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    I dont live in GR anymore, but CWD does more harm to GR than what most people realize. From all of the conversations I have had with national developers and several foreign based developers while making small talk before meetings, I always mention that I lived in GR. And they always say something along the lines of "I wouldnt touch GR." Its funny because they light up about the potential, but they know they couldn't get away with most behind the scenes nonsense that CWD gets away with. Obviously that puts them at a huge disadvantage. It truly is borne out in the real lack of living spaces/asso
  2. Your reasoning is completely false and discredits your argument that you have made ad nauseam over the last however many years. A street car is not just an "attraction" like the Mystery Spot in the UP. You should really get outside of GR and do some travelling. Have you even been to Toronto? I find it hard to believe that Queen Street, King Street, Dundas, ect would be so damn cool or pedestrian friendly without those streetcar lines. The only thing those street cars have been attracting are global investment capital along their respective routes. The street car lines are a vital piece o
  3. Wait, you dont know specifics? Your game is slipping! j/k Anyways, totally agree that this is a game changer. For some reason I have an affinity for Embassy Suites, too. When this project was first announced publicly it almost seemed too good to be true like that office proposal along the river in front of plaza towers. I really, really hope this still happens. Add the streetcar proposal on top of this, and this area would be hot if they both happened.
  4. States at the bottom of the article that they are "still working through the permit process" of the downtown Embassy Suites. Not sure what the timeline would be, does anyone know?
  5. Over 70% of the parking spaces will be underground and the apartments will be market rate. I feel like I am dreaming. Thank you 616! This area might explode in growth and change over the next 10 years.
  6. I use to use the Michigan City station, but Dune Park makes it even more efficient. Plus, it is a much nicer station with well lit parking. The hotel and metra combo is a good idea too, but there is something about riding into the city from the Hyde Park direction and being deposited right at the epicenter of the city. I know this is a stretch, but for some reason it reminds me of riding Metro North into Grand Central or even riding a commuter line into Shinjuku in Tokyo. It is a really cool experience that you cannot get in the US outside of NYC and maybe Philly.
  7. It is difficult for Amtrak to compete under current conditions. With the siding being built from Amtrak owned tracks that end in Porter, IN to Chicago and the Englewood flyover in South Chicago, this will change the equation. Those are the remaining two bottlenecks and cause for delays. The bottleneck in Englewood, Chicago is currently top 5 worst choke points in the entire US rail system. If a siding could be built in the GR rail yards and the flyover built in New Buffalo, travel times would be down to around 3 hours and delays virtually eliminated. Speeds of 110mph would then be the
  8. Thanks Walker. Yeah, I thought the most recent plan was to build the junction at Bangor as well, but I didnt see it on the updated MDOT list of projects and yet the track work to Kzoo was. So thats why I was confused. The listed price by MDOT for the Kzoo track work is only 37m and if that is anywhere close to accurate I think I would prefer that to the 20m junction at Bangor. It is unfortunate that we have Congressional representation from folks stuck in 1880 who have a Somalian model of governance. Neither of these projects will ever get done unless a senator or even the governor takes
  9. ^Nice pictures John. I am really excited for the Amtrak station. A modern and efficient fixed guideway system that can get you to a global city is a great thing for Grand Rapids. Projects like this, the Englewood Flyover in Chicago, the new 125mph locomotives, ect. are important pieces to the larger puzzle. Also, does anyone have information on the Pere Marquette being relocated to the tracks that lead to Kalamazoo? That would be great since we could hook into the upgraded track in Kalamazoo and also have a rail transportation choice to Kzoo. I remember a while back people talking about
  10. ^ That is a great article Jeff, but arent there rules against the self gloss?
  11. Does anyone have a status update on station construction? I thought work was going to be well underway by now but the site looks almost untouched as of a couple weeks ago. Supposedly it will be open in 2013, is that still realistic?
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