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  1. I’ve seen three-car trains on the blue line recently. I think they were using the streetcar
  2. Here is the story about the re-vamped bike share https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-around-town/article246087015.html
  3. How can we spruce up one of the most boring walls/corners in Charlotte?
  4. Truist tower saw everyone stepping up the lighting game and said "Hold my beer". We did say that we could hardly see the purple lights, so it's partially our fault
  5. Agreed, I wish we would have a more uniform look.( especially with pedestrian lighting) It may not have to be citywide but at least by neighborhoods. In NoDa and Southend alone I see so many different styles. I like the first one for Noda (but would be cool to have it in different colors) second is southend. And finally, we need more LED lighting, Duke is taking their sweet time converting the lights.
  6. I'm happy to report that I can officially see this tower from NoDa! From my vantage point at the Yards it's actually filling in the gap from the Vue to the rest of the skyline.
  7. It's official I hope @KJHburg is ready!
  8. Look inside today and can confirm it is going to be a Spoons! I'm very excited, I've seen there van around town and heard they just opened their first storefront in Southend. https://www.spoons.com/
  9. Looks amazing! How big is the space?
  10. Does anyone know what is going in next to Popbar? The one on the corner. I saw them doing a lot of work in it the other day
  11. This photo shows a little more of the lighting
  12. Great for Charlotte and the campus looks beautiful. Will it be near any transit stops? The only thing I don't like about campuses like this is that it is car focused.
  13. I know the stop is needed but part of me doesn't want it because I feel like (if you're heading towards 85) this is where the lynx starts to pick up speed. I live right at the 36th street station so most of my ride towards southend or further moves at a crawl. Selfish rant over, thanks for letting me vent
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