration-company-Snap-One-Holdings-files-for-a-$100-million-I
  7. Interesting list of US locations so far for The Art of Banksy exhibit. Only listed Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami. This one will be in the $20-30 range and the location is TBD https://www.theartofbanksy.com/
  8. While we're celebrating the Zack's legacy and congratulating the Demopolous family on their land sale/retirement... Based on Prodev's comment "The 4+ acres including the storage behind the buildings on Scaleybark are all under contract with Embrey Partners out of TX. Supposedly it's a ~400 unit apartment deal planned. " I hope we get a building similar to what Embrey did at 7600 Broadway in San Antonio. Very similar characteristics of the two parcels, 7600 has one side that comes to a point at an intersection, both are about 4.2-4.4 acre lots, both have a side that faces towards residential
  9. Without the gas station the 3 properties on Scaleybark and storage facility amount to 3.96 acres per Polaris. With the gas station it's 4.2, since Prodev mentioned 4+ acres I think it'd mean yes Also aligns to the machinery drilling into the ground at the gas station lot two weeks ago
  10. Thanks for the detail. I partly assumed that, otherwise it'd be a very skinny apartment building without that land
  11. Going to miss Zack's especially since it's part of my neighborhood and they've been kind enough to sponsor our Collingwood block parties. But congrats to them on the retirement and eventual sale of the lot. I wonder if a lot of these long run places that had to shut down due to Covid last year saw what not working 14-15 hour day after day would be like. Then when they were able to come back it just wasn't the same. Especially for some like Demopolous who owns the land where Zack's, Asia Works and formerly Brown Dog are. That can afford a nice retirement versus 15 hour days flipping burger
  12. Tottenham's stadium looks sort of (emphasis on sort of) like that rendering of Memorial on an NFL scale. I think that stadium is an ideal model for a future Panthers stadium. Completely covered seating but still open air
  13. Ah this one in a post on page 12 with the larger stadium? That is really awesome and wish it could get built out. For what it's worth I know that was the original Independence paid for rendering of what an MLS stadium at Memorial would look like. Think I saw that first from a team employee back in 2015 or so. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/116428-american-legion-memorial-stadium-renovation/?do=findComment&comment=1624551
  14. Funny enough you specified those neighborhoods. On Manhasset in Collingwood there is a lot that had a SFH which was demoed and supposedly coming back as a duplex (according to Nextdoor sources ) which to your point was previously allowed in certain situations. So the UDO isn't changing too much
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