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  1. they seem to be working pretty diligently. The piles of dirt today tower over the fence.
  2. I live and work downtown and do not see a shift away from Eola. I walk around the lake sometimes during lunch and you'd be hard pressed to find a bench not occupied by a homeless person. The walk to and from work can be a discomfort... you can feel their eyes track you sometimes. That said, I've only been hassled for money a few times around Eola where as walking down Orange and passing wall street it is almost guaranteed and from multiple people. I'm not sure how a shelter would help. I know it would help them in that they would have a place to sleep, but during the day why would they n
  3. I live in downtown and have had to drive to the IHOP on colonial if I want to sit down and eat something other than pizza or gringo locos after a night out. A 24 hour sit down dinner with simple regular food would rock. From a safety perspective this makes sense. Last call is so early in this city and then you are kicked out on to the street with few options that don't require driving. Let people sit down and eat and sober up before heading for their cars.
  4. took some photos of the Skyhouse site today, figured I'd share. Site view from above. Bricks being removed Trees chopped and dirt moved New to these forums, if there are guidelines for photo size posting or something, please let me know.
  5. not to get off Topic, but has there been any discussion about how Cambria would handle the insane amounts of homeless people that have almost daily feedings/festivals/gatherings hosted for them behind the church and general lounge in the area? I would assume a nice hotel would not want this in its backyard.
  6. what is the building just south of Acme? the one in that in the giant parking lot right across from the gym? That corner lot should have a really nice tall building. Theres plenty of parking around it too. What I wonder is what to do with that triangular piece of land just north of Acme and east of where skyhouse will be. On one side it has small residential houses, on the other Rosalind which may as well be a highway with the way motorists drive through it. No way people will want to cross that street or walk around much in that area. This area:
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