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  1. We can’t keep stores open at either mall. I’m not sure why anyone would come here now.
  2. Forever21, Clark’s, crazy 8 and Charlotte Russe all closing at pinnacle.
  3. Man, the Tulsa mall is always packed when we go. I see bags in hands, too. I'm hoping nothing goes out there.
  4. Do you think it'll be the Promenade JcPenney closing vs. the Fayetteville? Or both?
  5. Does anyone know what's going in the building in front of Ross across the street from WM off Pleasant Crossing? Looks like a restaurant.
  6. Are there any planned shopping centers to go up on west side? I talked to a realtor friend and he said they have a ton of things planned for shopping/dining over by ACH, but no exact details.
  7. Marketplace Express in the mall has gone out. Maybe just me, but that was kind of a staple there in the food court.
  8. AQ is closing its Fayetteville location.
  9. I would love to see Disney, The Container Store (who would do well here), Kate Spade (which probably wouldn't), a Converse outlet. I'm thinking of stores that are at Woodland Hills or the outlet mall in Allen, TX. A Vans store would do well here, I think. We need more restaurants around that area, too. I would love to see a Babies/Toys R US combo store. It'd also be great if the target could turn into a Super, but after suggesting that to them, I received an email from corporate saying that's never going to happen. H&M would be great, but seeing a store like Forever21 @ promenade never bei
  10. As an avid shopper, it doesn't draw me in. I'd rather make the drive to Dallas or Tulsa once a month to do any big shopping.
  11. Not sure, but they didn't update their Facebook page or any sort of social media. You don't know until you drive by there.
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