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  1. Hopefully. That or proper BRT in dedicated ROW.
  2. These estimates are developed by the Census Bureau, not Metro. No. They are conducted solely by the Census Bureau.
  3. Is dead. Not happening. We'll need some other option to help alleviate congestion. As mentioned before, I support transit and oppose additional interstate widenings.
  4. Those values are from State Data Center projections. I assume they'll be updated once the results of the 2020 Census are published. https://tnsdc.utk.edu/estimates-and-projections/ This is correct. They could be in use as STRs, which would not add to total population. Census estimates are, in part, based on address info from USPS, so the Census should be aware.
  5. There is a far right beyond conservatism. Reactionary. They wish to move politics to what they were prior (regression). The political spectrum as I understand it: L R Radical - Liberal - Centrist - Conservative - Reactionary
  6. Anyone have a comprehensive list of materials or goods currently experiencing a shortage? Seems like corporate America really flubbed up their reaction to the pandemic. Some of these are well publicized, but others are just things I've ran into myself.Computer chips (consumer electronics (PS5) & automobiles). Chicken, wings in particular. Cat food. Steel (automobiles, construction). Lumber. Rental Cars. Needles. Tapioca.
  7. This is a shame. These and the trailer parks along Dickerson in EN are sorely needed affordable housing. Well maybe he won't tear them down then.
  8. I'd rather we spent the money on a robust transit system than on the interstates. Improving the interstates will encourage sprawl and low density greenfield development.
  9. ^^^ This. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/04/05/gop-claims-about-real-infrastructure-are-silly-why-are-media-playing-along/
  10. I just updated the post with info for CDs 8 & 9. Granted CD8 is split between Madison and Inglewood.
  11. Between 2010 and 2019 Council District 10, which includes Rivergate and Goodlettsville grew by 53 persons (5-year ACS estimates). However CDs 8 & 9 have both added over 3,000 residents.
  12. I disagree. If the data show that these areas are functionally tied to Nashville, M'boro or Franklin (via commuting or other economic measures), they should be part of the MSA.
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