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  1. I never knew that about Columbus. Is that a well known fact about the city? Columbus just seems like an odd place to have the best of the best when it comes to book stores. I admittingly get most books online, so when I lived in Upper Arlington I wasn't exactly looking for book stores. I just don't remember hearing about this.
  2. Straight from Vanderbilt's website "Dedicated in 1952 as a memorial to all Vanderbilt men and women who served in World War II, the arena was built as a combination gymnasium and concert hall by the late master architect Edwin Keeble." Also, I doubt a magazine called "Commodore Nation" is biased at all haha. But this really doesn't matter to the topic at hand. I just originally wanted to point out that the gym is not a basketball specific venue, and I don't think anybody (outside of maybe Vanderbilt fans) would argue that it is a good facility. It is just unique. Back to the topi
  3. Vanderbilt's Memorial Gym built specifically for b-ball?? Not sure if you wrote that, but whoever did, have they been in that facility? It is probably the farthest from a basketball specific venue as you can get.
  4. I think one of the issues is that neither side has any humility. If we engage with someone that has different l views it is just to call them names, shout, etc.
  5. Isn't that basically one of the fundamental stances most conservatives would take? That they pay more taxes, but don't receive an additional benefit from it.
  6. Has anyone found any cool videos from the Grand Prix with skyline shots? I have watched some stuff on YouTube but it didn't spotlight the city much, if at all. I don't have cable, so I don't even know if it was shown on TV
  7. I hope they connect the entrance to the light at Swiss Ave. If not, good luck to anybody trying to go north out of that location.
  8. I used to eat there back when I lived in Columbus, OH for an internship. They have good generic chicken tendies. Aka they are a Zaxbys with a different name. What we need is a Foosackly's or Guthrie's
  9. Well this thread was a roller coaster of emotions for me as I never knew about this project. I started out mega hyped when reading how tall this was going to be. By page 7-8 I started to get nervous, then noticed the title had cut like 200-300ft off the buildings. Felt sad. Then saw the rendering and got excited again. Now I am just anticipating the inevitable disappointment about the final product
  10. Very excited about this project, just wish it was already here. I think just the entryway bridge is supposed to take over a year per the last news release I read. Which put Phase I for the park late 2023. I know the above shows a paved greenway as well, which supposedly will run all the way to downtown. That is a dream of mine, but I am guessing that is a long ways away.
  11. Raleigh Durham has more office space than us? I thought metro Nashville was like twice the size.
  12. Is the $300M for the Vandy sports improvements for the facilities or the players? At some point they have to officially join the SEC and start paying the players under the table.
  13. Orlando is probably down due to capacity being lower at the Disney parks. I think they were just at 35% until beginning of May were it was increased to an undisclosed amount.
  14. At what point do the housing prices slow down here? It has become ridiculous over the past year. According to Zillow mine has also gone up 15% in 6 months, and then 26% in about 15 months. The rates we see now have to be pricing tons of people out of buying .
  15. This would have been perfect next to Lake Palmer. Also, and I just now noticed this, but it looks like they put the pallet fence up and then painted them. There is overspray all over the ground. So tacky
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