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  1. Any word on the MPB meeting yesterday?
  2. This was one of the FDOT proposal renderings. The multi-use path movement FDOT is using in Orlando really doesn’t cut it.
  3. On Twitter I saw this alternative design by local urbaníste Sam Gallaher. He suggested sending these to the FDOT folks as a response to their adding of more street parking along both sides of Orange in front of Hammered Lamb area.
  4. I don’t know your opinion on Parking minimums, but they generally can help encourage more people centered developments. https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2022/06/08/less-parking-could-mean-more-housing
  5. https://www.cflroads.com/project/445220-1 Here is a link to the plan, with an opportunity to respond to the lead in design from the FDOT. They do not have a dedicated/protected bike lane, and have increased amount of parking, which I think does a disservice to the area as the urbanism increases.
  6. Some pictures from earlier today. The large open area is the now clear Southwest corner of Princeton and OBT. I couldn’t get a picture in my moving vehicle, but there are some condos being built it looks like behind the new YMCA and they’ve made a lot of progress. Also the old round juice stand on the northeast corner is built out.
  7. smonteserin


    Blurry and in passing but, they are moving earth and have construction headquarters set up on the property.
  8. Albert Park and Dartmouth Park slated for redo. I saw the story on Your Community Paper. https://www.yourcommunitypaper.com/articles/dartmouth-and-albert-parks-redesigns-move-forward/ and this is the Zoom with Robert Stuart and the design team. https://orlando-gov.zoom.us/rec/play/iEW0ug9zGHN0HqTeS-IXEcqz3LNhQHB82ZTy2KD8egNeyvHj4EWrJcRQ9pdxc3x4sFyA770NE7rwdB_b.7L31BShgLkEgeaP_?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=qSnqLosgQZSlTzaaai7yug.1637196733674.b062dee34515f0786f0d9156017b6b64&_x_zm_rhtaid=40
  9. smonteserin


    More site work at Alexan 50.
  10. I couldn't find an "OBT" page, but this article mentioned Holden a few times. This is a Growthspotter article highlighting plans for OBT, from Downtown west (SR 50) over 8.3 miles to Sand Lake Rd. https://www.growthspotter.com/news/retail-dining-developments/gs-news-obtnext-orange-blosssom-trail-master-plan-cra-20210901-inopj23ytnhatc6kreiocjdsry-story.html This links to GAI's study and reveal. https://gaiconsultants.com/project/obt-next/
  11. I also attended the meeting. I was impressed with the low impact ecological/environmental engineering aspects incorporated into the storm water drains that currently dump untreated water into the lake. At the several points of entry, the water will now pass through natural vegetation filtration in raised decorative concrete beds. There seems to be a lot more consideration not only around how people will use the park, but also making the wildlife and the ecology a focus of care as well. I was the one who asked the question about timeline and funding, and it seems like this will be a project into the next 10 to 15 years. It seems that these kind of projects take a long time to implement especially here.
  12. That is the totem of a local artist Halsi. https://www.thevinylwarhol.com/season-1/halsi-interview
  13. This is an article from strong towns that highlights how car reliant Orlando and Orange county are, And what might change. The article is short, with an additional interview. https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2021/5/19/a-new-direction-for-car-dependent-orlando?fbclid=IwAR0vS8_oQgCTTL47etnPZzGLw-BsE0zeJviD3skgu6hZ3HS3uIso9GkHTsc
  14. Do you think that the Parking lot at the end of Luminary Green will eventually be absorbed by the park? It seems a terrible use of space for that area. I also wish they would extend to park all the way to Lake Dot, and add more amenities for the overlapping communities who both work and live in that area.
  15. The color scheme of these lights reminded me a bit more of the original renderings. As far as the Front Yard Festival, I live off Mills near Lake Davis and can hear the live concerts.
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