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  1. The IBM Block

    In downtown BR? How much traffic do you think is down there right now?
  2. New Urbanism

    Were apartments in the original plans?
  3. Baton Rouge City Profile

    if you say so
  4. Baton Rouge City Profile

    How are you or anyone supposed to get a Ferguson connection? Not to mention the Huff Post is a liberal rag.
  5. Baton Rouge City Profile

    No NYC, LA, SF, etc... I call bull
  6. New Urbanism

  7. Rouzan TND

    Yeah, no rift raft has ever been attracted to places serving alcohol. Nor movie theaters or shopping. C'mon. People are attracted to new places.
  8. Rouzan TND

    Wait, it's the businesses fault for not making their retail development into a fortress? Do we need to see a ID to enter the stores or to park?
  9. New Urbanism

    Yeah it's what I was thinking, but I guess the garage wouldn't be there without Perkins Rowe.
  10. Rouzan TND

    Have you never been to the walmart and Albertsons on College at College/Bennington? Have you never been to the Exxon at Perkins/College? Rouzan is a short walk from these areas. I hope the riffraff doesn't look at the Rouzan shops as new opportunitys for panhandling and worse.
  11. Rouzan TND

    You think they will only stay at walmart? You think the bums that are always pestering people for change at that intersection won't make their way to Rouzan? oookkk
  12. New Urbanism

    I guess if you squint
  13. New Urbanism

    Perkins Rowe is in the background? Don't think so.
  14. Rouzan TND

    Yeah.....I'm a tad worried the "Walmart" crowd on College is going to ghetto up this theatre.
  15. Business Report?

    Weird I can't get comment to load using my iphone or IE on my PC