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  1. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    It also includes improvements to the MTA bus system, 3 BRT lines and improvements to sidewalks. The $5.4B number is consistent with all other Metro capital projects.
  2. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    The plan costs $5.4B.
  3. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    The plan costs $5.4 billion dollars. This estimate was calculated in the same manner that all Metro capital project estimates are. You don't get to use special accounting to make the project seem more expensive than it is. One doesn't say 'my car cost $100k' because that's what it'll cost over the life of the vehicle for ops and maintenance.
  4. East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Shouldn't this been in the South Nashville/WeHo thread? The location is neither in the CBD or East Nashville.
  5. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    What is the source of this claim? I've seen no indication that Nashville's growth will stop or reverse.
  6. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Not all the time. I frequently advocate for policies which could harm me financially because they promote the greater good. I wish more would do the same.
  7. Remove the curved entrance and brick accents and this looks just like my hometown's city jail.
  8. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Just to be clear, the $9B is the cost of construction and operations. Only $5.4B is for construction. Typically operational costs aren't included in purchase price. If that was the case, my car would cost $90k (purchase cost + 10 years of ops), not $10k.
  9. Nashville International Airport

    I did over the holidays. Departing flights were fine, but getting back I had a 8+ hour delay.
  10. Will Nashville ever see another amusement park?

    The country was also in a recession at the time (early 90's), so the labor market was favorable.
  11. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I think its a reference number for the photos.
  12. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    This. Sales, not Property. Our property tax rate is the lowest of the 4 major cities in TN (or was last I checked).

  14. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I'm OK with owner-occupied STRs, but the others should go the way of the dodo. My guess as to why Nashville's population growth slowed: lack of housing units. Was the slowing also observed at the MSA level?
  15. Soccer in Nashville

    Would the players and fans rather keep the header and wear helmets? Or drop the header?