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  1. Crafty Beer Guys installing the system at Hyde, 48 taps!
  2. Ah my favorite past time of stadium map making in paint I did Camden at Crosland site at Scaleybark. Light rail access, Pappas can use his side and turn into office/residential and entertainment like outside of the park in St. Louis. Change the configuration to close off right field from how Camden is set up to try and provide a wall toward the residential (me included) and open left and left/center to a great Uptown view.
  3. Won a free shirt at Alton Lane and just went for a fitting/shirt design. Overall very impressed with the entire experience from shirt customization, fitting and quality feel of their clothes. If you're looking for custom clothes definitely check them out.
  4. Anyone know if this plan is one of the already named breweries looking for the right brewery space?
  5. As mentioned on page 1, DEC is leased and not owned by Duke with their lease ending December 31, 2019. It's Wells Fargo's star building. Reason enough to stay optimistic for now!
  6. Better description in the Agenda today "Since nowhere on the Rail Trail currently has trees, Gillespie said they aim to nimbly move around the greenery when they create the pathway. Expect a trail in the woods rather than a 12-foot concrete path. If plans go accordingly, there will be some space carved out along the trail for seating, a place for food trucks to pull up, programming space, and space for public art, too."
  7. Would that be for Phase 2 of South Village?
  8. I'm in that same line of thinking as it'd be nice to diversify our employment base with another out of region employer filling this tower. Or one (US Bank) with a smaller presence. Just using them as hypothetical as I know their name was thrown around and they fit the description of someone I'd be hoping for.
  9. Especially since the firms protege from the 90's transitioned from architecture to city planning, you'd think they'd utilize this space better.
  10. Yeah I did a flight through British Airline ATL to LHR for $488 at the beginning of May. I was pretty pleased with it even though it begins and ends in ATL. But I'll be getting back and going right to Shaky Knees fest so it worked out perfect
  11. Fortunately they've done some sidewalk work alongside the exterior of the beer garden at OMB and around Queen Park Social. Definitely needs to keep going to connect to Old Pineville though.
  12. Credit /r/Charlotte
  13. Poking around on Accela I saw more updates to the Kee Court record last month. Anyone with inside info know the price point/presale dates on these? While the rendering wasn't great, hard to beat that location.
  14. Bringing this back up I went last night and the entire middle of the shop is now seating instead of the row that'd feature beer from NC, Seasonal and IPA. Shelves look fuller now that there's less of them. But it seems like the addition of Hex and more week day events required additional seating.
  15. This project and the alley you mentioned kind of reminds me of Huashan 1914 Creative Park from work trips to Taipei. It's an adaptive reuse of old buildings mostly for exhibition space. But looks somewhat similar (ours being less aged), especially the alley.