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  1. Field Street Row

    I would add information to the marketing material about how it will be constructed. Special windows? ICF construction? The project sits 8 yards from active train tracks.
  2. Downtown Streetscaping

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925857417306365?via%3Dihub Interesting findings about urban trees and stormwater runoff. Something Greenville could keep in mind as it continues future streetscape projects.
  3. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Regardless, this will be the biggest announcement in years. I'm glad the county is taking their time and doing due diligence. This development will completely shape the city. Acreage equals to about 22 square blocks. A lot of development can fit inside that space.
  4. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Billion....one and a half of'em....
  5. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    Like the height. Cool with the design, and like the ground level action; plus, I'm all for any building that will hide the ugly Link building . My concerns: We're at a completion date of probably 2020: "a late spring 2018 groundbreaking, with the first-floor retail portion completed within 12 months and five floors of residential completed in 18 months." "Late spring" usually means June, or later. Maybe longer, and a real possibility of the design be amended further due to budget issues.... "The 84-foot water feature fabricated by Florida-based BluWorld of Water will face River Street and is the tallest water feature the company has ever built," "A typical parking garage requires 375 square feet per vehicle, but the automated system uses less than 200 square feet per vehicle, according to Michael Beck of Park Plus. Ryan Astrup, principal of Park Plus, says this will be one of the largest systems of its type the company has installed."
  6. Very dense, grid street pattern, proven developer, and it develops Mauldin along I-85. Was is not to like love about this?
  7. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/drb-tells-developer-proposed-hotel-go-back-drawing-board/ (fist pump after reading this from the article): "Fountaine said the new look of the parking garage was unacceptable because Rhett Street is a pedestrian street and the new look of the garage is “very industrial.” “We cannot have an exposed garage structure like this on this street,” she said. “I hope your clients understand there is additional cost building a hotel on Main Street rather than a block off or in the suburbs,” she said. “This is not on some exit on 385. It’s on Main Street, not only Main Street but in the West End in which brick is dominant.” Nice work, DRB. Way to step up for Greenville!
  8. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    Seriously, if you want to be on Main Street across from a baseball stadium the city has heavily invested in, then you should be able to afford brick or limestone. Not EIFS. The changes make it look like it could be built next to an airport or a suburban mall.
  9. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    Can the design review board just say, "sorry, no take backs!"?
  10. Grand Bohemian Hotel

    "DRB member Carmella M. Cioffi said the overall design needs to be more urban, presenting more of a clean contemporary line while likely being able to use the same materials in the plan. She cited the modern lines of the Liberty Bridge that would be in stark contrast to the current design of the hotel. She further recommended moving away from the idea of a park-based architectural design. “I think the building can rise organically from the park and still feel like today’s architecture,” she said." Why does she think everything need to be like "today's architecture"? If anything, the DRB should be protecting downtown from "today's architecture" and not demanding changes to proven architectural styles. If she liked and approved the "today's architecture" of the Link Apartments I shudder to think about the hand she has in the design of future projects. I also wonder how Christian Sottile accepted this criticism? Anyone compare his CV to Ms. Cioffi's CV?
  11. Alta Vista Place condos

    A simple upvote wouldn't do this comment justice. Agree x 100. The residences here are selling for a hefty price, but the architecture and quality build allows for that. I wonder if the windows are soundproof? Games played weekly at Sirrine Stadium make that block pretty loud.
  12. Greenville Projects & Development Map

    http://gvltoday.6amcity.com/read-mayor-knoxs-white-letter-about-the-future-of-downtown/ I took the survey on rating the new buildings. Everyone will have a different opinion. Most buildings I'm ambivalent about, but I wish the survey had negative stars for the Link Apartments building (Rhett and River Streets). I get depressed every time I have see it driving down Augusta Street into downtown. It's bad now, and I think it will only get worse with time. What were they thinking? Otherwise, I'm glad the city is now pushing hard for 1st floor pedestrian use in all new construction.
  13. Church Street Bridge: Replace, Rehab or Remove?

    I would be against it. This idea currently works on Academy (also an artery) because there are many more alternate routes on streets with turn lanes and higher speeds (and not in a residential area, for the most part). No such immediate alternates on the Church Street side. What are you going to use to get to 385 or 185? Cut through to downtown (more lights and more traffic)? Use McDaniel Ave. from Augusta to Washington St.?, You can't use Cleveland Ave. / Jones Ave. without needing to cut over to McDaniel/Washington to access 385. And it's all already backed up now at the rush hours. Additionally, residents already frequently complain about speeding traffic on residential side streets. Traffic needs to flow unobstructed as much as possible, with less lights and not more, from the southern downtown to the 385 intersection (especially if the County Square becomes fully developed). Removing the bridge will turn Church St. into Woodruff Rd. because the alternate routes will be just as crowded. My wish is that traffic from coffee st. and washington st. would be precluded from turning left and a dedicated right turn lane would be at Church / E. North connecting church to 385. This would keep traffic moving from University Ridge to 385 in a more reasonable fashion. Maybe ask the drivers heading East on Washington to adjust and find an alternate route during rush hour, too.
  14. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    "County officials say they prefer the county headquarters to remain on the County Square property but they are willing to consider another site with city limits." Anyone of an idea on where else the county headquarters would be a good fit? “The county encourages creative thinking to achieve a stunning, vibrant mixed-use development with architectural and urban design quality fitting to this extraordinary location and capable of attracting significant investment to and around the site....County officials say in the RFP that they might use tax incentives to participate in the building of “necessary public infrastructure improvements.” I like this quote