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  1. This is also a big problem. Assessor consistently under appraises home values. My home was appraised for a refinance at 600k this past month. New metro appraisal is 446k.
  2. https://musicrow.com/2021/01/john-loar-leads-charge-to-bring-sports-entertainment-district-to-music-city-interview/ In an effort to build a Major League franchise on equity and celebrate diversity, Music City Baseball wants to name the team Nashville Stars, in honor of several Negro League baseball teams that played games in Nashville in the 1940s. They established a partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, which includes a net sharing of revenues from the sale of merchandise bearing the name “Nashville Stars,” and cooperation between marketing and social media efforts.
  3. As Brewers fan, very happy they are going back to Sounds as AAA affiliate!
  4. Epstein and Haslam would bring this thing home, I think. They need someone in the ownership group that has big pockets - Haslam fills that void (and then some). Epstein would set the stage for this to become a world class organization.
  5. Wealth manager here Not to get too off topic here but I see this as an opportunity to educate. We are not in a recession. We aren't even in a bear market. What we are currently experiencing is a correction (-10% from cycle high) in the stock market. As of this writing, it's down -12.95%. A bear market is when we reach the down -20% threshold. A recession is 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. We have not yet experienced 1 quarter of negative GDP growth. That's not to say this can't turn into a bear market or a recession - just that we aren't there yet. Keep cal
  6. Am I completely off on this? Isn't the budget situation almost entirely the result of the property tax re-assessment that was supposed to be budget neutral? And then there was a rebuttal period that property owners could have their property reappraised if they thought the valuation was too high. But when a massive amount of commercial properties were reappraised for far less, there was no balancing mechanism in place to make sure the re-appraisal was budget neutral. It ended up collecting far less in revenue at the current property tax rate. Am I missing something?
  7. I hate to see this go since it provides a needed service for the Gulch. I don't think here are any other storage places in the neighborhood other than this one but I may be wrong. I'd rather see the empty lot in between the Terrazzo and this property get developed first. But - I don't have 25M laying around to have much say.
  8. I only think MLB works in Nashville if it is an AL team. A's should go to Portland, Rays to Nashville. I hate they can't convert Sounds stadium into MLB quality stadium. Those renderings just seem a little off for the size of that site. But, overall I like it - other than it being next to the eye sore scrap metal yard. A good start in my opinion.
  9. The asking price for that property was 2.35M and the inside (based on floorplan and pictures) was a weird hodgepodge that would have needed a ton of work to be useable. Unfortunately, I think the asking price was just too high for it to be anything other than a tear down.
  10. Based on the designs released for the Trolley Barn area proposals, the only thing that makes sense is the "winning" bid was picked long before. What a charade.
  11. In my opinion, if Nashville were to ever get a relocated MLB team it would come from Oakland, Tampa, and possibly Arizona. All have major stadium issues and attendance issues even while fielding competitive teams. It's a good sign that Nashville continues to get mentioned as a possible relocation market.
  12. With so much development going on around the dealership lots, the lots don't have as much of a developmental black hole impact like they once did. I always thought the lots would need to be sold to spark development in that area of the city, but the inverse has happened. If Beamen is holding out to completely maximize the value of his property, he's done an incredible job! (I don't think that is why he hasn't sold). When and if his lots get sold and developed, that will be the missing piece that completely connects Downtown/Midtown/Gulch for a massive stretching skyline. We all can dream,
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