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  1. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/1988-04-06/business/0030150033_1_daspin-boston-celtics-full-tuxedo Daspin and Freitag also made an investment of their own that turned out well. They acquired the old Orange County vocational school building in downtown Orlando for $800,000 in 1982 and sold it to a group of investors in 1984 for $1.4 million. Despite the profitability of the deal, Daspin says he is better at earning money than investing it. With about nine out of 10 real estate limited partnerships having gone sour, Daspin said, ''If I had just kept the money and paid the taxes, I would
  2. What about the Historic Ivanhoe building, already owned by City / OUC? Put a solar array in the field to the south.
  3. Love it! This retention pond is so small there are probably hundreds more that could easily accommodate something similar. Did you see what LA County did with the black balls to prevent evaporation? Why Did L.A. Drop 96 Million 'Shade Balls' Into Its Water?
  4. I thought for sure Patty Sheehan would run. I had two sets of out-of-state friends who remarked that she was a tremendous presence following the Pulse attack. She would likely be even more liberal that Stuart. Off-topic but 2018 could be a big shuffle. Florida Trend reported Rick Singh may make a move for Jacobs mayoral seat...
  5. Regarding the Metropolitan... It looks like the median sale price per square foot right now is $170. So, 113,472 square feet x $170 = $19,290,240, or $231 per square foot of land area (83,466 square feet, or 1.916 acres). That's way too high for downtown land. I can't see it when the University Club developer just paid $6,585,000 for 54,253 SF, or $121.38 per SF. At $121.38 per SF of land, that's $10,130,751, or $89.28 per SF of heated area. That's a little over 50% of what buyers are paying right now. Do you think all the unit owners would sell for around $0.50 on the dollar? The
  6. They pulled a $1.057M permit on March 27, 2014 for the new building (#B13902036). Search Fast Track: https://fasttrack.ocfl.net/OnlineServices/PermitsAllTypes.aspx for it and you find they call the project "New Construction/w/Sitework/warehouse, office, parking Ref.Demo Permit#B12007316, B12007662 ". There is a 12/10/16 document entitled "10 completed application", which references "Bayouth Office and Warehouse (commercial center)". There was a variance granted at the 12/02/10 meeting of the Org Cty BZA for setback reduction to construct "commercial buildings". #VA-10-12-099 That'
  7. Not sure if this link will work, but the website 42floors has office space available for lease/sublease in Orlando's CBD: https://42floors.com/office-space/us/fl/orlando?utf8=✓&region_ids=39070 Most of it seems fairly small, maybe 5,000 SF on average? For example, Lincoln Plaza is nearly 250,000 SF across 16 stories, with typical floor area of around 15,000. Yet they list the smallest space at 1,955 SF and the largest 22,819; in total over 46,000 SF vacant. Top five tenants: 32,526; 15,381; 15,381; 9,941; 8,851. From the landlord's perspective, it seems great to sign a tenant
  8. Y'all should use our website more: http://www.ocpafl.org/Searches/ParcelSearch.aspx/PID/292225062000170 Spoiler: it's owned by First Baptist Housing Inc. (it's a 62+ senior living apartment)
  9. My office faces west. The parking lot is still utilized daily, and there are no signs of any activity in conjunction with the redevelopment. It's unfortunate.
  10. Macy's may own the building, but not the land underlying. If I'm not mistaken, all of this area is on a long-term ground lease with the Maguire family. Edit: It's typical for retail landlords to pass-through certain expenses to the tenants or be reimbursed. That's why the tax bill is being mailed to Macy's in Ohio.
  11. I got the mailer too, and immediately typed up an email to Mayor Jacobs and Commissioner Edwards in support of the project. :)
  12. It looks like the retirement home building occupies the vacated 60' right of way. The original 1888 plat shows Lake Street continuing through to South Street, but an ordinance dated December 1966 (Official Records Book 1594 / Page 65) vacated the ROW. A second ordinance was recorded in February 1967 (OR 1611 / 653), which amended the first. Same land described in both though. Not sure what politics were at play to cause the abandonment. Interesting.
  13. Used to be four parcels owned by the United States of America for USDA agricultural research, before the City took ownership of it in 2002. The federal government conducted remedial activities for the next three years (until 2005). Pay attention to the City Concil meeting on Monday regarding the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center.
  14. Just wanted to let you know that this space (7,766 square feet) was purchased by the law firm Stovash, Case & Tingley back in October of 2010. This was one of the first units to be sold by the developer who purchased at auction the unsold inventory during the bankruptcy foreclosure of the original developer. Fitting that a law firm snagged it for their offices.
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