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  1. Morningside appears to be dead, or at least in deep hibernation. I've heard that Post has pulled out and site work certainly seems to have ceased. Anyone have any real knowledge on the status?
  2. ^ I believe all of that construction is related to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and the CPCC culinary arts building. They are re-habbing the creek and adding quite a bit of hardscape.
  3. So are there plans in the works for the SW building/site?
  4. Noticed that the Conformity sign at the old Auto Werks sight has changed yet again - more specific now, indicating retail and restaurant. Guess the studies indicated the best uses? Plaza Vu is moving right along - footers and rebar visible, as well as curbing. Morningside is moving slowly again, there's quite a bit of pipe on site now, so maybe they're about to start wet utilities.
  5. Hold your horses there slider, lest you jump to the wrong conclusions - I'm no nimby, nor am I a fan of cul-de-sacs, nor am I a Merry Oaks resident, but have you driven on Cosby? Nothing there, the connectivity would be weak. I don't think it is a case where they should hold something up 'cause they don't want to pay for a public street.
  6. I'm all about some connectivity - but I'm not sure that spot is worth fighting over - it could bring substantial traffic into a rather lazy part of Merry Oaks neighborhood. No real destination points and the neighborhood doesn't want it.
  7. Hate to burst any bubbles, or sound too obvious, but I'm 99% certain that Trump is not a factor on that site anymore.
  8. I don't think anyone in the Commonwealth Park NA knew/knows anything about the cityview terrace development ... probably won't be all that excited to see it. What think you SCLA?
  9. It may only be utility work, but they are digging a big hole at SW quad of 5th and Graham. Any news on this thing?
  10. In think the single family is going in blocks 1-4, between McClintock and Commonwealth - no quarter acre lots though, very dense for sf. Anyone know what is going on with the old Porter paints building on Gordon across from the new Jacks? They had a fire there a while ago and I noticed that they are digging around the foundation this week - can't tell why.
  11. Buy/Sell on the foundry sticking around another 5 years? That can't be a fun spot for them either considering the increasing congestion and the number of complaints they will receive once the area is more residential. I'm selling.
  12. I noticed that the Plaza Vue development seems to be moving along ... another of those houses in the strip just got demolished. I think they have one more to go - I wonder why they don't do them all at once? Site work progressing on Morningside; storm drainage going in; don't seem to have graded in any new road though. No action on Industry 29 - I have my doubts about that one. The Duo is done. Edit: forgot to mention that the billboard sign on the Auto Werks site came down this weekend. So is the lease up or is something happening?
  13. sfmartin

    The Vue

    There's been quite a bit of water in the hole from the last rains we had - and it didn't look like they were pumping, so that probably held them back even though the sun was shining.
  14. So Conformity, a change in strategy? I notice there is a 'build to suit' sign on the old Auto Verks site.
  15. ^ how very urban of us. If you're gonna be an aspiring tag artist, please get some skills before you practice in public. While this is sinfully ugly, I remember seeing some beautiful graffiti along the transit corridors in Amsterdam.
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