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  1. What would a develop like this do for housing in town? Any speculation into what areas of town a typical employee for this would like to live in? Just assuming we hit the 8,500 number, then I would assume you have 8,500 additional houses. Does this impact mostly Davidson county our would you see people living in Williamson, Wilson, etc?
  2. I like it! I don't really understand the disappointment people have with these not being taller. I personally don't think Nashville needs height on this side of the river, esp not right now. A "Cool Springs" style campus is perfect for over there in my opinion. It drastically improves what is there, and provides at least some bump up in the density.
  3. If I was visiting Nashville for the first time I think I would be shocked seeing what our skyline really looks like. There is basically no way to know how large it is since google searches for "Nashville Skyline" are almost all river photos.
  4. Thanks for chatting and keeping it civil. I hope I did as well. I honestly hate coming across as confrontational, and really struggle with that. Hence why you will rarely see me get involved in anything on here. So it is nice when the conversation doesn't turn into finger pointing or just anger. Have a good day!
  5. It most certainly is true and if you google it you would see everything I stated is a fact. The state prepared by cutting their spending and pulled from their savings. Which are both smart things to do when you think income is going to drop. Then add in some federal aid (all states received this benefit) and a pandemic that didn’t impact the wealthy as much and you have increased revenue. Also, the stock market is above pre pandemic levels. California taxes capital gains and has a tax code that relies heavily on the rich. End result is a surplus. I think you are reading/interpreting that I am dogging the state but I am not. I love parts of California, it has some great higher education schools, and does produce some good companies. But it also lost 1.2m jobs and has a job recovery rate towards the bottom. The wealthy are doing great there, and also are leaving.
  6. Ehh, not really. The surplus has less to do with them doing "pretty well", and more to do with the cuts they made in spending along with the federal aid during pandemic. Who knows how much income they are losing with companies like HP, Oracle, Elon Musk, etc leaving the state.
  7. Crazy to think that the whole month of April 2020 was roughly the daily average pre-pandemic
  8. Wait, is there not a bike lane from downtown to East Nashville.? I could have sworn I rode on one during the Tour de Nash last year.
  9. Maybe it is the aesthetic of it or the convenience of everything since you really don't have to walk that far to get from garage/rental area/security/etc. I can't quite place what it is, but whenever I fly out of Nashville it just feels like a small town airport. And that isn't a bad thing. I just always am surprised by how many passengers it handles yet it still feels like the BNA of my childhood. The renovations could change lots of this. I also might be comparing it to cities that I shouldn't in my head. (Tampa, Orlando, Charlotte)
  10. Does Nashville's airport punch above it's weight class? Every time I fly out of BNA it always feels like a small airport compared to other cities similar in size. Maybe there are just some big jumps in passengers from our ranking to say 5 or so spots above us?
  11. Wow! For that number what is the probability of the "proposed" projects happening? What would be a realistic number of X will be finished by End of 2022
  12. Not only is it a lot of asphalt but look at the fine dining on that one corner. Applebee’s or Burger King. What a tough decision
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