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  1. I took the free shuttle on the way in to the match from Central, but when I saw the lines for those shuttles after that match, I noped right out of there and started the long march back. It made me appreciate how easy the walk from downtown to the new stadium will be when it's ready!
  2. Ha! I stopped by Kasa last night as well to get some apps and drinks at the bar. Food was really good, I only drank beer which is always good to me but my wife got a couple drinks and loved them both. They also were sampling some Sangria. Really love what they were able to do with the place! Probably going to go back for a full dinner soon.
  3. And already announced its replacement: http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/blog/2013/07/graffiti-junktion-owner-to-bring-new.html "Graffiti Junktion owner Greg Peters signed a lease to take over that space in two weeks and expects to complete buildout in time for a mid-October opening of Red, an American cafe. Though he’s yet to finalize the menu, he said this new concept will feature finer foods at reasonable prices and in a little more fancy atmosphere than a Graffiti Junktion."
  4. Excuse the amazing reporting in this link - http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/restaurants/os-clarkies-closes-wawa-building-at-location-20121231,0,1105367.story It doesn't say in the story but the URL seems to indicate that a wawa is going in there.
  5. Eternal Tap is farther down church st near Hamburger Mary's
  6. d4nz

    The Plaza

    One of the bar tenders told me last week it was going to be a french bakery
  7. d4nz

    The Plaza

    Yeah, and they taking up a good bank of parking spots on 3. Wonder if they're going to get any business there? seems like a weird spot.
  8. d4nz

    The Plaza

    Apparently you can use either according to this guy: http://www.clearchanneloutdoor.com/assets/downloads/media_kits/cco_orlando_video_plaza.pdf
  9. d4nz

    The Plaza

    Confirmed today it will be (at least partially) for advertisements.. Expensive too!
  10. The wrap/salad place going in over there is going to be Eden's Fresh () third location and should be open before the end of the year. They have a spot right across from the Plaza building that I go to all the time
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