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  1. urbanfan

    Newport News Development

    It is a confirmed development. It was announced last fall of last year. I believe the tenant is Ferguson/Wolsley instead of building the larger headquarters up near the airport.
  2. urbanfan

    New CHKD Tower

    The permit says there will be a direct connection to the existing tower right next to this new one. I would have to go back and look but from what I read that tower should be staying.
  3. urbanfan

    New CHKD Tower

    If you read the permit it says that there will be offices and day treatment at this tower. It says that this tower will not have overnight care. Therefore, the other tower must remain as their main treatment facility unless they plan to completely do away with long term care at CHKD. Highly unlikely!
  4. urbanfan

    Newport News Development

    Sure did, really helps that area of town too! Great infill project.
  5. urbanfan

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Just for information. HRT is posting their previous day ridership numbers every day on their home page. Ridership numbers have been in the high five thousand to upper six thousands, well over double the projected ridership figures. The numbers have also steadily increased for three straight days. This is during regular service with fare required. Numbers might fall some but probably not much considering baseball games are going to help keep the numbers up for a little while. I'm waiting to see the ridership numbers after a weekend tides game to see the impact it has on the days numbers.
  6. urbanfan

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    The ridership numbers on this line are drastically conservative. All rail lines have overly conservative numbers. There has yet to be a single new rail line open that did not meet it's ridership numbers and that is by design. No one wants egg on their face especially the federal government. The line will meet and exceed its initial ridership quota, no question.
  7. urbanfan

    sports in norfolk

    To be fair the statistics support this theory, as soccer is not popular in the US. A generalization yes, but nonetheless, an accurate generalization.
  8. urbanfan

    sports in norfolk

    To be fair, kids have been being raised on soccer for well over 45 years. The term soccer mom is not from this generation but actually from the 70's and 80's. We need something more for soccer to become mainstream in the U.S. Games like against Algeria a few days ago, help to create that excitement, but for the most part soccer has been relegated to secondary status. As far as the UFL vs MLS, this area has been and will continue to be football country. Heck, Hampton and Phoebus games pull 4-6,000 fans when they play (that's high school mind you). Football will do significantly better here than soccer even if it is lower level than professional. We had a semi-professional football team on the peninsula that packed games up at Todd Stadium. However, it succumbed to financial difficulties, but my point being, people will always support football in this area. That's just the way it is.
  9. urbanfan

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    The train tracks are non driving lanes. The trains will not share lanes with cars. However, the train will have to cross certain streets which theoretically could be blocked by people not paying attention to road and train signs. So yes, your point is valid that one idiot can cause delays on the system. That is the case for almost all light rail systems across the country especially within downtown limits.
  10. urbanfan

    Hampton Roads Transportation

    Really, I don't know what 460 you have been driving on but you go ahead and do 60 MPH on it and see if you don't get a ticket for 60 plus in a 30mph district. (as I just did two months ago) The road goes through several small cities and the speed limit waffles between 25 and 55 mph (never 60) though many go quite a bit faster and never get caught. A dedicated road to Richmond will benefit the area much like the new Route 17 in North Carolina has helped tourism as a dedicated highway has allowed that stretch of road to post a speed limit of 75 MPH. (Posted not perceived) Is it more important than a widened HRBT, I think not, but studies are already under way for that. We have to work at all aspects without losing sight of the goal, which is congestion relief but also evacuation capacity. Right now we just don't have the capacity to evacuate the area efficiently. 460 would allow a greater capacity. We also have to think about land use planning. 10 - 20 years ago the move was eastward into VaBeach and Chesapeake. Now that these areas are filling the move is westward including Portsmouth, Suffolk and even Southampton County. While people in VaBeach would not travel completely around Norfolk to get to a highway, those in western Hampton Roads would. Seeing that this is the next forefront in expansion of our metro, it seems wise to expand the capacity of the road system, so that we are not forced to dump more people on our already maxed out highways.
  11. urbanfan

    Westin Aloft and residences

    I design building all the time that go for permitting and than the owner changes his mind wants to do things differently and we completely redesign the buildings. Happens all the time, it's the nature of the game. Redesign happens more often than not. The owner finally gets the price tag and has sticker shock. How about we whack this off and get rid of this. It's called (Value Engineering), and it's a part of every construction project. Most are typically done early, but many do change even after construction has been set in motion. I expect a design change to get the project to a profitable stand point before construction starts again. It's the nature of the business.
  12. urbanfan

    Westin Aloft and residences

    In permitting, site conditions permits typically last for twelve months. If the work has not been done within the alloted time the project has to be resubmitted and has to go through the permitting process all over again, which means resubmitting drawings and all the other goodies. This is more than likely a hearing to agree to extend the 12 month time frame an extra twelve months to keep the developer from having to start from ground zero when they do get the go ahead for construction. The original condition was met March 29, 2009 so there time was coming up, this is just a move to get an extension without affecting the permit process of the project. This has nothing to do with actual construction.
  13. urbanfan

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Belmont was a two- seven story building first, then went to skyscraper and then back to the form it now occupies. We can say it was attributed to light rail because the developer himself said it was the main contributing factor for why he was building it. Reading through previous posts and the news links (if still valid) will bear this out. Furthermore, the Residence Inn had the same reason for being located where it is. Wells Fargo also stated the proximity of light rail in part of its reasoning to build. There has definitely been plenty with regard to light rail.
  14. urbanfan

    Norfolk History

    Totally different situation. They get stone because they have their own quarry they get the stone from. A much cheaper setup than actually having to truck this stuff in. ODU is not afforded this ability and must buy on the open market. With building material prices so high you will continue to see developments like ODU and Freemason across the US. This is not the only area that incorporates this type of construction. It is pretty much across the board nationwide right now. Anything to keep costs down.
  15. urbanfan

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    Nascar sports grill opens tonight at the power plant in Hampton also. Only the third restaraunt of its kind. TV's at every table which you can watch personally whatever you desire. Sounds like a neat environment. Also, a dueling piano's type saloon opening up next to it in a few months. The Colliseum area is really taking off. By summer this place will be hopping (assuming anyone has any money by then).