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  1. I wish Franklin would build a greenway
  2. I am divided on this since I am a homeowner in this area. That location is a beautiful cornfield currently, so I would hate to see that go. But maybe this would help to drive property values up in the neighborhood around it? I wouldn't think that property would be best suited for something like this either, since it is a rolling hill. So a bit of fear on what it would visually look like since so much dirt would have to be moved around.
  3. Not sure if this is directed at me but it sounds like it was. Nowhere in my post did I complain or wish that we didn't' have it. I just said there is no appeal to it for me. HUGE difference between what you are insinuating. I will go downtown for Ryman, Ascend, or Schermerhorn events, but the actual Broadway scene isn't my cup of tea. Leave it to the internet though to completely take something out of context and then run with it.
  4. People are the worst. Also, I don't understand the appeal of Broadway even pre/post pandemic. Glad we have it since it is great for the city, but no part of me wants to be around that.
  5. I made the mistake of riding my bike by here a few weeks ago and regretted it instantly. Granted, I am not a huge fan of riding on any part of Arno but it is the only way for me to get out to some of those beautiful backroads.
  6. That might cost a bit more haha. It would certainly be nice to have a connection to that part of town though. Not really sure if a bridge around Sevier Lake really does anything that beneficial. Maybe they could donate the funds to finish the new bridge that had Shelby Bottoms greenway out of commission for over a year. That section still isn't paved.
  7. To me this sounds like a your scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. So in my mind this almost confirms Paramount is dead.
  8. Has anyone heard any news about a future park in Franklin off Carothers Pkwy south of Highway 96? I read an article about one recently but found out it was 3-4years old. It mentioned a new river access point, a greenway going along the river to downtown Franklin. I wasn't sure if Franklin had already started acquiring land for this, or construction?
  9. They always seem to look way better than the actual building, but this is on a different level. Maybe someone can just paint over it with a massive mural.
  10. I feel like this section is almost always under construction due to some sort of flooding or storm damage. Wasn't it closed down for months a year or so ago?
  11. The company I work for is doing something similar to that. We are supposed to go back to the office on June 1 but not full capacity. It will be a 4 week rollout of 25% capacity at the office. Atleast in June I will only be at the office for 1 of 4 weeks. I have loved working from home. I feel more productive because I am putting in my normal hours during the day, but with some bigger breaks, and then working outside the normal hours when I am feeling inspired/productive. I can work in conditions I like as well, aka not open office with constant distractions, music I want to listen to, etc.
  12. Wow. I haven't been downtown in probably 8 weeks. The city is going to look so different. Now that I think about it, I don't think I have been more than 5 miles from my house but maybe 1 time. (not counting bike rides)
  13. This video is crazy. https://www.wsmv.com/news/four-construction-workers-caught-on-roof-during-strong-nashville-storms/article_15c979d8-8db9-11ea-8466-ef06bba95266.html
  14. Thanks for the updates! I only check this thread for the panel drama. I am glad that it continues to linger.
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