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  1. That logo would be better in the reception, not there. Looks silly.
  2. I'm impressed by that, but good to know!!!
  3. This reminds me to The Shard and the "News" building in London Bridge: Source Obviously, the one in London is not a Parking Deck.. I guess that one right next to DUKE building is for Parking, isn't it?
  4. CLT-London?? Around how much for the cheapest tickets on this flight? .. I booked for September, but going through NY first, as I always do.
  5. Picture I saw on my instagram feed last week.
  6. Yeah their coffee isn't great, but so is Starbuck's and similar high street chains. If you're looking for a good coffee, go to your local coffee shop. Anyway, they offer open spaces, toilets, free wifi and whatnot that can save anyone on a rush. Hopefully, they open more shops in Charlotte.
  7. Pret... meh! They're everywhere here in London, but I wouldn't spend my money in there, unless you like to eat fridge-temperature sandwiches. Is this the only store they have in Charlotte?
  8. I'm laughing at the fact you all found 2 out of thousand window panels being slightly different in this building. This forum is priceless.
  9. First time I read: "Thanks and I will pick up doughnuts..." Had to reread this one
  10. My dad would love it, but something more teenager-oriented will do the treat. I may end up getting them the tickets for the Baseball game. I forgot to mention she recently had an operation so she can't do any jump/run/scream activity for a few months.
  11. Thanks for this. I've been living in London for about 4 years now and I still don't know 20% of the city. It's just too big. Thanks. This seems like a plan I can do when I go back to Charlotte in September.
  12. Hey folks. My sister is turning 15 today and I'd like to giver her and my parents a nice day out in Charlotte, but google isn't helping me much. Since I don't live there I figured you could help me find an activity they can do maybe over the weekend. I've checked and there's two Knights game on Friday and Saturday, and prices aren't bad when I change to GBP(£). That's an option that sounds viable. I know about Carowinds, but they've been there and my dad isn't much of a rollercoaster guy. Any ideas?
  13. Good point, you all. I missed the part that they did/are/will tear down a historic building. In that case that's a shame. But still hold the opinion that I like the project.
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