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  1. The first risks have come and gone. The area is solidly on an upward trajectory.
  2. This. I've been quite baffled by people who think of that area of BR as some hardcore ghetto. It was especially quiet before increased crime fighting efforts hit 70805 and pushed some of the crime mess into 70802 and 70806. I do find it run-down, however...but nothing compared to some areas of town.
  3. I think blaming freeways for problems faced by inner city neighborhoods is turning a blind eye to the true issues. Other than giving drug dealers a faster way to get product to client and a bit of noise pollution (a problem faced by many, many neighborhoods of varying economic vitality), I don't buy it. One need only compare Haley Boulevard and N. Claiborne in New Orleans to see that the expressways aren't the biggest culprit in the destruction of inner-city communities. Both were once bustling centers of black commerce and business ownership. On both streets, very little of that former vitality remains. However, only one of those streets has an expressway built over it--yet the economic and crime situation is virtually the same...it is perhaps even worse on Haley. Granted, that is New Orleans and we're talking Baton Rouge. I find the effort to demolish the Claiborne expressway misguided, but less so than any effort to demolish the 110 through downtown BR. Aesthetics aside, that section of 110 just hasn't proven itself to be enough of a nuisance to justify is removal the way the Claiborne has for some in NOLA.
  4. I should think that we, as Louisianians, are all familiar with the concept of a levee...
  5. Spanish Town is a small enclave in the northwestern section of downtown. Property values are very high. Spanish Town Road does continue east of I-110 into a more run-down area (around The Elysian) but that area is not generally considered a part of ST proper.
  6. The only point I intended to make is that a business with dreams of new construction has no hope in ST. It would have to work within the shell of what's already there. Whether or not residents would welcome them, I think would depend entirely on the nature of the business--just like in any other neighborhood. Anyway, all that's just talk. The real hurdle I'm thinking would be sweet talking the right people and getting zoning stuff worked out?
  7. What you would see is residences converted into cafes, galleries, boutiques, and such. I hope so anyway. I doubt anyone trying to knock down buildings to put up something new would get much support from the community.
  8. Part of that has something to do with Downtown having the advantage of being within the boundaries of the DDD. Now that DDD has expanded past I-110, I expect even more activity than what has already been seen in projects such as the Elysian and the old Olinde-Corona Building. Downtown has served as a jumping off point for redevelopment in the inner-city of Baton Rouge. You know as well as I that it takes time for that development to radiate outward into the neighborhoods. We can live without alot of things.
  9. Spanish Town really is a gem. It's a shame it doesn't cover more ground. Although the scarcity of it all is probably one of the things that makes people love it so much. On the subject of the Spanish Town, has anyone heard anything about The Elysian? Is the place experiencing any success? Definitely want it to be a catalyst for more reinvestment in that area.
  10. "My friends are all jumping off bridges...I should, too." All cities have unique problems that demand unique solutions. Freeway destruction is not a one-size-fit-all solution. Downtown has shown us that it does not need I-110 removed in order to thrive. Neighborhoods beyond I-110 are beginning to realize this as well, as Downtown's good fortunes start to spillover. You're right, I-110 has nothing to do with River Park or the Hollywood. It's a fair topic for this thread, though.
  11. Yes, let's destroy the primary conductor of traffic to and from the airport and Southern University. North Baton Rouge really isn't disconnected enough from the rest of the city at this point.
  12. Or we could continue to improve the parks we already have, and let the private sector handle that piece of property. Besides, I'm not entirely sure the lot next door to a casino is best suited for use as a park...not a BREC park, at least. Maybe if Hollywood owned it and used it for festivals and the like, much like Paragon in Marksville does with adjoining lands.
  13. Let's just build Alive, then.
  14. Me too. That area needs that infusion of activity.
  15. As I said, they existed for a short time, and I'd like to see them back. Especially DC.
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