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  1. Quick trip to Charlotte yesterday. Grabbed this quick shot showing the new Legacy building in comparison to existing structures.
  2. An update on the progress of the greenway and RAD development.
  3. The Charlotte skyline from the new light rail pedestrian bridge at Sugar Creek Station.
  4. Very cool. I think I have a pic from an event I photographed of the same thing. They were really militant about me not taking photos of the logo. Donnie
  5. Snapped this while cruising around looking for places to fly last night. Really cool view headed into Uptown. Donnie
  6. Testing out some new equipment yesterday and snapped this pic of the Blue Line Extension. Nice view as it crosses the bridge over to Uptown. Donnie
  7. A shot of the new path on Wesley Heights Greenway. Replaces the awful sidewalk people would use for Panthers games.
  8. I know this is photo of the day but I thought it would be cool to show some video of uptown and the baseball stadium. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVURaIlma_k
  9. Around Charlotte, NC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVURaIlma_k
  10. Noticed a clearing yesterday so I stopped and got some shots. You can see construction beginning for the light rail extension.
  11. Shot of the new baseball park with all the construction going on around it. It’s amazing how much this has changed.
  12. Was thinking of walking by there today. Can anyone tell me if they have taken down the fence yet? Thought I might get a sneak peak.
  13. Just FYI, walked by around 6:30 yesterday and the fountain was working. Looked as if they were testing it. It really adds a lot to the park.
  14. Any chance for a photo update today? Hopefully things have progressed.
  15. This project has slowed to a snails pace. :-(
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