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  1. If it increases tourism to the region, pretty sure that benefits everyone. Also, so little of Orlando's economy is based in DTO. Disney, UCF, Lockheed(s), Maitland Center, Lake Mary, Nona, etc are just as critical to our success. You could argue that MCO is more convenient than DTO from most of those places.
  2. Plus a 6 story mid-rise to join the existing 6 story and 7 story buildings. It's almost like creative village, but....real
  3. What happens first, SkyPlex or iSquare? Trick question, answer is neither!
  4. It's not horrible, although I wish it was higher around 8 stories. Not sure why they couldn't have done mixed use with dorms ontop ( Rick Scott? ). Looks like there are two plots of land remaining. I'm guessing dorm and another academic building? Of course the old expo center could eventual get leveled once space becomes an issue. But let's be honest folks... This land has sat empty for 7 years, and this is the catalyst that gets things started!
  5. Its 10 stories + parking deck. Should be decent height.
  6. Is it just me, or from a few angles it looks like the parking levels are extended over Anderson to a parking garage across the street? That would be crazy...and not sure how practical without major road closures on Anderson!
  7. 434 should be split into two One way streets along UCFs property line.
  8. This all assumes the giant hole in the ground gets filled in one day right? Nice, if not forgettable, building.
  9. Made it out to the Citrus Bowl game to check out the new Stadium. Came away pretty impressed. Obviously its not as nice as Cowboy Stadium, UoP stadium, etc, but for the money we got some great value. I'd say its better than the Bucs or Jags stadium in some respects. Decent Scoreboard, lots of club seats, Great field views, and easy access into and out of the stadium. Biggest disappointment is that the mid level has no concourse. Want a Soda? Beer? Popcorn? You either need to march to the South Endzone, or take the hike down to the lower concourse. If you've been to UCF's BHNS, its pre
  10. Just a reminder, Ultimate I-4 begins construction soon. Any clue if it's a phased development, or are all portions being built at once?
  11. Looks like the coaster now goes OVER I-drive????????? Also, the whole Perkins site is currently MIA in any drawings. I wonder what they have planned for that area? Really is a 2nd coming of I-Drive with all the exciting new development.
  12. Lots of exciting possibilities here with UCF. Hopefully down the road most of UCF's colleges will have some kind of presence downtown to help extend their business partnerships, community outreach, and continuing education. Visual Arts and Public Service make the most sense, but extended MBA programs & Graduate Engineering degrees ( e.g. Systems Engineering masters ) would be great too. Maybe one day even a Law School?? Future is really bright for downtown Orlando & UCF.
  13. I really hope the long term plans to build towers on part of the plaza get nixed. As we all know, Orlando desperately need more green spaces.
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