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  1. Correct, I don't care for the hotel, but a lot of that comes from being with an architect and hearing him complain about it! The Convention Center is beautiful. Nashville needs to get away from the boxes. ATL is not perfect by any means, but we desperately try to get away from the boxes.
  2. It's a little bland without much style. It's a bit "short" and "stumpy". Not very urban too me. Looks very suburban. I miss the architecture in ATL! I guess overall it will do.
  3. Signature Tower is dead I guess? Does 505CST replace it? Any news on it?
  4. Was this ever discussed? http://skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/?searchID=57296622 60 story tower for the Gulch? For real? This would even be tall for Atlanta!
  5. Love the Turnip Truck too, but a bit expensive. We "discovered" the Gulch by mistake when we first got to town!
  6. Any news on when the large apartment tower will start? My partner and I recently discovered Casablanca Coffee!!!!!! Love The Gulch!
  7. Thanks Smeagolsfree! I signed up on three forums SSC, SSP, and UP wanting to get a little more information on Nashville. I think my partner and I will like it here, although I already miss ATL.
  8. Does the guy building this not have another building proposed as well? Could not find any information on it.
  9. Design is not at all too bad. We have many buildings like this in Atlanta, or should I say when I lived in Atlanta.
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