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  1. Friday afternoon photo from the Stones River Greenway, near the K. R. Harrington Water Treatment Plant and Heartland Park.
  2. I think there is a medical privacy issue at work. I would think it legally unacceptable to reveal the identity of the person.
  3. They’ve now posted a correction that the building is NOT closed
  4. From a post on wpln.org “Here’s how it worked: Red lights meant rain or snow were on the way, blue meant clear weather, and pink was for cloudy skies. The lights would also ripple upward for rising temperatures and downward when temperatures were falling. The pamphlet explaining this process is stored in the Metro Archives. It’s included in a guide to the tower’s observation deck, which is now closed to the public. The sign was controlled from the meteorology department at a nearby airfield. It was reset every four hours. “Whenever the update to the weather report came in, the meteorologists could go over and flip the switches, (and) change the appearance of the sign in downtown,” Cummings said. End Of An Era Cummings actually worked on the sign once when he was 17 years old. Precarious catwalks were positioned beneath the signs on both sides of the building. One was above the observation deck, and the other hung over the street 40 stories below. “So if you stepped back to admire your work on that side you’re really in a lot of trouble,” he said. Cummings believes the sign went from being a weather beacon to the standard red it is today during the early 1980s.”
  5. I love Charlotte. Have had occasion to work in The Queen City numerous times over the years-posting a couple of my favorite photos of iconic Charlotte sights.
  6. I think they are now calling it WeGo Music City Star. I agree The whole “wego” rebranding is a disaster. Sounds like two toddler friends who need to pee at the same time...wego pee, okay?
  7. Currently at BNA awaiting a flight to Houston. I have no idea what statistics would reveal, but the observed activity indicates little difference from any day in December (when I last flew out of BNA). Notable exception-lots of hand sanitizers in use.
  8. It IS on the Hysterical Register of Octagonal Places!
  9. Evidence of the mighty force of Mother Nature! (Rather like the line from The Hulk... “you won’t like me when I’m mad”)
  10. A Facebook post from one of the owners of Monell’s (Michael King) indicates that their building did not suffer any damage.
  11. I was next door on the stage door level of TPAC, but deep inside. Didn’t know anything was going on until the power went out. Everyone was rushed to a rehearsal studio in the basement until an all clear was announced. (Symphony and ballet were rehearsing for Swan Lake, so all those folks, a few from the opera, and state office workers, all huddled down in the basement-those lower levels are truly built like bunkers! I felt very safe.)
  12. No damage in my immediate neighborhood, but so much destruction not so far away! Thankful for tornado sirens-I was deep into watching Hulu and unaware of the approaching storm front!
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