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  1. So are these concerned residents also starting an online fundraiser to pay for the fix they so desperately desire? (Remember the phrase “put up or shut up?”)
  2. I wonder if the use of the name Oakwood for the complex will be complicated by the fact that there is a nationwide corporate apartment rental business of the same name? https://www.oakwood.com/
  3. Just came into town through BNA and caught a glimpse of some sort of vegetation installed as part of the screening on the new parking structure. Unfortunately I only noticed as I looked that direction as the Uber drove out of the garage, no time to grab a photo or even get a clue as to what type of vine has been planted. Next time someone is out there, check it out!
  4. I’m sitting at Boston Logan airport’s newly renovated terminal B, after a whirlwind trip up to see the world premiere production of Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Christmas Carol at the beautiful historic Emerson Colonial Theatre. I love Boston and am envious of their collection of historic performance venues, and am honored to have worked in three of those grand old palaces! Photos of my trip include a couple of the airport terminal and design features that I think would work well at BNA.
  5. “Anyone know if the farmers market was still held on the square at that time? Or had that already moved to where it is today?” Here is a website with information regarding the locations and dates of Nashville’s farmers markets through the years. http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/wpln/files/nfm_history.pdf
  6. The removal of the "transit mall" element of Deaderick Street with the opening of Music City Central (bus station) and full renovation of the look of the streetscape certainly did result in a beautiful environment. Too bad there is so little activation except for Thursdays when the food trucks line a portion of the street.
  7. Flashback to 1983. Grand Opening of the original phase of Riverfront Park. Yes, I was there!
  8. And when compared to its neighbor, the Hyatt Place, Drury Plaza looks fantastic!
  9. I love the photo of the newspaper selling boys. They're Nashville's Newsies! Too bad the musical wasn't set in Music City https://www.newsiesthemusical.com
  10. Cushman scooters are still being built. http://www.cushmanscooters2.com/
  11. The westernmost portion of Music City Center will soon be obscured by 5+Broad office tower in this shot from Fox 17’s webcam. This capture from around 7:30am 11-24-19.
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