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  1. I love this rivalry but I am all for cancelling until Penny can be shown the door.
  2. Dang that sucks! I was asked to take photos for the Fairgrounds Speedway at their most recent All American 400 race. It was the first race I have been to since probably the late 90s when I was a kid.
  3. My parents are almost to that point. They have had season tickets/PSL since day one, but the last few years they have considered stopping. I think if they didn't have such a good tailgate group they would.
  4. Didn't the Titans have some key injuries on the defensive side of the ball? Hard to say they have a good defense after that game though. They gave up over 500 yards, but like UT's defense they stopped them when they needed to in the end. It was rough seeing about 70% of the stadium in red. ugh.... I want to be excited about the Vols since they just have to win 1 out of the last 2 to be eligible, but we were in the EXACT same situation last year. Walking into Mizzou game at 5-5 and just needing to win one more.
  5. What about all the people that live over there? Does the airport expect everyone to sell, or is it an imminent domain thing?? I see about 15-20 homes in that block.
  6. You forgot to add making fun of people that drink mimosas to the list of things that are not tolerated.
  7. This video is so frustrating. I know blaming the refs is such an old excuse, but wow....
  8. True, but the city is filthy so it is a good complement.
  9. Mariota has been benched and will not start this Sunday. Their record is 2-4 now with 10 games to go. I am guessing with the new QB they will start their run towards mid pack and barely miss the Wild Card spot. Maybe 8-8 final record?? Also, why would they put a divisional game with the same team so close to each other? 2 of our last 3 games are against Houston.
  10. OMG that is horrible!!! It looks like someone was on some scaffolding on the side as well. Bad winds there causing the cranes to crash into the building? They looked like they were swaying.
  11. I thought Georgia would quit doing Georgia things when Kirby became coach. I guess they are going to continue to lose games they have no reason to. They probably need to win out, along with SEC Championship to have any hopes. Side note....Vols win an SEC game!?!?! Is this real life?
  12. I think airport carpet being popular is proof that people will jump on any bandwagon.
  13. "okay season" is probably the best description of every year with the Titans. They rarely are at the bottom or top, but almost always around .500 for the year. It has been probably 10 years since a good season.
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