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  1. Has anyone flown Allegiant before? My sister and her husband have a few times from Knoxville and the rates are good but they have always had multiple hour delays. Also, will the expansion of the airport allow for BNA to take on more domestic lanes? If so, what is the capacity gain for the expansions?
  2. 20% in one year!?!?! Good thing my yearly wage increase is keeping up with that.
  3. I can't believe they won! Would hate to see Brady retire with his last throw as a pick 6
  4. This thread needs the 2009 vs 2019 skyline comparison photo!
  5. I knew it was going to be a photo from the river...…… The article even mentions how our skyline has changed, yet they still show an extremely dated photo from a horrible angle.
  6. My biggest fear is the expectations they are setting for consumers and how this is destroying other retailers. The whole free same day/2 days shipping is not sustainable but a company like Amazon can take the financial hit.
  7. Titans doing what they do best.
  8. Not really. The lot easily could make $1,000 a day at a very modest hourly rate. Sure he probably didn't make money in year 1 or 2, but it is probably just printing cash at this point.
  9. BOWL BOUND!!!!!!!!! That is all
  10. One crazy thing I just noticed is that their largest victory at home over the last 5 seasons is against the Patriots. I had to triple check that stat it seems so unbelievable.
  11. I love this rivalry but I am all for cancelling until Penny can be shown the door.
  12. Dang that sucks! I was asked to take photos for the Fairgrounds Speedway at their most recent All American 400 race. It was the first race I have been to since probably the late 90s when I was a kid.
  13. My parents are almost to that point. They have had season tickets/PSL since day one, but the last few years they have considered stopping. I think if they didn't have such a good tailgate group they would.
  14. Didn't the Titans have some key injuries on the defensive side of the ball? Hard to say they have a good defense after that game though. They gave up over 500 yards, but like UT's defense they stopped them when they needed to in the end. It was rough seeing about 70% of the stadium in red. ugh.... I want to be excited about the Vols since they just have to win 1 out of the last 2 to be eligible, but we were in the EXACT same situation last year. Walking into Mizzou game at 5-5 and just needing to win one more.
  15. What about all the people that live over there? Does the airport expect everyone to sell, or is it an imminent domain thing?? I see about 15-20 homes in that block.
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