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  1. So if a product doesn't suit you, do away with it entirely? I'll never buy a boat (I get motion sick) but that doesn't mean they shouldn't exist. I haven't been to a mall in years, but they certainly have their place (in the suburbs). I will agree that in the 80's & 90's we went overboard with malls, but that seems very much less the case today.
  2. Don't forget that in the current environment that $200k house will soon be $250k, then $300k. That's a lot of equity the owners can borrow against.
  3. Are you familiar with induced demand? I'd much rather the money that would be spent on widening be used on time-competitive, high capacity mass transit operating in dedicated ROW.
  4. I don't understand this obsession among some for blaming former Californians for the increase in housing costs here in Nashville. Most of our growth is the product of natural increase or people moving here from other places in TN. Even among those moving from out of state, more move here from AR or GA (and several other states) than CA.
  5. I was under the impression that conversion to HOT was disallowed on our HOV lanes because of the specifics of the deal to get them built in the first place.
  6. If these are the same as the State Data Center estimates they are due to be updated early next year a will include data from the 2020 Census.
  7. This was a photo dump. A photo bomb is when someone or something appears unexpectedly in the background of a photograph.
  8. The latest official data for TN and MA are from the 2020 Census. TN: 6,910,840 MA: 7,029,917 I poked around that webpage's sources and couldn't find any applicable 2021 data. The TN SDC has 2021 data, but its out of date and doesn't account for the 2020 Redistricting data.
  9. Granted that in the later stages of gentrification the depopulation trend typically reverses due to increased housing density (MF along corridors for example). But it is true that if an area is base zoned for SF only, those density increases are less likely to occur.
  10. So that the rail lines through town could be used for transit. It would also significantly reduce the conflict between surface streets and rail lines. There are neighborhoods that can be cut off from the rest of Nashville by a stopped train. A suburban/exurban site could also be larger are more modern and allow for future expansion if needed.
  11. 6.5% in 2019 according to the American Community Survey.
  12. Or maybe not given today's announcement. That's not happening. The Mercy complex will be relocating.
  13. No necessarily larger homes, but few persons per dwelling unit - and that results in population remaining flat or slightly decreasing in the early stages of gentrification. See: CD5 2010-2020. Later, as land values increase, we see densification via MF and slight increases in total population.
  14. What does that matter? I'm not a native and I'm guessing a good portion of the members here aren't either. It certainly doesn't imply that we don't care about how Nashville develops. Good. We need to stop widening the interstates and invest in transit instead.
  15. I was under the impression the fencing was put up to keep people from dumping on the site or using it for black market retail.
  16. I find you rhetoric both unnecessarily aggressive and unconvincing. Your constant and purposeful misrepresentation leads me to believe you are inflexible in thought and looking for a fight. I choose to no longer participate. Bye.
  17. Since CO2 in excess can have a significant harmful effect on the environment it is, by definition, a pollutant.
  18. Because we in the West can't do anything about it other than encourage them to change their ways. Those of us who support low carbon electricity generation have a hard enough fight here at home moving us away from fossil fuels - so we focus on what we can influence, and shy away from what we cannot. Clean up our own house first etc...
  19. Maybe in Chattanooga, but not here in Nashville. Our underlying population, economic and income growth are strong enough to support current pricing IMO.
  20. The problem with this is that Metro (rightfully) wants to invest in transit while the suburban counties want nothing to do with it and will only support new roads and widenings.
  21. They are also right-wing, if that matters to you.
  22. Unfortunately, it sounds like that time has not yet come.
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