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  1. ^ What is that? And is it actually getting built? Whatever it is, it looks too much like The Vue.
  2. F-L-A

    Amway Center

    Why's that? By the time the playoffs roll around, Boston's key players will all be a year older, and except for Rondo, they're all dinosaurs to begin with. I'll be shocked and amazed if they can actually repeat what they did this season. Hell, I'll be shocked if they're even healthy.
  3. F-L-A

    Amway Center

    What's with the ladder crap? So random. I hope that isn't their intention for that wall. Shaq is old and useless. They won't steal anyone's thunder... again.
  4. F-L-A

    Amway Center

    I much preferred the original design. Why did they change it? And I hope the crane collapse doesn't cause a big delay in construction.
  5. F-L-A

    Amway Center

    Not this season.... The parking is next to the arena. They already have a practice facility. I recall seeing a screen in one of the concept images, but IMO, it would be silly to put a screen on the exterior of an arena showing what's going on inside. That's like saying "Don't bother buying tickets, we don't need the income." Besides, who is going to sit there and watch it, other than homeless people? If you don't want to go inside the arena, that's what television is for.
  6. It would be nice if Tradition weren't a lost cause.
  7. Didn't you know? This is the Any City Except Orlando Pics Weekly Update thread. If you want Orlando pics, you'll have to go somewhere else.
  8. I concur. No one cares about Cleveland.
  9. F-L-A

    55 West

    You might die? Are you made out of rubber or something?
  10. F-L-A

    The VUE

    The Vue renderings had a completely different lighting feature that they never included. That 4th photo of Tim's makes Dynetech look as tall as the Vue. Curious.
  11. F-L-A

    55 West

    I like the way this building looms over CSS up close, but I'm afraid it'll look a little stubby from the lake.
  12. F-L-A

    The VUE

    Really? Could you say that again, just for confirmation?
  13. Relatively speaking ... they really aren't, and you can't see most of those structures unless you're in a certain place, which is all that matters. The new castle depicted in the concept art is unrealistically tall because it'll be RIGHT beside Jurassic Park River Adventure. There wouldn't really be any way of masking something that size in such close proximity. They'll probably use forced perspective or something. Yes, you can clearly see the other islands around the lagoon, but there isn't anything like a giant castle looming directly over another island. No amount of foilage would hide that thing if it were built as depicted. In fact, you'd get a pretty clear shot of it if you were to stand in front of that one fast food joint (the name escapes me.)
  14. Uhhm... don't expect the castle to be that tall. It would ruin the theming of the park's other areas, especially Jurassic Park, and I'd hope they realize this.
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