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  1. Heck yeah! The only time I ride downtown is for the Tour de Nash.
  2. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/metro-applies-for-federal-grant-to-help-redesign-east-bank-project-including-potential-new-bridge
  3. I don't understand how someone could be underwhelmed by this. I would venture that no matter what you were going to be upset. There is nothing basic about this design. If anything this is the most unique stadium out there when it comes to the exterior. I love how little it resembles a stadium on the outside. I bet there isn't one stadium out there that appears to have as much street activation as this. If this is built like the renderings show, this will be a grand slam for designs. Ignoring cost, this visually is extremely exciting. Both the stadium and the rendering of the area around it.
  4. Landscapers and farmers can't do their job indoors. Just because someone works at a bank shouldn't be a reason for them to work indoors. Logistics and Transportation have to work holidays, so just because someone works at a bank doesn't mean they should get all minor/major holidays off. Why is someone that gets to WFH not earning their paycheck? Sure it could be laziness or privilege for some people, but there are also people that like it for other reasons. For the 3 days I work from home I get at a minimum 1 1/2 more hours with family. I save on gas money. Both of those equal less stress. Then I also don't have to deal with office distractions due to walk-bys, chatty coworkers, etc.
  5. I feel like it was pretty obvious what his point was. Also, there have been 7 new stadiums since and at an average cost of $1.96B (The last 3 averaging out at $2.8B) For better or worse, the stadium game has changed over the last 15 years. I would bet that if the Titans build a new domed stadium that there would be some sort of agreement with the NFL for a super bowl within 2-3 years. The last 5 were all in new stadiums and so will 2024. The one for this season will be a rare exception. They had never had one in an outdoor cold weather climate until Metlife was built.
  6. Since the city is all about renaming streets, can we just go ahead with renaming a street to Giarratana Ave?
  7. What building is causing those crazy reflections? JW Marriott?
  8. Someone on neighborhood page "fixed" one of the photos for a better future rendering lol
  9. @PostRuralrendering is popping up everywhere on my FB timeline! And this is from people not into development. One of the postings was on my Franklin neighborhood FB page
  10. Now this is something I wish we could have. Granted I am biased as I love Disney/Universal parks. Universal is opening a new park in 2025. Nintendo/How To Train Your Dragon/Harry Potter...Yes please . I just can't get behind Storyville. It doesn't look like a place that would exciting enough to go back to.
  11. Do the Sounds go away if we get an MLB team? I am assuming the city couldn't support both?
  12. My concern for this location being in Lebanon is more related to the distance from all the hotels, food, etc. If people are traveling to Nashville just for the park, would a family really want to drive the 25 min every time? I am a huge Disney fan and staying in close proximity is part of the appeal (not on site though as their prices are insane). This location (and really overall design) has a more local and maybe regional draw, vs say a Disney/Universal that is pulling in tourists from everywhere.
  13. I would be interested to hear what the owners of Bridgestone Arena think about the possibility of a new Titans stadium. Currently they get the large concerts, basketball events, etc. I would assume a new/bigger Titans stadium would poach events away from them. So I wouldn't they would be too happy about possibly losing some revenue, especially if it is funded by the city. Would residents of Williamson county have to chip in for a stadium? Asking for a friend
  14. They sure chose an odd picture for that article.
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