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  1. That rail trail counter sign has been like that for weeks now, you would think someone would of cleaned it up by now. .
  2. Do we want to place bets on if they will install LED lighting for the extension or will the city be narrow sighted and use high pressure sodium lights? It is 2020 but it's also Charlotte
  3. Yeah I have seen it happen two or three times over the last couple of months. So I'm not sure if it happens randomly, if anyone has a contact at CDOT maybe they can ask. Also, we will see how it changes now that they've added a bike light for the new bike lanes.
  4. Here is more on the new lounge, opening soon! https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article240433501.html
  5. I'm in Plaza a lot and that intersection is busy, but what I've noticed is that sometimes all of the lights are red to allow pedestrian crossing for both sides of the street. No car traffic is allowed through. I think CDOT might be testing it because it doesn't always happen.
  6. Random thought when going around Charlotte. Does anyone feel like we are getting more graffiti around town. It's an easy target but a lot of those construction fences/walls get tagged. I've seen more up in Belmont/Noda area which I guess is common. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are.
  7. Here is a video of a bus que jump in Seattle
  8. John Lewis stating it will be open by the end of the year... https://twitter.com/JoeBrunoWSOC9/status/1227336251122028545?s=20
  9. According to some reliable sources another tower is already planned on that grassy spot next to the bank of america tower. The design is supposed to be similar to the Deloitte tower but taller.
  10. If it's Hilton brands I would like to see a Canopy or Motto (new brand) somewhere in Southend. Marriott brand I think Delta would be nice.
  11. I just can't believe he kept using " quaint mill village" we're not! We haven't been for quite some time, we are one of the more popular neighborhoods in a fast growing city. As a NoDa resident I am rolling my eyes at the NIMBY folks. Density is good!
  12. I live in Novel Noda and I noticed a coming soon sign for one of the retail spaces. It’s a HIIT fitness studio https://f45training.com/noda/home
  13. Hopefully the street lights are LED unlike the ones they installed on the first half of the line.
  14. I've been to Pacific City a couple of times in Huntington Beach, CA and I've always thought if the Epicentre could be anything remotely like this place it will be good. Of course Huntington Beach, CA is a very affluent area so take that with a grain of salt. https://www.gopacificcity.com/
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