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  1. The rendering on their website shows a lighter final finish on the building. I hope this is closer to the reality of the completed project!
  2. Solar panels typically are tilted to face south. These roof panels seems to tilt west, so that might indicate they are not solar. (Just my speculation, with no specific knowledge of the particulars of this project.)
  3. That’s a great spot for outdoor movies. Attendance looks reasonably good-I wonder how well the event is publicized-I was unaware.
  4. Does this appear to be a carpool parking area or maybe bus/van transport pick up location?
  5. I think it is the same guy who played “Sir Cecil Creep” on channel 4’s Creature Feature late movie on Saturday nights.
  6. As the old Tennessee tourism commercials said...”be nice to our visitors, they’re very nice to us.”
  7. Even a return of Dollar General would offer a place for buying toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, and other household necessities. (But a Target certainly would be a hit.) I’m not suggesting that Dollar General should go into 5+Bway, but in some more removed corner of downtown, perhaps.
  8. I am frequently in Houston (it is sort of a second home for me). There is much to love about the city, although I do NOT love to drive there so much yet! Lots of great food-awesome museums and cultural institutions. (And an impressive skyline-photos from last Friday as we drove in from the northeast side on 59.)
  9. After walking by Kid Rock’s place the other night, I’d say some limits on decibel readings on the sidewalks should be considered. It was unbelievably LOUD walking past with those open garage style windows with rock band blaring through giant amps & speakers. Really unnecessarily loud and obnoxious!
  10. Donelson’s historic Belair Mansion is now officially open for business and operating as Belle Air Mansion. “Belle Air Mansion is a historic and civic landmark about 5 ½ miles from downtown Nashville. Built in 1832, Belle Air is one of the few remaining Greek Revival antebellum mansions in Nashville. Belle Air is significant because of its architecture. Representative of the great houses of the well-to-do Southern landowners in the first half of the nineteenth century, it remains as an example of these houses which once were abundant but have now mostly disappeared from the scene. It was important that Belle Air be preserved for the benefit of those who might not otherwise be able to come in contact with such an example of architecture of the Old South. Many families prominent in the social and economic development of Nashville have either lived in or been entertained in Belle Air. After a challenging but rewarding restoration process, we're excited to announce that Belle Air is almost ready to open to the public! The mansion has always been a private residence, but now it's been transformed into a bed and breakfast for visitors to enjoy.” http://belleairinn.com/
  11. I take most of my Apple business to SimplyMac, but if I MUST make a stop at an Apple Store, I go to Cool Springs. Green Hills is closer, but I try to avoid the GH gridlock whenever possible.
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