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  1. bigeasy

    First Tennessee Ballpark - Complete

    Yeah that is what I was talking about. I wasn't sure if this would mean the team would be better or worse.
  2. bigeasy

    First Tennessee Ballpark - Complete

    I don' follow baseball at all, so will this be a pro for the Sounds?
  3. Would the large companies in Nashville support Amazon moving here? Would it benefit them or hurt them? I wouldn't think someone like Bridgestone, Nissan, HCA, etc would be very excited about them possibly losing some clout in the city.
  4. bigeasy

    Soccer in Nashville

    Nashville's colors will be yellow and black right? Guess I can buy some Hufflepuff swag. Can we name the team the Nashville Pedal Taverns?
  5. bigeasy

    More Accolades for Nashville

    I wonder what % of that 106 people is in Franklin and Murfreesboro?
  6. bigeasy

    Nashville food and beverage scene

    I have been wanting to stop by as my cousin knows the owner. The food looks really good from the photos I have seen. I just can't get myself to go there during lunch and spend roughly $15 for a burger. I love M.L. Rose. Thewhipwacker is a great drink, but hard to screw up an alcoholic milkshake. There is always the Hattie B's near there as well. That seems to be a go to for people visiting Nashville.
  7. bigeasy

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    You should post some photos of all of the construction on campus sometime. I was at the ETSU game this past weekend and was amazed by all of the buildings going up. There has to be over $1billion in construction happening around the campus with the new dorms, Student Union, streetscaping, etc. It is becoming quite a nice campus.
  8. bigeasy

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Gino's East is opening a location in Nashville early 2019
  9. Found a new pic of the LKQ building things to Aerial Innovations. Parking for days.....but then again they are an automotive parts company.
  10. You can't fit a 5lb car in a 1lb bag. Did I do that right?
  11. The more this area develops, the happier I get about WES never happening. I feel like long term this will be so much better for the city than if HCA would have gone to Lake Palmer.
  12. bigeasy

    Soccer in Nashville

    Very nice @nashvylle!! I doubt some of those additional areas for parking would ever be used, esp the businesses since games could be going on during their business hours. Also, Coca-Cola is a fenced in lot. Somewhat related, but I was browsing google maps around the area as well and noticed how much space graveyards takes up around town. I am sure it could be a touchy subject for some people, but in my mind they are such a waste of space. I never realized home much acreage just the Woodlawn Funeral Home (133 acres) and Mt Olive Funeral Home (203 acres) take up.
  13. bigeasy

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I looked at some data using I could have missed some figures but I thought it was interesting to compare the two over time. For the 200-299 ft. range we have been pretty even every decade. The 300-399 ft. is where we struggle with Austin having 9 back in the 80's and us with 4. Now it is a 20-11 comparison. For 400-499 ft we were at 4 from the 80's through the 2000's. Austin didn't hit 2 until the 2000's. Now they are ahead at a 11-7 ratio. Status Height (ft) Austin Nashville Built 115-199 91 84 200-299 26 28 300-399 17 9 400-499 8 6 500-599 2 1 >600 1 1 U/C 115-199 5 4 200-299 2 5 300-399 3 2 400-499 3 1 >600 1
  14. bigeasy

    Soccer in Nashville

    Ok I have to vent again.....(Why am i listening to the anti crowd???) One guy said that soccer should go to Percy Warner Park because nobody goes there (really???) and it is dreary. That coyotes breed there and they eat the neighborhood dogs and cats and are a safety concern for kids. W....T.....F is he talking about
  15. bigeasy

    Soccer in Nashville

    I probably won't be able to remember much when I reach that age. I was just commenting on how divided the demographics looked in the video. I by no means think the city should cater to a group just based off of age. It just seems with all things nowadays it is the extremes on either side. I have only skimmed over a few on the No MLS side, so maybe there are a few that are younger?