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  1. Re: Curbing relo incentives, there are a few ideas advanced in this article : https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/11/amazons-hq2-spectacle-should-be-illegal/575539/ There are benefits, drawbacks, Constitutional concerns, and potential loopholes in each theory, but it's worth having the conversation at a national level. 1. A federal law that disallows any incentives for relocations 2. Withholding certain federal funds from states who play the incentive game (kind of like how the Feds "withhold" highway $$ from TN because of our open container law, although we still get the money in the form of grants for special DUI prosecutors and other resources) 3. A change in the IRS code making any relocation incentives 100% taxable
  2. Will

    Nashville International Airport

    BNA is going to host an on-runway (2R/20L) 5K race in the spring: https://www.flynashville.com/about/Pages/BNA5K.aspx
  3. I heard recently that the University Club on Vandy's campus will be closing down at the end of the year. Not sure if it's for renovations or for something new. Maybe someone with Vandy connections could investigate.
  4. This is a thing. https://www.instagram.com/birdgraveyard/ Looks like Memphis is already distinguishing itself in this area.
  5. Will

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    This is pretty much the definitive comment on the whole Nashville bachelorette thing.
  6. Kinda interesting: Tesla has this site marked as a "coming soon" location for one of its superchargers:
  7. Will

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I can't speak for commercial property appeals, but I've appealed my own home's appraisal to the state BoE twice. I prepared as best I could and presented detailed evidence to support my case, and both times I got at least part of what I was looking for, but never a straight give-away. Like the article said, many owners of commercial property hire attorneys and experts to support their case. Based on my experience I imagine the BoE makes decisions based on the evidence it has in these cases, too. I would argue the reason for the budget shortfall is not the BoE's approach, or even that so many people appealed, but rather that the city's leaders failed to prepare and plan for what was obviously a likely scenario. Hindsight is always perfect but it doesn't take a wizard to predict that a reappraisal after historic appreciation is going to generate more appeals than usual.
  8. Will

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    You know, seen from that angle it seems we might have a new complement to the Batman building...
  9. Will

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Yeah don't shed any tears for Vandy. Note that they also have 20+ acres of pure surface parking plus an aux athletic field in the triangle bounded by Natchez Trace, Blakemore, and Vanderbilt Pl. They could easily build a whole satellite campus on that land and put all the parking in 2 or 3 garages.
  10. Will

    Nashville International Airport

    Renault-Nissan has an HQ in Amsterdam with significant operations in Paris as well.
  11. We already have the Urban Services District tax.
  12. Very cool - bring on the bikes! Muscle Rapid Transit doesn't get much press but it's the way to go if distance allows.
  13. Those of you who intend to vote for the plan should consider some of the thoughtful viewpoints brought up in the town hall that NPT held this week: http://video.wnpt.org/video/3011623338/ Specifically: The role of Transit-Oriented Development zones in this plan Land acquisition issues (such as how there seems to be a rail station slated for the site of First Baptist Church of East Nashville, which is on the Natl Register) Dearth of data on environmental impact of construction and operation Carrying costs of the debt alone - roughly $240m per year, which, assuming tripled ridership, works out to $12 per RIDE. Also note how the representatives from the city tend to talk around residents' questions and shift responsibility elsewhere. For example, Steve Bland of MTA seemed unaware of the First Baptist Church conceptual station site issue and framed it as a misinformation issue.
  14. Yeah that's a bad plan, undeserving of serious consideration. Anybody watch the debate last night? You can watch the whole thing on the Tennessean now. I thought there were some good questions posed and some reasonably cogent answers. Unfortunately Bone got touchy and took the conversation personal around the 40 minute mark, but it eventually got back on track (no pun intended).