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  1. SouthEndCLT811

    Carolina Panthers

    Ah, my friend group text was going off about trying to make the trip and I thought I could combine it with my bachelor party but I'm getting married in October so that might cut it close haha
  2. SouthEndCLT811

    Carolina Panthers

    Is it going to be October for sure? Couldn't remember when the London games start in the season
  3. SouthEndCLT811

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    LOL.. Also did they just borrow this from Nichols and put on their site??
  4. SouthEndCLT811

    Carolina Panthers

    Missed the announcement of our new secondary coach and the WR coach not returning I take it?
  5. SouthEndCLT811

    Carolina Panthers

    And there it is regarding our practice bubble
  6. SouthEndCLT811

    Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza) The Agenda quotes a Feb 2019 opening but who knows if they've followed up since the first report
  7. SouthEndCLT811

    Design Center Expansion in South End

    Big fan as someone who appreciates their Larger size option
  8. Sorry if duplicated but saw this reposted on Twitter and couldn't recall if we've posted before
  9. SouthEndCLT811

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Guessing you mean the Carolina Pipe & Foundry owned land. I think there's a thread about Panther Stadium or New Panthers Stadium in here somewhere that talks ad nauseum about the likelihood CP&F would sell and that would be a potential site for a new stadium if that is the route David Tepper chooses to go over renovation.
  10. SouthEndCLT811

    Montford Drive

    Here's the site plan. I believe 3-4 story building where the lot used to be and parking garage where the building was. site plan 3rd rev.pdf
  11. SouthEndCLT811

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    Based on this thread our new marketing campaign should have a Seinfeld influence "the city about nothing" haha
  12. SouthEndCLT811

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Leaving the game last night I noticed the deck is also taller than the Upper Deck concourse of BoA Stadium too. Granted it's up hill a bit from the stadium but I was surprised to see that
  13. SouthEndCLT811

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    They better not give Owen's the boot!
  14. SouthEndCLT811

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Not sure if we mentioned it on the board anywhere but Brewers at Yancey has their latest acquisition, Sixpoint Brewery on tap now. I know it can be found elsewhere around town but pretty cool to see ABV grow and who else they may add to their portfolio of breweries
  15. SouthEndCLT811

    Southend Living

    They did I think it was in October actually! FWIW a few friends have tried to go and said it was always a longer wait then they cared to stay for.