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  1. This is why Connecticut will lose another electoral vote in 2020 census...oh well Texas will gladly take it.... Liberals, when you do move, please move to either New York or another liberal state...not to a conservative state. If you move to a conservative state, LEAVE YOUR LIBERALISM BEHIND!!!
  2. Malloy is Pro-Business? And he is a moderate?? That is funny...One second thought, compared to the two fossils running for president on the Democrat side (one is a Socialist, the other is an honest socialist), Malloy would be a moderate. The Democrat mayor in Tampa, is about as CONSERVATIVE as Republicans in Connecticut. Mayor Bob Buckhorn is good and Tampa is booming...(Tampa is the blue island in red Hillsborough County.)
  3. The only jobs he his making sure of being lost is private business's jobs...You aren't going to tell me he is cutting government jobs. GE moved to Massachusetts, and I remembered when it was called Taxachusetts. What we need in Connecticut is a sea change in Hartford...as Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results." Connecticut's voters are insane, they elect liberals and they think they'll be CONSERVATIVE. Liberals will tax and spend...but Margaret Thatcher said, "The bad thing about LIBERALISM is that they will run out of other's people money." Connecticut is running out of other people's money... Connecticut needs to elect pro-business politicians. Connecticut is not going to turn around in 4 years, but you'll need about 15 years - Connecticut should cut income tax - I was there at the Anti Tax rally in Hartford...and Election Night in 1994, the Hartford Courant had a picture of the Tom Scott's Headquarters and I was in the picture...celebrating the Republicans takeover of the House. When the income tax got passed, I knew the Liberals would pickpocket the voters...Even Republicans didn't want to cut the income tax after it was passed... ...
  4. Jim Cooper

    PROPOSED: North Downtown/Baseball Stadium Development

    The stadium looks nice....Is it where Capitol Motors was located.
  5. Did they start on the outlet mall? I heard groundbreaking would start in December.
  6. Jim Cooper

    Bradley International Airport

    Nice, Bradley International Airport got a few great non stops, now I hope we can get a few more flights. If the Courant is correct, Delta might resume the Amsterdam flight in the future? I wonder if the airport authority is thinking of more international flights.
  7. Jim Cooper

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Very true...Tampa's hockey fans are knowledgeable about the Whalers.
  8. Jim Cooper

    GE to move to Providence, Boston or New York.

    Unfortunately, I doubt Connecticut's voters will ever wake up. I wish the voters would at least give the state house to pro business politicians, but Liberals of both parties ( yes, the R are also to blame) will rather give voters 'free' stuff, but as Ms Thatcher said, "The trouble with Liberalism is that you will run out of other people's money." I believe GE is just the first...look at the Fortune 500 from the 1980s and Connecticut headquartered companies and a 2015 Fortune 500. Granted Washington's taxes forced companies overseas, too.
  9. Jim Cooper

    Raddison Hotel Conversion to Apts

    Wasn't that a Crown Plaza? Or is it a different place?
  10. Jim Cooper

    Bradley International Airport

    Did I hear that BDL will have flights to LAX and DEN?
  11. Jim Cooper

    Raddison Hotel Conversion to Apts

    Where is the Raddison Hotel?
  12. Jim Cooper

    Bradley International Airport

    Eastern Airlines is flying again!! I hope BDL will get Eastern to fly to Havana, Cuba. They are trying to fly scheduled service to Cuba. It would be nice to see that. Eastern is chartered to Cuba now.
  13. I hope if the NFL starts a developmental league, I would like to see Hartford get a team. I'd love to see a Lacrosse team, too.
  14. Jim Cooper

    Bradley International Airport

    Are they still talking with Norwegian Air Shuttle? I heard they are talking with that, too. Was NAS a backup plan in case Aer Lingus didn't pan out. $69 to Europe?? I hope CAA will get 3 more airlines...I'd like to see Allegiant Air, Air Jamaica and Frontier at Bradley. The other article I read was the CAA trying to get flights into New London. I hope New Haven and Bridgeport I'll have service, too.
  15. Jim Cooper

    Downtown Hartford Residential Projects

    A bike shop?? Here in Tampa, bikes are popular for commuters. Near my condo is a bike shop that been around since 1910...It would be nice to see a bike shop in Hartford.