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  1. I'm here! The rest of the team in the Mayor's Office has made it clear that one of the reasons they thought I would be good for this role is because I stay connected to the people who are pushing for innovation and thinking differently about our City...this forum is no exception! Thanks for the kind words and support with Bungalower. Brendan and Sarah are going to do (and already are doing) a kick ass job with Bungalower.
  2. Our photo tour of the exterior of the building and the plaza --> http://bungalower.com/2014/11/photo-tour-workers-put-finishing-touches-dr-phillips-center/
  3. Break ground next week. We'll have a post up later this week or early next.
  4. Some more details on the project --> http://bungalower.com/2014/10/mixed-use-development-planned-for-ivanhoe-village-ivanhoe-place/
  5. It's a project between Florida Hospital and another local non-profit to build out the space in The Princeton Warehouse and Theatre Downtown. We're waiting on them to finalize all the details and the renderings but we should be able to share more in the next couple of weeks. They've asked us to hold off posting until things are finalized. We try to respect that as much as possible
  6. Yep....we're waiting to see plans (none submitted yet). Developer wont share any...heard lots of different things thrown around. We'll post something once there's actually something share
  7. Yep...when it was mentioned here we started poking around...and decided it wasn't worth writing about. Anyone can create renderings and a sales flyer...ok well maybe not anyone.
  8. Developer told us he wont go above the five floors...I think part of the reason is cost of construction in addition to knowing it won't make people happy. http://bungalower.com/2014/09/council-votes-move-princeton-college-park-density-closer-edgewater-drive/
  9. It's not 100% clear that they would support it. Honestly I have had many conversations with people against it and they usually start with "we don't want an exceptions given." When I explain that they are only getting one exception (as outlined in the article) they tell me I should talk to their planning person because they aren't 100% sure on the details....but they KNOW there are exceptions being given. I'm not trying to pick on MaryTravis in the comments...I have had that exact same conversation many times (in person, via e-mail and on facebook). I think that someone should have done a better job at explaining the difference between zoning, future land use, and vision plans. This is where everyone gets lost. To be clear there are things I don't like about the development...but is there ever a project you are going to agree with 100%? Thanks to everyone for the support. Oh and I've always been a "We" we do have some folks helping us write...and will be hiring more soon!
  10. Photo tour of the Nora apartments: http://bungalower.com/2014/09/nora-open-tours-move-ins-start-end-october/ Also Green Day Cafe is now open: http://bungalower.com/2014/09/green-day-cafe-opens-north-quarter/
  11. We did an in-depth look at The Princeton at College Park and for the first time gave our take on the project: http://bungalower.com/2014/09/our-take-princeton-college-park/ Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments
  12. MBP Staff report is not out...the Sentinel and OBJ are reporting from the recap sheet and some renderings the City sent over. I'm heading to see the actual plan today..I'll get something up early next week. Hopefully with more information. We also will fill folks in on the current property lease the Sentinel has (as much as we can). IF the Sentinel moves, the smart money says they will keep the newsroom in the downtown area but move the printing press out to an industrial area. The issue is the printing presses are very expensive to move. It's possible they are so expensive that the cost and payback overtime just isn't there. This means they would need to have the paper printed by someone else...that would not be a good situation. The good news is they probably have 10-20 years to figure this out.
  13. You can rent it out for meetings or events: http://bungalower.com/2014/08/chicagos-stuffed-pizza-opens-church-street-district/
  14. Yes...expect construction soon... http://bungalower.com/2014/07/photo-tour-fergs-depot-open-church-street-train-depot-fall/
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