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  1. Agreed, my wife and I are working from home. Sometimes if things are slow I'll also stream a show while I have a process running (IT/implementing new systems) and it's been pretty reliable. Living near Southend I'm in the Verizon blackhole where 4G seems to lag and I've noticed with all those running my wifi connection on my phone can be slow. But still not as bad as our 4G signal in the area. Otherwise WFH has been great, forthose needing some quiet during meetings or just a lot of meetings in general I'll recommend the HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones (client of where I work). They've been a huge help in cancelling noise and just comfortable especially when I did two days in a row of 8 hr trainings. In my role we're an old school IT company that came up with IBM execs in the 70s/80s so all we do is face to face, 80% travel. And we also do waterfall project plans which really have their gaps. Up until recent when someone retired I was the youngest on my team by probably 2 decades and I'm 34. Trying to use this WFH time to preach agile and that we can go to a 1 week on site, 3 week off site style project when our travel restrictions get lifted. By that time I'll have been able to test out my agile plan on 1-2 upgraded systems out in the field and trying to prove out this method gives just as good quality and potentially quicker implementations.
  2. Thanks A2. Ripple was what I was looking at for an investment of "what do I feel comfortable risking" for a long position. Did the trade with my Coinbase account I set up way back in the day but I'll be purchasing a Trezor to hold onto them
  3. Any advice beyond Bitcoin? I had read about a few others that seem to be picking up steam . Still all seems too new and volatile which is what I would have probably been saying about Bitcoin in 2010 haha
  4. Graph in today's Charlotte Ledger provided by the state https://charlotteledger.substack.com/p/thirsty-mecklenburg-liquor-sales The gray area represents days with tests still outstanding, but hopefully the trend stays the same even as those results come back
  5. Oh geesh yeah Aurora is rough right now. They brought on the company I work for to do a software implementation when times were good but we got put on hold once it cratered
  6. https://virusncov.com/covid-statistics/usa +30,000 cases already today. Coincidentally 14 days to the date of St. Patty's Day, 17 days from the bars still being packed that weekend
  7. I think day by day is tough. What is it they're saying, the # of new infections today is correlated to what was in effect 7-14 days ago. The number of deaths, at least to what I've read so not pretending any of us are experts, says that typically at days 21-28 either improving or worsening symptoms occur eventually resulting in recovery or death. If that still holds true the 969 should reflect on 3-4 weeks ago the policies that were in place.
  8. Started the show Bosch last night on Prime. Entertaining and pretty mindless. Based on Michael Connelly detective novels. Lot of seasons which should help last through the stay at home order. I'd suggest getting HBO if you don't already have it. Latest season of Curb, The Outsider, McMillion's, The Plot Against America are all worth watching The Pharmacist on Netflix once you're all done with Tiger King. It's not as in your face as TK but almost as crazy/infuriating
  9. Queen City SC, which I've always hoped would end up being our team name regardless of the league, is available if they just want to buy the Independence and their 12,000 participant academy. An academy that's DA U17 team was arguably the best at the recent eastern USL Academy Cup and is/was going to be in the national tournament if it's not already been cancelled fully for this season. Just sayin' haha Though I know our leagues have certain requirements city/states are in the name so QCSC is probably out. I liked Charlotte Town or Charlotte Athletic of what's been trademarked
  10. Nothing official. A friend that I know through going to Independence games here was researching a bit of public informatoin and posted on a facebook group yesterday that some of the names trademarked (Charlotte FC, Charlotte Town FC, Charlotte Athletic FC) were running into some hurdles and the trademarks were issued a "refusal and note of priority action" on 3/12. The reason for refusal was "because the applied for mark was primarily geographically descriptive" which you can then find more information about if you're so inclined at this link. Not going to pretend I know exactly what all that means but someone who had some time on their hands, that's what they dug up https://tmep.uspto.gov/RDMS/TMEP/current#/current/TMEP-1200d1e8253.html
  11. Went to Legion South Park to pick up lunch and refill my growler yesterday. Overheard one of the employees say they were close to running out of crowlers/growlers too
  12. Haha this was all too familiar I think we have similar work from home experience
  13. Not sure if this has been shared but here is a map Bing is aggregating from health orgs around the world. https://bing.com/covid Bad news is of the 223 cases that are no longer classified as "active" in the US, 117 are because the person died, 106 recovered.
  14. Grew up in Cleveland, after college I started a job on my 22nd birthday along with four other new hires. Two became real close friends but after a year I didn't think a career in insurance was for me. Went back to grad school and crammed two years worth of classes into one. After I finished I visited those two friends who had moved for jobs down here and I was sold after a weekend this was where I wanted to be. Moved three weeks later in August 2010 with a bit of savings and no job. Worked at the Bloom in Dilworth for about two months before I got a full time job. Since then I've met my wife, bought a house, rescued the best little pup and made many more lifelong friends. I no longer consider myself "from Ohio but live in Charlotte" if anyone asks now I'm from here and don't have any intention of leaving!
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