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  1. BMW to donate $1.25 Mio to boardwalks and overlooks, including wetland preservation.
  2. Granted school is out for Spring break, but I didn’t notice any traffic problems this morning. So far, so good.
  3. New ATCT approved. Will under design and construction in 2023 to be completed in 2028. FAA to pay.
  4. Were the roundabouts approved? I read page 27 as they were investigated, but deemed ineffective.
  5. I believe they are called Snags and will decompose naturally. They are there now to create habitats.
  6. couldn't find a woodruff road or shops of Greenridge subject, but Buy Buy Baby will close in the Shops. Wasn't sure if that was well known or not.
  7. J Verne Parkway seems to be popular. It’s about midfield down the runway
  8. Toss pizza has closed. Was never a fan. There are far better pizza places around town. Just my opinion.
  9. This building is completely underutilized in its current state, even by the public. Why not bring it back to its original, enclosed state? I don’t understand some of the negativity around this.
  10. Terrace was actually really good, but very expensive imo.
  11. Foxcroft wine for old Brazeells. I heard good things about the CLT location.
  12. Does anybody know what's going on with Harris Teeter at Lewis Plaza? I haven't seen much progress on the supermarket aspect of the project.
  13. Charter flight for Syracuse football team
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