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  1. The stadium looks nice....Is it where Capitol Motors was located.
  2. Nice, Bradley International Airport got a few great non stops, now I hope we can get a few more flights. If the Courant is correct, Delta might resume the Amsterdam flight in the future? I wonder if the airport authority is thinking of more international flights.
  3. Did I hear that BDL will have flights to LAX and DEN?
  4. Eastern Airlines is flying again!! I hope BDL will get Eastern to fly to Havana, Cuba. They are trying to fly scheduled service to Cuba. It would be nice to see that. Eastern is chartered to Cuba now.
  5. Are they still talking with Norwegian Air Shuttle? I heard they are talking with that, too. Was NAS a backup plan in case Aer Lingus didn't pan out. $69 to Europe?? I hope CAA will get 3 more airlines...I'd like to see Allegiant Air, Air Jamaica and Frontier at Bradley. The other article I read was the CAA trying to get flights into New London. I hope New Haven and Bridgeport I'll have service, too.
  6. A bike shop?? Here in Tampa, bikes are popular for commuters. Near my condo is a bike shop that been around since 1910...It would be nice to see a bike shop in Hartford.
  7. Windsor will have a new apartment building near the station?? Where is it going to be built?
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