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  1. Been a while since I have posted, but figured I would jump in on this subject. I tend to think of this as a "Westbank Expressway" replica. Sure an elevated expressway isn't the prettiest, but is it effective solution now, and will it continue to be effective in the future? In terms of easing traffic flow, I'm sure a 4-6 lane expressway and a 4 lane local traffic service road would satisfy the current traffic capacity, and would hopefully help revitalize parts of Airline Hwy that are currently more neglected. To me, the question is how will this be viewed in a decade? What will the city of
  2. So much potential for this building. Downtown is really getting its act together in terms of residential development. Finally.
  3. I drive by this everyday and am pleasantly surprised to see that the District is an apartment development. Nice addition to a underdeveloped stretch of Perkins
  4. Thats the definition of big developments in this city these days. Proposed but not under construction. In all seriousness though it seems as if there will be an effort from government to get done what needs to for this project to work.
  5. http://theadvocate.com/home/6764168-125/downtown-br-river-park-runs No surprise, honestly. Still glad to hear that the project is on tract!
  6. Much needed. Lakeshore drive can severly back up from the delay of people trying to turn left on Dalrymple. This solution makes perfect sense!
  7. Plano is also Corporate capital. You could live in Dallas and actually work in Plano and it would seem normal. The tollway North in the AM is equally as bad as the tollway South.
  8. I disagree. I think a balance of industry and corporate will lead to a solid and stable downtown. It will obviously never be a corporate power center, but I think that downtown Baton Rouge is a solid job center...and will continue to be in the near future
  9. My bad. I meant a strong downtown in the economic sense. A solid job market business central area from which the rest of the city can strategically grow from. The actual layout of most downtown areas is pretty worthless. Baton Rouge actually has a simple and straightforward downtown layout and design, ironically enough.
  10. I agree that our transportation infrastructure is in severe need of upgrade. As much as there is an "urban movement" and a strong focus of recentralizing living and work to downtown, its obvious that these jobs are the type that will cause the city to geographically grow. I hope that growth in undeveloped EBRP and into Ascension/Livingston is better planned than the way EBRP is now. Dallas and Houston and Atlanta are mammoth suburben metropolitan areas. But each has a strong downtown center with thoughtful planning out. Baton Rouge can be that way as Gonzales and Denham Springs become t
  11. This article in the Advocate this morning seems to reiterate some of these points. http://theadvocate.com/home/6594288-125/forecast-metro-br-area-labor
  12. I've noticed in the past few weeks, DPW has been repairing many segments of potholes and bumps on major roads. They redid the entire interesection at Dalrymple and May streets (was in horrible condition) and have begun to repair different segments all along Dalrymple up until Broussard. I wonder how many different spots in the city they plan on repairing? Goodness knows the roads are in such crappy shape. That being said...They have really been dragging their feet on repaving Stanford. This is the second or third time since the reconfiguration of the Stanford/Acadian and Perkins intersecti
  13. Would be great to see a project like this. The stretch in question is a vital connection in between the Garden District and Southdowns. Functionaity is important, but this is one of the most prominent retail/restaurant districts in town and could really be something special!
  14. Agreed. I was near a lease there. Owner handled the process rather casually. Don't think a juice bar is sustainable but for their sake, I hope the do well.
  15. While the cities you have listed do carry major interstates with only 3 lanes, they also have more bridges to handle traffic than we do. In Louisville, you have 3 road bridges and a pedestian bridge. In St. Louis, you have 5 road bridges In Omaha, you have 3 road bridges and a pedestrian bridge In Memphis, however, there are also only 2 bridges, I55 and I40. We only have 2 bridges, one that is 3 lanes and one that is 2 lanes. The entire bridge and interchange on each terminal needs to be updated to handle not only the current capacity, but also capacity 30+ years from now; one that
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