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  1. It’s called Adventure Science Center now, but yes it’s a museum geared to children. Seems the effort to fundraise would be better focused on improvements to the museum we already have in place instead of building a “competing” museum.
  2. Long Hunter State Park, which is rather off the beaten path for most Nashvillians, is actually located in Davidson County, at least most of the acreage is in Davidson (the mailing address is Hermitage). It was a perfect day for a six mile walk. Photo evidence provided, just in case you didn’t believe me.
  3. That Donelson Pike/I-40 interchange is a death trap in its current configuration, especially for drivers southbound on Donelson Pike attempting to turn left onto the I-40 eastbound ramp. With no traffic light to give a free & clear path, you just have to wait for a break in the oncoming flow and PRAY that the next oncoming car is only going the 50mph speed limit and not 65 or 70. The decision to wait or GO is like playing chicken! (It’s a terrifying intersection at busy traffic times of day.)
  4. It eliminates left turns across oncoming traffic to enter the ramps to I-40. It should be an enormous safety improvement for that interchange!
  5. I believe Holliday Properties are the owners doing the Donelson Plaza makeover and additions.
  6. Green Hills already has one high rise (Verdis) and another on the way (Hillsboro Town Center). Can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Hillsboro Town Center image shared for an earlier post on this site.
  7. Green Hills is sprouting some height. I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more in that part of town.
  8. I don’t know the reason, but I did find this information on Facebook.
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