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  1. Soft pretzels, good. Schnitzel (boneless thin meat that is fried), good. Spatzle (basically mac n' cheese), good. Sausages, good. Potato Pancakes (fried potatoes / hashbrowns), good. Color me happy, I can't wait to try it!
  2. Maybe, but I still hope it gets built. I like the description: "A historic brownstone inspired 10 unit townhome community.....Modern architecture and design combine timeless brick exterior, floor to ceiling aluminum windows....
  3. How is the parking? Doesn't seem like enough spots for such a large store.
  4. Better than anything I had expected for this location. Just awesome.
  5. Can't agree more. A very large and open public gathering space is vital for the civic health of a city. Concerts, plays, festivals, speeches, rallies, races (bike and running), and debates. Falls Park and Cleveland Park are not big enough for these events. Hopefully the gathering hall will be large and adjacent to acres of open space (and with plenty of public restrooms). For me, this is the biggest possible added value of the new park.
  6. Can anyone convert the tax map numbers? City and Smith Dray Line & Storage Co, Inc. and T&N Enterprises dated March 13, 2018 (Tax Map Numbers 55-1-3.1 and 55-1-3.4); City and Richard William Hills, Jr., dated April 27, 2018 (Tax Map Number 52- 4.11.6); City and S.C. Asset Management Company, LLC, dated April 11, 2018 (Tax Map Numbers 52-4-12 and 52-4-9.6); City and Willimon Investments, LLC, dated May 4, 2018 (Tax Map Number 52-4-11.7)
  7. I like how University Ridge will be cut into Thurston. Looking forward to seeing the Master Plan.
  8. Density, with no surface parking lots, will be perfect for that location. Looks like a great start. We'll have the best county building in the state (region?). RocaPoint Partners/The Georgetown Company have a good track record? From Greenville News article: "The public health department, family court, Department of Motor Vehicles and state departments of juvenile justice and social services will be moved." Seems like county / developer want lower income users to go somewhere else? I wonder where they'll put these services? At least we'll be able to actually watch "our t
  9. Traffic counting strip appear to have been set up in this area (Thurston/Howe/President Streets).
  10. Do you think the County Square project will directly compete with the Bridgeway Station project in Mauldin? I'm assuming Hughes did not win the County Square project and wants to fire off his development / capture tenants in Mauldin before the developer for County Square competes for the same business. If office space and hotel space is starting to get fat in Greenville's CBD then will the County Square project focus more on residential, restaurants, and small commercial tenants and businesses? Maybe there is a large corporate relocation rumor out there? Who wins the faceoff betw
  11. 100% agree. I can't read tea leaves, but I feel we're on borrowed time.
  12. I would add information to the marketing material about how it will be constructed. Special windows? ICF construction? The project sits 8 yards from active train tracks.
  13. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925857417306365?via%3Dihub Interesting findings about urban trees and stormwater runoff. Something Greenville could keep in mind as it continues future streetscape projects.
  14. Regardless, this will be the biggest announcement in years. I'm glad the county is taking their time and doing due diligence. This development will completely shape the city. Acreage equals to about 22 square blocks. A lot of development can fit inside that space.
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