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  1. Not very surprised. The owners have remained too focused on the Five Guys franchises they own to really give this a chance. Business was definitely building and in I thought it would actually take off in another 6 months. Guess they decided to just cut losses now and refocus on their burger business.
  2. I don't buy that spot at all. Seems like another useless TJ rumor that is either clickbait or the broker trying to hype a project. The traffic at this spot would be awful and the parking would be impossible. Would be smart of them to take the old Winn Dixie further up 17-92 in Maitland and turn that into a TJ. Traffic is much more manageable there and it might lead to a return of a version of the initial planned development there with a parking garage and everything.
  3. New art installation by the city in the round a bout required some fire code changes with the outdoor patio. Opening in March or so.
  4. I expected way better for people who have been doing this for years professionally. I know their last place closed on them so maybe I shouldn't be surprised it was not very good.
  5. Yeah that area looks like it will start drawing a lot more folks to that side of Lake Eola beyond just the farmer market on Sunday. The AltaModa spot will remain a salon as far as I know. There are quite a few people looking at it and they don't want to change its use at all.
  6. First one to open will be The Hyppo which will be the first gourmet popsicle shop in Orlando. They have a store in St. Augustine currently and as you can see, people love it. It really is an amazing product so very exciting to have it locally. This is going in the old Slate modeling space. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/294/1530970/restaurant/Downtown-St-Augustine/The-Hyppo-St-Augustine WOB is going to be the next to open. They are going to have the patio on the side where the current brick roundabout is. That road will be torn up and some of it claimed along with the grass right there to mak
  7. Yes it was originally going to be an Irish bar and they wanted to massively redo the space to return it to its old brick look. The city said no since it was turned into one of the remaining art deco spots in the city and they wouldn't allow it to go back to a brick look. Since Irish wouldn't fit the look it will be Mexican themed now. Guy owns Frank & Steins as well. I know he had a signed lease that he couldn't get out of when the city rejected the initial plan so guess he is going through with it now.
  8. Wish I knew. Would love to lease space nearby when they open.
  9. 3 new projects about to begin construction at Post Parkside. The new outdoor patio on Lake Eola there will be very nice.
  10. I was at Courtesy for their opening and thought they did an excellent job. As the night went on and more people showed up the wait for drinks became fairly long but there is really nothing they can do about that. The bartenders were great and moved real quick to move along cocktail orders that were probably 10+ deep per bartender at some points. The interior is really well done and the drinks are great.
  11. The space that is currently YOLO on Park Ave is available to lease. Really the only thing available on Park Ave that isn't on an extreme end of the road.
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