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  1. Keb Mo! Nice choice for entertainment-I’ll bet it was a swell party. And thanks for the swell pics!
  2. Progress report on Whataburger’s Hermitage location-it’s coming along (and they’re looking for employees).
  3. You failed to mention that it would be accompanied by the sweet, sweet fragrance of unicorn farts!
  4. There is SO much potential in Memphis, and plenty of individual buildings & neighborhoods that are noteworthy. Your observation that it lacks “energy” is spot-on. I hope that the civic leaders of that area will someday come together to put Memphis back into a healthy (and friendly) competition with Nashville for bragging rights about who’s the “king of the hill” in Tennessee. (As for Memphis getting an IKEA store, they subsidized the project with a $9.5 million tax incentive.)
  5. The clouds were beautiful this afternoon. In documenting your survey of significant construction projects today you captured some of nature’s finest work, too.
  6. The new car license plates look like what they are-metal ID badges for our cars. I’m going to bolt one of those designs on the back of my vehicle, not frame it and hang it over the fireplace! I prefer the blue ones just because we seem to have had white for at least the last half century, but it really doesn’t matter to me which design is selected.
  7. Dang, you have been on “The Grand Tour” today! Appreciate all the photos.
  8. Parke West is the project name, with info from gbtrealty.com below.
  9. From nashvillehistoryblogspot.com Watkins Institute building at the corner of Church Street & 6th Avenue
  10. I don’t know what Ben West looked like, but his library is handsome! (Especially at night.)
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