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  1. University City Projects/News

    Walked around Blu this weekend (gf's sister is moving there). Amenities in the club house and the pool are incredibly nice. Having lived at Circle in Southend (never Post haha) for three years I thought that was nice. But this, fitness center especially is on another level.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    Ayrsley shows off their site plan. My commute to Continental Blvd would get a little congested with expectation of 2,200 new cars on Pioneer Ave
  3. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I read it more as color coding the PED crossing as in the newly painted green crosswalks along the blue line, when maybe it should have been a blue crosswalk, then red line PED crossings would be red and so on. Maybe not, just didn't take it the same way.
  4. New Hotels in/around Uptown

    Area mapping that place sits on 32 acres and 1400 rooms as you mentioned. Granted they have other amenities but we'd need our Stargate to be way taller to fit on a smaller parcel. Cool concept, I need to make it to Macau next time I'm out there. Hopefully you had some soup dumplings at the Din Tai Fung that I saw was in the hotel. Chain or not that place is always nice
  5. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Wish I snapped a photo of the periphery of People's Park in Shanghai my last work trip but lots of the bike share bikes covering the sidewalks. We'll never reach that scale but kermit's comment on obstacles/irritation brought that to mind. The LimeBike article mentions "responsible" park areas when someone is done. Hopefully the team in charge of designating these areas does a good job to take sidewalk width in mind to avoid the obstacle/irritation aspect of it. Otherwise love the concept, sadly I feel like B-cycle is Zipcar and these new entrants are the Uber/Lyft of the market. Neither is a bad model, just the early entrant to sharing has the higher upfront cost only to see competition scoop right in.
  6. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    After you said that I recall the Agenda wrote about this building
  7. Drinking Beer in Charlotte This one??
  8. American Legion Memorial Stadium Renovation

    Nashville is putting forth $250M in funding for the stadium. There's starting to be some push back from anti-stadium groups but largely going through with no hurdles. Of the other original expansion candidates. Sacramento - Broke ground on MLS stadium, over 10,000 committed season ticket holders for said new stadium, lined up kit sponsor at MLS level deal upon being awarded the franchise FC Cincinnati - Chances look better with pending move of Columbus Crew to Austin. Stadium site is in Newport but could start building there immediately. Preferred choice of fanbase is a different site and the team is exploring other alternatives. San Antonio - If Crew goes to Austin they're pretty much eliminated Detroit - Gilbert/Gores partnered with the Ford family and their franchise would play at Ford Field. With MLS preferring soccer specific locations this may hurt their chances Phoenix/Raleigh/Tampa - All quiet for the most part. Phoenix and Tampa are more shovel ready, Raleigh would need to locate a viable stadium site which puts them probably last in this grouping of "all quiet" teams Charlotte/San Diego/Indy/St Louis all pretty much eliminated from being awarded a team A decision on first two expansion teams comes in mid-December. The remaining two to get the league to 28 is at a yet to be announced later date.
  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I think that every time I see someone jaywalk on busy roads like South, Tyvola, Woodlawn, Tryon etc not far from a crosswalk... Short answer, yes they're really that lazy.
  10. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Continuing off topic for the Rays as the popular team to relocate it looks like Tampa found them a home in Ybor City. Now it's up to the organization to figure out how to get out of their lease.
  11. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Strawn Tower redevelopment. All the small buildings on the map below.,-80.8517683,464m/data=!3m1!1e3 Edit: Look at the top left you'll see a lightly shaded Strawn Tower around all the other development. The plan is to extend Bland across South as well as Cleveland connecting to Caldwell which are the streets running right through the rendering by the existing tower.
  12. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Sorry if it's been posted but seemed like a new rendering to me, perusing the Odell website I came across this which looks like Strawn redevelopment. Anyone know if that is true and whether this is the redesign to that project? Edit: Also just a wild guess it's for Charlotte, just saw Southend
  13. MLS in Charlotte?

    Let's get back to focusing on Memorial renovation for the Independence and smaller scale events.
  14. Montford Drive

    Brief history from the Rezoning files in order of significant plan changes. These were the four before settling on the above. Oddly enough the Drexel side they're moving forward with first appeared in Revision 4 but then they went away from it only to come back to it near the end.
  15. MLS in Charlotte?

    Back to where we were in August 2016. Indy was about to have county and city approve their renovation plan before it kept getting bumped off the docket due to behind the scene chats with the Smith's. With strong markets in the USL being better suited for the move to MLS we need more of a proof of concept that anything above our current league is sustainable and able to grow. Nashville is making progress without a current team in the market but I think they're the only one that could really pull it off. Otherwise I think the league is going to look for a solid foundation at a lower level to award future teams. Sacramento, Cincy, Tampa, Phoenix, San Antonio and Detroit (though their successful lower division team is at odds with MLS bid) all have a better foundation making them more attractive to the MLS at the moment.