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  1. Next one we need to worry about is the redevelopment of Central Square aka Hatcher’s center. Giant redevelopment play and the neighborhoods of Plaza, Chantilly and Elizabeth need to be vocal to ensure the entire development isn’t just a giant money/IRR grab for the company.
  2. I wonder if he goes the Pittsburgh route (all teams have same color pattern) and would keep it similar to the panther’s colors?
  3. I thought the same thing, either him or it is his wife. I think she owns Pure Pizza.
  4. They’re going to South End, as I said before.
  5. I kind of like Dandy Chiggens and his downvotes. It is great trolling.
  6. No insider knowledge, but I think that is what it means.
  7. Maybe I’m too pessimistic, but I don’t think much happens in terms of development here until the next cycle. Would love to be proved wrong.
  8. Ally Center is turning out better looking than LU1. I will concede to KJ, that LU1 looks pretty cool at night when the lighting is on.
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