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  1. Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    If you zoom in on the photo, it is clearly a temporary sign and says “opening 2018.” I feel certain the signage will be significant and be approximately flashy for its location.
  2. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    For a few years, in the 85 to 89 range, there was a great bookstore on Second Avenue N. and Third Avenue S. just off of Broad was home to several fabric, rug, and home design/fixtures merchants for several decades. Up until the 1980s there were numerous furniture stores downtown, some on Broadway.
  3. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Remember the Alamo! The clothing store owned by notorious cult leader Tony Alamo was in the building at the NE corner of 4th & Broad. The store featured lots of garish clothing, especially heavily rhinestoned denim jackets and was staffed by “volunteers” from his church/cult. It drew crowds in the daytime hours for a number of years until his empire came crashing down.
  4. HCA backed out after Mr P delayed...and delayed...and delayed the project. Intercontinental Hotels eventually backed out as well, after years of delays and excuses by the developer.
  5. Remember, one of the historic facades was dismantled and will be reinstalled to put another old familiar face back on Fourth Avenue North! (The facade just to the left of center in this rendering is the one of which I speak.)
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Music City to get some “satisfaction!” This traveling exhibit should bring some attention to an often overlooked Nashville attraction, the Musician Hall of Fame, which hosts this show in its final US stop before its international bookings.
  7. Nashville International Airport

    I don’t think the Smyrna facility is set up for passenger traffic at all-no TSA, etc. I wouldn’t expect any passenger airlines to establish service there for a very long time ( if ever).
  8. East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Hermitage Avenue becomes LEBANON Pike.
  9. Or you could go to Simply Mac at the 65 Wedgewood exit-park at the door! apple authorized sales and service-and no snooty Genius Bar types
  10. My favorite thing in that photo-the beautiful and historic Downtown Presbyterian Church! If you’re never been inside, GO INSIDE.
  11. Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|19 Stories|200 feet

    I’ve stayed in many large city hotels where you take an elevator to the lobby. Residence Inn Chicago (River North area) is one that comes to mind right away.
  12. Hideous in contrast to the tastefully done row of brick townhomes next door.
  13. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    FYI, the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway (across from the Frist Center) was originally a Sheraton.
  14. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Regarding the farmers market photo above-the photo shows the Farmers Market Warehouse Store, which was a subpar, discount branded store from Kroger company. (If my memory serves me correctly.) The actual “farmers market” was little more than a collection of flimsy shacks. (Photo from web search)