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  1. Probably going to be CRJ7 CLT-TUS is being cut, but not surprising
  2. Looks like they added a 3rd daily Boston flight, arriving at 8pm in CLT. Both JFK and BOS are seeing A320s occasionally now too.
  3. Southwest does release the next schedule update for tomorrow, maybe that will be on there I also like the idea of a Stockholm flight but not sure how likely it is and on which carrier
  4. I'd like to see MAN resumed on a 787 but that probably won't happen
  5. According to this, it looks like Southwest will add a flight to Nashville.
  6. Looks like our Sacramento flight is indeed going year-round according to the American website. It is still an A321. Guess it does well
  7. RDU starts on May 12. I didn't know AF had announce A380 service to ATL.
  8. They will be adding seats next summer, going from 216 to 236. Do they do that every summer?
  9. They did, however, load new Denver flights starting in March next year. How did the Trenton flight do overall?
  10. There are going to be new seasonal flights from Charlotte to St. Augustine, Florida on ViaAir starting December 19th and running to January 20th on certain days between those dates. http://m.bizjournals.com/jacksonville/news/2014/12/04/st-augustine-airport-to-get-new-direct-flights-to.html?r=full Interesting add. At least it's something different.
  11. I looked at PHL-ZRH for a random day in May on the US Airways site and it showed A330-200. Is that a glitch in the system? Won't all 767s be gone before then?
  12. What's funny is we're ahead of Miami. Let's show that to MAH and the other guy.
  13. Wednesday, September 26, there was an Atlas Air 747 in Charlotte that came in from Wrightstown, NJ then went to Honolulu. http://flightaware.c...2000Z/KWRI/KCLT
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