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  1. Yes, Pennington Bend Road is narrow and there are numerous blind curves, so it’s quite hazardous. I can’t imagine riding a bike on that road, cause folks drive like bats outta hell on those stinking’ curves. Glad the new development includes the walk/bike path. Sure would be nice if the city could do a loop from there and around the bend over to Opryland Hotel.
  2. Seems a little hard to imagine that in an entire year only 16 homes were built in all of Kingsport/Bristol!
  3. Parkhaven (parkhavencommunities.com) is a new neighborhood under construction in Hermitage. It is a 55+ active adult community and will have 500 homesites. Located at the end of Hickory Hill Lane, it will be adjacent to a new trailhead for a connection to Stones River Greenway. Also nearby is the former Ravenwood Club property that is now owned by Metro Parks and will be developed into a major regional city park in the future. parkhavencommunities.com From Google maps:
  4. That building always looked rather like some of simple, but elegant facades of apartment buildings in Hell’s Kitchen NYC. (Some of those old buildings have suffered neglect, and many have been lost to redevelopment. Hell’s Kitchen isn’t as gritty as it once was.)
  5. Two dams control the Cumberland at Nashville, as well. Cheatham downstream and Old Hickory upstream. One difference is that the Cumberland is controlled by the Corps of Engineers and the Tennessee is controlled by TVA. Officially, “Cheatham Lake” extends the full distance between the two dams.
  6. I think STIX looks great approaching from that direction. The size and arrangement are most impressive coming up Lafayette. (I do wish it made a better impression up close!)
  7. PHofKS, would it be possible (and logical) for Briley Parkway to be upgraded to interstate standards, with full limited access extended from I-40 (airport area) to I-24 southeast of town, so that all I-24 thru traffic could be routed away from downtown? That would surely offer some relief from the tangled mess that is the downtown loop!
  8. What a great photo, Mark! It almost replicates the look of a vintage postcard. Instant classic!
  9. This Van Gogh “immersive digital experience” is not a museum exhibit of his paintings. It will not be at the Frist.
  10. There was once a time when Nashville was referred to as the buckle on the “Bible Belt.” The buckle is officially tarnished!
  11. A number of years ago while on a work trip to Tokyo, a group of us were taken for Shabu-shabu by our local hosts. They referred to it as “eating like the sumo wrestlers.” We were there for four hours eating and DRINKING. There was lots of drinking involved in our celebratory evening! I look forward to trying this new place. (No drinking for me this time.)
  12. For a few years afterwards several Opryland buildings had signs that indicated the location of the flood line on the structures. Seems I recall that the flood happened just a couple of weeks before the spring opening day, but with “all hands on deck” they were able to open on time.
  13. L&C tower would be an appropriate addition to this list! (In fact, it’s rather surprising that it is NOT on the list.)
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