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  1. Missmylab4

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Juicy J at Legion
  2. Missmylab4

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Yeah I wondered if that was the hotel, as well. Glad to see that it was. It should be a decent infill project for South Park.
  3. Missmylab4

    The Good News Report

    JLL is in the Tyron Place numbers, I believe 25,000 SF.
  4. Missmylab4

    The RailYard SouthEnd

  5. Missmylab4

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Crappy flag for that location.
  6. Missmylab4

    The Good News Report

    Just not AllianceBernstein
  7. The street in it’s current state is so un-pedestrian friendly. It needs some work for sure.
  8. Missmylab4

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Anyone got an update on when the Faison Apartments will actually begin construction? I remember the last update was they were rebidding but that was months ago.
  9. Missmylab4

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Part of the church redevelopment? Anyone know where they’re suppose to go.
  10. Sorry slightly off topic, I went to their locations and it list a South Park site arriving in 2019. Is that a new build or just putting a new flag on one of their existing properties?
  11. Missmylab4

    Economic Development - Expansions and Relocations

    they did not look at Ballantyne. It was all much closer in to town.
  12. Missmylab4

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Staring at the skyline lit up with all different colors right now. Does anyone know if this tower will join the ones that can change its lighting color like Vue, bofa corporate, Duke and 300 S Tryon?
  13. Missmylab4

    Good New Restaurants

    FYI, I’m more of a burger on my own grill guy. However, Shake Shack isn’t that great, my mind is blown that Charlotte agenda tags it as the most anticipated restaurant. I lived near one for a few years and it is ok to good in my book.
  14. Missmylab4

    Myers Park / Eastover Projects

    You can’t knock down the manor