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  1. I have gone to the show for the past few years, and it felt pretty smaller compared to previous years. Atleast from where I was. I always cycle down from Two Rivers park with friends, and we watch from Korean Vets Bridge. They do continue to make it better though. Each year the show beats my expectations, and this year the finale was nuts. Very loud, and much closer to the bridge than previous years.
  2. I like to imagine that it is part of a roller coaster from Opryland. I might start spreading that rumor.
  3. Going on 2 months since they closed the bridge on Shelby Bottoms due to structural damage from flooding. How does it take over 2 months to repair this small bridge?
  4. My guess would be they are already closing down the roads for the 4th of July activities.
  5. Shame they are ankle socks. They are missing their market with that. Maybe cowboy boots, hats, or beer koozies with that pattern would sell better.
  6. The artificial turf makes tons of sense, esp for the climate here. They run the risk of losing lots of practice time and/or games being canceled by having grass/dirt. Plus the technology has changed lots for turf. UK and UT switched to it this year.
  7. I know the wind was bad over the weekend, but isn't that a bad look for a new building to have an issue like this? Could it be a design issue of the building be so flat, therefore it has lots of pressure against it when it is windy
  8. SmileDirect w/o incentive and then with it (these are the founders incase someone didn't know)
  9. Have they already purchased/acquired the land for the 2L extension? It looks they would be taking part of the Johnston & Murphy store/building next to their headquarters (Genesco). Then the key mentions 20 homes. I would think that would be expensive, and also tough if the residents don't want to move.
  10. It was in East Nashville near the Cornelia Fort Airport with his drone. He posted a nice timelapse video of the storm from Saturday.
  11. Wasn't it supposed to take like 3 years for the 440 project to be completed? It seems like they have accomplished a whole lot of work in just a few months. I don't use 440 as much as I used to, but the expansion is something it needed. It still blows my mind that a city like Nashville has multiple sections on the interstate where it goes down to just 2 lanes. I get that additional lanes aren't going to solve all our problems, but bottlenecks like this are a killer for traffic. I don't know the numbers of how many commute up I24N from Murfreesboro, but it is crazy that it goes down to 2 lanes.
  12. I think it just shows how little they really care about the greenways. It is just something they spend money on because the funds are there.
  13. Was the lineup better this year? Any thoughts on what drove the sellout? I know weather was phenomenal but I wouldn't think they would be a factor
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