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  1. Perhaps an early indicator of the renaissance of that stretch of Hermitage Avenue, but the area definitely has no way to go but up. (will being next door to Pecker’s Bar be a pro or con for this development?)
  2. I have a feeling we are going to see numerous announced projects abandoned or delayed.
  3. It’s going to be a giant combo honky tonk, restaurant, and truck stop called…… COW PATTY’S! (with 75 floors of short term rentals for really big cowgirl bachelorette parties)
  4. Well, for sure those “Trolley Barns” were actually garages that were used for maintenance of the city bus fleet. Soil contamination of that area isn’t surprising. Back in those days they probably just dumped used motor oil in a pit somewhere out there.
  5. In all likelihood CMT is simply a tenant in the office space atop the parking garage. I wouldn’t expect them to spend money on cladding the garage.
  6. Tennessee ran ads in print and on television back in the 1970s, I think, with the theme of “be nice to our visitors, they’re very nice to us!”
  7. Don’t be too embarrassed-our eyes love to fool us! And sometimes that even works to our advantage. My mirror keeps trying to convince me that I’m young, thin, rich, and sexy.
  8. “I’m on vacation.” Have a great time! We’ll look forward to the photos.
  9. Something to consider-the train currently runs on a very limited schedule. In order to substantially expand the schedule there are multiple required upgrades to the safety systems. If these upgrades are to be done, AND the tracks extended, AND a depot/station built for the benefit of Storyville Gardens, who pays for all this? (I’d love to see expanded train service, but there are lots of questions to be answered.)
  10. I remember going to the Mid-South Fair in Memphis.
  11. “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” That’s the expression.
  12. If you ask Birmingham, Nashville is mid South. If you ask Indianapolis, Nashville is deep South. It’s all in the perspective.
  13. Somebody please help with my memory in this, but wasn’t 505 Church Street built with separate entrances for different portions of the building?
  14. As someone who sometimes works at TPAC, and sometimes is a patron at TPAC, I would prefer any relocation take the venue farther from the chaos of the stadium and Lower Broadway, not closer!
  15. Yesterday was a near perfect day for time outdoors. Here are a few photos from my late day walk on the Stones River Greenway.
  16. I’m guessing that it just means that Whisky Row has a new name to put on the rent check.
  17. Thanks! (I wasn’t sure how to put those two together.)
  18. I checked for flights from Houston to Tokyo and it appears non stop flights from Bush Intercontinental resume in July. Currently every date I checked shows one or two stops.
  19. From the Fox 17 webcam network, this view provides a better comparison for the 2011 skyline photo I posted earlier.
  20. Eleven years ago today this was the view from Adventure Science Center’s city view webcam. Although it is a photo I’ve shared here previously, it merits another look because it shows just how much has changed in that short time! A dramatic transformation, indeed.
  21. I’m one who is not fond of this city’s habit of renaming streets. Quiet frankly, I hate this trend! But I would be a big supporter of the institution of a program of the designation of “honorary” street names (like Chicago). The first I suggest is that Church Street be designated “Honorary Tony Giarratana Street!”
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