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  1. Went to Cheekwood on Thursday evening to see the 2020 Chihuly installation in the gardens. It was a perfect night to enjoy this fantastic exhibition.
  2. I’m afraid that having Maxwell House Hotel back at 4th & Church is as big a “pipe dream” as Nashville seeing a return of Opryland! (Both great dreams. Neither one likely to ever come true.)
  3. Full moon over the Cumberland and downtown bridges. From Riverfront Park near Fort Nashboro. (Shot with my iPhone)
  4. In Tennessee many religious, charitable, scientific, literary and nonprofit educational organizations may apply for property tax exemptions. Most nonprofit organizations pay no sales taxes. It’s not just churches who take advantage of these tax laws passed by the legislatures.
  5. The churches do many things for the community AND all of their congregants pay income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, etc.
  6. As long as you’re also pouring Jack Daniel’s Old # 7, I’m sure they pay crazy money for the experience! Anything to put a little more “wooo” into the wooo-hoo girls.
  7. Townhouse development on Central Pike in Hermitage nearing completion and on the market.
  8. A business acquaintance of mine was SO happy when his firm moved from new construction near the tourist district out to the Gulch. Big time saver in daily traffic!
  9. And we need variety in price range for housing folks with different needs and incomes. Bring it on, Mr. G!
  10. As reported Tuesday afternoon on the Tennessean’s website, NMAAM will postpone their grand opening that was scheduled for Labor Day weekend. The delay is due to Covid-19 concerns. New date TBD.
  11. Photo from a Tennessean story about a new apartment development in Mount Juliet’sProvidence Central shows the configuration of the proposed Central Pike exit from I-40.
  12. I finally tried the Lay’s Nashville Hot Chicken flavor potato chips. I think they taste great! Congratulations to the Party Fowl team for the national recognition.
  13. From July 2012. Photo credit-Warne Riker Photography.
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