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  1. Downtown South announced it will have a new live music venue. Looks very cool. 3,500 person capacity and a rooftop deck. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2022/09/21/raleigh-downtown-south-concert-venue-kane-realty.html
  2. I know the Seaboard Station redevelopment includes some underground parking. Sadly most of the other projects go with above-ground.
  3. This looks like a great project. Good activation on the ground floor and it is great that they are keeping the Creamery Building. My only complaint is how prominent the parking portion will be.
  4. Fidelity is adding another 1,500 jobs in RTP. This is in addition to previously announced expansions. https://www.wraltechwire.com/2021/09/27/fidelity-investments-adding-additional-1500-jobs-to-north-carolina/
  5. A lot of the current success of the Triangle is due to the farsighted actions of leaders in the 1950's to 1980's. Things like establishing Research Triangle Park and the Biotechnology Center. This area had some real visionaries to distinguish this area from other smallish southern state Capitals. Of course the presence of the universities is a major factor, but they put in place infrastructure that helped build on the universities.
  6. I think the Iron Works is going to be one of the very best spots in Raleigh when it is complete. Jamestown is a legit developer.
  7. Fujifilm Biotechnologies building a $1.5 billion, 725 job manufacturing facility in Holly Springs. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2021/03/18/fujifilm-diosynth-picks-holly-springs-for-facility.html
  8. Huge announcement from one of the biggest names in technology. I think the Triangle is already on everyone's list of locations to consider, but it makes it easier to sell when you have companies like this making major investments.
  9. Great shots @Firejudyrose Interesting perspective @SydneyCarton I find Southpark to feel more like a district/neighborhood and be more organic than North Hills which is and feels like a development, but I think North Hills is a better experience and more walkable. I think both are fairly nice faux-urban places which add something valuable to their respective cities. And both are far superior to Ballantyne, IMO.
  10. Agreed that this is an exciting project. Raleigh does not have as many historic buildings as many other cities and it is great that these two are getting updated and incorporated into such a quality development. As @KJHburg said, Jamestown is first class. One of the best developers in the country. Ponce City Market is one of my favorite projects of the last decade, so I'm expecting the reality to live up to the renderings. I hope they keep the pedestrian bridge.
  11. Would be intetesting if they included a summary of where in NC those jobs are located. I assume mostly in RTP, but curious about specifics.
  12. The apartments are fine if a bit generic, but i think it is ridiculous that they are tearing down the 90+ year old historic building that houses Goodnights Comedy Club to put this up. Raleigh doesn't have that many cool historical buildings. We should protect our limited inventory. They should be required to preserve what is there.
  13. I like these midsized modern projects that add density and homeowners Downtown.
  14. Yes, it will be a park called Devereux Meadow. Currently in design phase. Will likely be mostly open because it is in a floodplain. Hopefully also trails and a connection to the Greenway. https://raleighnc.gov/projects/devereux-meadow-project
  15. Great write-up! Thanks for writing it and posting here!
  16. Cary has several great projects in the pipeline. This Carolina Yards project which includes the $193M indoor sports complex, Fenton which is already under construction, and the new Downtown Park. Cary has long had a lot of educated, high earning residents, but the built environment has been pretty underwhelming. Hopefully these will give the Town more of a draw.
  17. Slight clarification, the article says it would be the largest "multi-raquet sport complex" in the world, i.e. numerous raquet sports like tennis, pickle ball, panel, etc. Not racquetball the specific game which is played inside. Very exciting project. I've had my eye on this for a while and am glad it is moving forward. It was originally announced as tennis complex and keeps diversifying with more focus on other raquet/paddle sports.
  18. Nothing official yet, but some state owned land in West Raleigh along Blue Ridge Road is being considered for the new headquarters for the NC DHHS. https://abc11.com/realestate/new-dhhs-hq-could-be-another-jewel-in-west-raleigh/6522092/ And it hasn't been discussed in this thread, but the new Bandwidth HQ is going nearby on Edwards Mill. Plus NC Department of Agriculture Science Center and UNC Rex Cancer Center are both currently under construction.
  19. Some earlier posts discussed some of the recent leases done at Parmer RTP such as Duke School of Medicine. Last week it was reported that ParmerRTP sold for a whopping $590 million! The buyer was California based Alexandria Real Estate. Huge investment in the area by a major REIT that already had property here and obviously likes the area's prospects. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2020/08/25/parmer-rtp-sells-253-acres-in-590-million.html
  20. Very cool project that will essentially expand downtown's footprint a block. I agree that Dominion Realty gets things done in Raleigh, so I am optimistic this project will happen, especially since they have already submitted plans for administrative site review. As shown in the rendering, this will have a huge impact on the skyline. One tower is planned for 239 feet and the other for 278 feet.
  21. I hope these and the other projects go forward with no delays. These are very tough times, especially in the hospitality industry.
  22. Wake County Commissioners approved the sports complex. Raleigh City Council still has to approve it as well. That vote is tomorrow. https://abc11.com/community-events/funding-approved-for-$193m-cary-sports-complex-/5940148/
  23. Anything even close to this would be amazing. The request says that groups can propose either just the Convention Center hotel or the hotel plus office building. RFI will go out soon, and be due at the end of March. Can't walt to see what is proposed and selected.
  24. Eli Lilly bringing over 450 jobs to Durham. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2020/01/21/pharma-giant-eli-lilly-and-company-taps-durham-for.html?iana=hpmvp_trig_news_headline
  25. A new 7-story, 165-room Hilton Garden Inn has also been announced for the Wade development. It isn't under construction yet, but is supposed to open in 2021, so should break ground pretty soon. A couple other office buildings recently broke ground nearby. I'd like to see a little more retail, especially restaurants.
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