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  1. As a life-long fan, this comes to no surprise. Under Jordan we’ve been awful and they usually end up in hindsight always making the worst move. I would expect nothing less than Kemba walking for nothing.
  2. Swing for the fences, Bol Bol or Kevin Porter Jr.
  3. No pretty sure it was our Golden Child. Shocking, I know.
  4. Just following the musical chairs, US Bank is next and my guess is they go with the developer of the Spirit Square redevelopment by Cousins, which happens to own Hearst Tower. They anchor a new building no more than 400 feet, which allows for the Selwyn Strangler to continue his feed.
  5. Anyone remember the last bubble, I do. Feels like UP circa 2006 here. This won’t get built in this cycle. I’m with Jayvee on this one.
  6. Heard SoulCycle signed a lease here.
  7. I was at it, a complete Fyrefest. The “souvenir” cups were dinky, plastic shot glasses. The event was completely oversold, many of the breweries never received initial or refill kegs and people wouldn’t be aware and were waiting in line.
  8. Translation for KJHburg: “I dine at Superica multiple times a week, so I can.”
  9. I don’t get the context of that Gman.
  10. Let’s disarm this, some have five hours some have more, I’d believe your major would dictate the time. No reason to argue about one individual student’s study habits.
  11. I woke up feeling like a kid at Xmas, got up ran over to check my phone. Hopefully, we get some news soon.
  12. Charlotte State sounds awful, I like the University of Charlotte.
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