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  1. This is the first time I've heard of this district. Is a new designation? Re-branding? I'm often suspicious of re-brandings.
  2. Why do you say that? OM provides the city with much more revenue. Mills projects are often built next to major super regional/national level attractions. The only other area in Nashville that would qualify is downtown. Nashville = Opryland Hotel. Charlotte = NASCAR track.
  3. MN had 2.1 million in a state 1/5 the size.
  4. This report is a load of hogwash. The numbers were reported on in August. There's been no cover up.
  5. The current budget included nearly a quarter billion $$ in cuts to programs and grants. Increases in health insurance costs would eat up all (and more) of this every year. I agree. I think what they really want is to force Metro into receivership and a State takeover.
  6. I mean its been 100 years since the last one, so odds are this will be our one and only. <crosses fingers>
  7. The dailymail is kind of a rag though isn't it? John Cleese rails against it on twitter pretty regularly.
  8. Paper and gold are exactly the same. Both are valued because we agree they have value. In fact you can argue that paper has more value because it has the power of the American economy (or European economy etc...) backing it up.
  9. The only divisive thing Obama did was be a Black guy who was elected President. On issues of policy he was decidedly centrist.
  10. I told y'all we reopened too early. Now we need to go back to Ph1 until this crap is under control. Protests: outdoors + lots of masks = few infections. Bars: indoors + no masks = many infections.
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