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  1. the only thing I've had to contribute to UP in a while... a rarely seen angle of Uptown
  2. I may be totally out of line and off base, and I welcome anyone to 'check' me, but I feel I must bring this up. I have been a little annoyed/discouraged from coming to the forums lately as I am finding topic after topic to be flooded with post after post of soft-commenting. These comments contain no information, updates, nor throw up any real questions for discussion/debate or anything that really contributes/builds on the subject matter of each topic. I see a lot of personal statements and 'back and forth' conversations between forum members in a topic which really should be in a PM or even an IM, just page after page of it or a lot of comments about 'I like this' or 'I think that if *insert general thing* is so then this other *obvious general correlation* is so'. Maybe I'm just a super dick this week, but i appreciated being able to following a topic with relevant information, updates, and debates without a bunch of comments posted just for commenting sake. Look, I do my best to search topics and not repost or re-share things that have already been shared or discussed in depth, because I know my fellow forum members don't want to see a new update to a topic, First Ward Park for example, only for me to say 'I like turtles and think there should be a turtle pond.' When the current discussion and last comment is about Dixie's Tavern building use. I just think we should ask ourselves before we post excessively, is this really contributing anything or sparking a conversation that hasn't already been hashed out already 5-10 pages back. I obviously take this too seriously. Rant over.
  3. I didn't see it mentioned (my eyes might be getting worse though), but does anyone know if the adjacent buildings/land on Camden (Charlotte Post & Phat Burrito) are in play as well?
  4. Streetcar got some love on MNF
  5. I feel like like I had a hand in all this.. I know I didn't of course... but extremely similar approach from my post in December 2013 regarding what Norfolk VA did w/ $3M in a year on their 'AM-Shack'. If it wasn't for all the track work our shack could be done by the end of 2016.
  6. From what I've gathered during various neighborhood conversations, it was inevitable. Supposedly Gains Brown has no choice but to either sell, or get pushed-out without much, if any, compensation. I can't confirm but, I heard that's what happened with the Trolly Museum; I was told he once owned that building as well but, he got pushed out by whatever 'immanent domain' laws/policies/regs exercised to do so. Regardless, $$$/Development has a louder voice than the current 'renters' who make up the majority of the residents in the South End special tax zone. It's not like Dilworth, or even Wilmore, where single-family property owners make up the consensus whose property tax dollars give them influence/voice towards guiding development in their neighborhoods. Like it or not, Southend is steadily becoming more of an extension/assimilation of uptown vs. an independent, community-guided, neighborhood. Just the change I've seen living here for the past 5 years is incredible, completely different feel/vibe than when I first moved to SE.
  7. Not sure if this has been shared, but this is the best rendering I've come across so far of both Crescent projects' impact on the city scape. wow.... just wow
  8. I saw that Blue Line Capacity Extension construction is underway at 485 Station today. It appears they are extending platform to the north on southbound track and extending platform to the south on the northbound track.
  9. It's a shame that re-storing, retro-fitting and expanding on the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad Passenger Station is not currently a viable alternative. The Blue Line extension passes so close that you could create a station/platform right at Alpha Mill with and extended pedestrian walkway to N College to allow easy transfer between Amtrak and LRT line. I supposed it could be feasible to build something with promise and even act as an anchor catalyst to the N-Tryon if it were possible to purchased all the land surrounding the existing station north of 12th St to the existing ROW, and west from the Blue Line Extension to Graham St.
  10. I swear when I was riding the train this morning I saw 2 newly built Elevator shafts on the west side of Fountains @ Southend. They appeared to be constructed between Foster Ave and the CATS facility. Did I miss an announcement of a new midlevel apt or Office project back in that area? Does anyone have any info or a link? I'll Bcycle down there this weekend to take a look and some pics if it actually 'is' anything..
  11. I saw a Siemens commercial on CNBC yesterday featuring Light Rail Vehicle Manufacturing in USA and has quite a few shots of our beloved S70s in Uptown. Check it out HERE
  12. $200k towards Gateway... That will get 1/2 a report written by an outside consulting firm with redundant/repetitive information that we've all read and gone over for the past 3 years. IMO, it would be better utilized by re-allocating it to the Cedar yard streetcar project. (Of course that can't and won't happen)
  13. Quick observation while on LRT, an excavator has been working on site for the past 2 weeks in the northwest corner along Dewitt Lane.
  14. Not a mid rise project buuuuuut.... Tryon has the painted dotted outlines for the new on-street 'Twilight Parking' spaces that will soon be a reality for South End nightly visitors, 6pm-7am I believe. Also, Slate Billiards is opening up next to Oak room thus completing occupancy in that building.
  15. Well thanks to the Ballpark plan and public outcry surrounding it, Shockoe Bottom made a Top 11 list of 'America's Most Endangered Historic Places'. The CNN Article is Here Shockoe Bottomon National Treasures Preservation site HERE
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