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  1. Agreed. The entrance should have been on Vardry - could have created a real statement on South Main...
  2. Agreed! I had some good conversations with a few of the artists - momentum is definitely the right word. I haven't seen anything official on Village Arts transition, but the owner of Midtown Artery told me that Clemson would be in as of September!
  3. Does anyone know if these changes were approved or tabled?
  4. Yes, and last time I saw one, they were not shy about blaring their horns...
  5. I see an apartment associated with 508. Does anyone know how often freight trains roll through there?...because it is LOUD...
  6. Now if we can only get the Swamp Rabbit connected around the country club...
  7. Went in on Sunday afternoon - my review is exactly the same (including the burger/fries order!)
  8. Anyone have news on the master plan award?
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