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  1. Is this the demise of the Creston Brewery? Door's are locked and no business action. Sad. Walking distance from my house. Been there once. No TV's, so didn't have a desire to go back, since I drink beer watching sports. Really don't want to just stare at people. That's creepy. They may have been out of touch, as far as I am concerned. But still sad to see closed doors.
  2. God I hope so. I just drive by that corner yesterday and thought when is that empty spot going to be filled. Also tired of looking at the other aging two buildings down the road.
  3. Well, it finally happened. Creston Market store is putting up security fencing around the windows. Sad. I don't blame them. Though it makes Plainfield look like a terrible area.
  4. Glad they are giving it another go with a new name/menu. I didn't even know Mainstreet BBQ was there until two months ago. I live blocks away and drove by it every day. It had a little sign and zero advertisement that I saw.
  5. Well positive speculation. Like that. But sadly, we've been waiting since 2014 for other projects to start. Hoping it explodes like Bridge Street.
  6. Brown Field Tax except was extended for a year back in August 2018, for the Quimby project. They seem to be under a tight time frame. Page 4 Quimby Corner LLC https://www.michigan.gov/documents/taxes/Certificates_held_in_abeyance_Extensions_8.21.18_633760_7.pdf
  7. The soil! LOL. What is found in that old of property. Should be fun to hear.
  8. Well, something finally is happening again in the area. Saint James Lutheran Church is getting converted. https://www.grbj.com/articles/91815-developer-plans-to-convert-urban-church-into-apartments
  9. This has baffled me for year's. But I do see a few people in and out of the place. Mostly people looking in there 60's.
  10. That would be the most incredible development in Creston! I think it would be a game changer if true. Good find. Now to wait and see.
  11. So, that would be $1400 a month in mortgage payment. Assuming that is monthly payment with taxes, insurance. On a $100,000 house, wouldn't that be between $600-$700 a month for a house mortgage? I'm seeing rent for 3 bedrooms, going for about $1200. Is it really an affordable issue or just a housing availability issue? Just trying to put the numbers together.
  12. Could someone explain, exactly what affordable housing costs? I keep seeing this brought up, but do not know what is considered affordable.
  13. Looks like they cleaned the lot. Fences are down. So nothing happening. SAD
  14. Thanks GRDadof3 and ctpgr34. Guess I've been a little behind. Thanks for catching me up.
  15. I knew something had transpired, but I thought they were still involved. Who demolished the buildings?
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