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  1. I want a specimen skyscraper, not a specimen tree.
  2. F-L-A

    Lake Eola Park

    What else were we going to put on the seal & flag? A strip mall?
  3. I wasn't even referring to that corner. While I disagree wholeheartedly with using it for a segregated park space that's not even integrated with the rest of the park, I'm much more concerned with the fact that Spenser wants to demolish EVERYTHING around the park. Everything except the Rosalind Club apparently. Because wanting that to go or even just acknowledging the hypocrisy of their agenda is somehow misogynist now. Are we sure he's not a member there?
  4. And thanks to their efforts, we will have an empty, desolate patch of grass on a busy city street corner where the homeless will still congregate, just without any shade. Because downtown doesn't have any popular attractions, and hasn't since Church Street Station closed. No one visits Orlando and says, "We should put Lake Eola on our itinerary. I hear it has a relatively small lake with a fountain and the world's largest collection of ugly sculptures." Lake Eola is a place where, except for special occasions, most of the "visitors" actually live there. No, not in Orlando, in the park
  5. Well that's definitely not happening. Lake Eola isn't the invaluable asset some of you make it out to be, and tearing down a bunch of buildings to expand it away from the water won't accomplish anything. This isn't Manhattan, we aren't in such dire need of a large park space (that, unlike Central Park, would inevitably be nothing but grass & more ugly sculptures.)
  6. Can't wait to see these plots sit empty for many years to come. Very exciting.
  7. They want to redevelop the entire block just south of that, so it may not be that way for long.
  8. Anything that comes out of Alex Martins' mouth is "not so promising."
  9. Has there been any news on the new theater and when we might get to see it? Or are they waiting until the building reopens?
  10. They "lost" dining chairs? Hopefully no one "found" them.
  11. But how many of those numbers are homeless people?
  12. So is my closet if I sleep in it. But I wouldn't actually call it a huge draw, much less compare it to the National Mall.
  13. I've seen an article on this previously, and it looked like they wanted to also demolish the larger building behind the 7-11, not just the 7-11. So that rendering would be inaccurate. Doesn't seem like a worthwhile venture to pursue either way.
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