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  1. Not my pic but thought I'd share it here.
  2. This is an interesting concept for that corner on Orange and Pine. I'd prefer the old design they had planned for this space, but then again a small urban park would be pretty nice.
  3. Ace Cafe parking lot is paved, doesn't look anything like the renderings though. I remember seeing pavers and trees but it ended up just being a flat asphalt lot. Guess it works out better for car shows and motorcycles but it would of looked a bit better if they stuck with the original design.
  4. Anyone know of any updated plans for the surrounding lots east of the stadium? I attached the old renderings below for the lot on the corner of Church Street and Terry being turned into a park called "Parramore Square" and an apartment building on the lot along Central and Terry. I know these were all comprehensive plans but just curious if anyone has some insight.
  5. Orlando City stadium and the Citrus Bowl from Amway Center.
  6. Took these the other day.
  7. Portland's stadium was originally a baseball stadium.
  8. Seems unnecessary now but when you walk into the stadium you will immediately be looking down on the field, rather than having to look at and walk up a ramp or staircase first. Here's a screenshot from the first row by the main entrance, basically the first thing you'll see when you walk in.
  9. Yeah I agree, i have no problem with it just didn't realize how low it was going to sit.
  10. Shot from the citrus bowl. With the field being sunk it looks short compared to the skyline.
  11. The north terraces are going up quickly. Looks nice and steep.
  12. The team is called Orlando City SC, not the Orlando Lions... Lion is just the mascot. There are hundreds of soccer teams across the world that use the same animals or objects other teams use as a mascots but not as a their actual name. Why is that people feel we need to have some crazy random name for a team for it to be "cool"?
  13. It actually does look like the corners are filled in, at least on the north side. To the left of the video board you can see it when compared to the original. Original design:
  14. Some renderings from the virtual program released by Orlando City. http://orlandocitysc.io-media.com/web/index.html#
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