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  1. I don't know how much more needs to be done to make the Robinson crossing visible. Unlike the North Street crossing, the Robinson crossing is at an established intersection with a full compliment of traffic lights. The reasoning for the increased visibility of a raised crossing at North and Emma is that these are mid-block crossings.
  2. We saw the cutting that had been done. I guess I hadn't paid enough attention to the surface to see the cracking. I also saw the painting that had been done. That already seems to be helping as the cars I saw stopped short of the green paint before proceeding out to the street. The signs would help even more. Any report on the progress in south Fayetteville?
  3. Wife and I were out on the Springdale section between Emma and Lake Springdale yesterday morning. There were a lot of trees laid out for planting. It looks like that is at least part of what they will be doing with the trail being shut down this week. Also, saw in the paper where they are replacing the outdated playground equipment at the little park downtown.
  4. The Huntsville crossing was flooded as well. Easy enough to get around that one.
  5. Hit the trail to hit the last couple of sections I hadn't been on. The crossing under the train tracks is pretty close to my house so I started there. There was a little standing water where the trail dips under Huntsville St. I'd like to see a raised speed table type surface in some of these tunnels to keep the bikes out of the muck and channel the water out of the path. The curve after crossing under Shiloh is a bit sharp and narrow. I know the main surface had to be narrow to fit through the existing bridge structure, but a little more width on the curve would be nice. I saw a lot of
  6. Thanks for the info. That bridge looked like the last obstacle. I'm looking forward to riding the whole thing.
  7. You missed a turn that's completely unmarked. Once you cross under New Hope (past Mercy), you turn right on the sidewalk and follow it around to the right back up to the path along New Hope. After you cross under 49, you turn left (again unmarked) to climb up to the street where you turn back north to cross the bridge and continue on. I've missed both of those turns and had to double back. After that it is pretty easy to stay on track until you hit the high school. Right before you get to the school, you turn right onto a (light residential) street. At the stoplight, you cross and go lef
  8. I think we're going to have to wait and see what they do with Powell. It was not an ideal setup to bring a trail through with the existing suburbia. I hope that they'll do the same signs they did in the northern part of Springdale for the on road section there. There may also need to be some traffic calming measures taken to slow the road down now that it is so much narrower.
  9. They've been making fast progress on that bridge over the creek and up to Lake Springdale. I don't think it will be much longer. The crossing that's blocked off is at Hwy 264 (Monroe) which is the midpoint of Lowell's section. I guess they must be leaving the barricades until they can get some kind of crossing put together. In cruising by the trail, it was nice to see so many people out on it already.
  10. We're getting very close to having a trail through Springdale. The crossing at 412 looks done. They have finished up past the school on Powell and are working on the corner of Quandt. It looks like they have a bit more dirt work before they are ready to pour the corner section though. After that, it looks good across the bridge and they are laying brick where the trail splits to go to the park or continue downtown. The boardwalk decking is nearly complete. The bridge leading up to the Lake Springdale loop looked almost done. They were putting down more concrete on Puppy Creek and are ne
  11. There's been a lot of work happening in the downtown area this week. It looks like they may have finished paving the RR crossing behind the park. There were 2 small sections left when I last looked and I've seen the concrete trucks back there again. There's been a lot of work being done on the Huntsville crossing area getting ready to tie that in. They've also been working on something in the parking lot south of Emma. I'll try to look around a little more this weekend.
  12. Drove over to St Anthony's on Puppy Creek Rd. Walked up the trail to where they were working on fencing at the bridge and had the bridge blocked. Couldn't see much beyond that point, so I'll have to try again in a few weeks.
  13. Took an old mtn bike out to explore some of the trail that isn't able to be seen from the road. I started out by riding over to the RR crossing. It looks like they are having to build up a framework to build the trail on there. From there, I crossed Emma where they have taken out the old steps and ramp on the south side. They are still working on the boardwalk along the creek. It looked like they were putting down some sort of decking on it today. I made my way over to the trail on the north side of Huntsville. From there, I was able to ride up to Pump Station Rd. There was a barricade
  14. A little more to update. Looks like they got a bridge over Puppy Creek north of Springdale and are working on the section along Puppy Creek/Goad Springs Rd. Also, they have begun work on the section from Pump Station Rd to Lake Sprindale. No idea how much is done between there and the 71b crossing, might get adventurous next weekend.
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