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  1. Mecklenburg has a relatively small proportion of pre 1950 housing stock, almost 5% of the over 400,000 housing units. It's actually quite rare to live in something built before 1950. Anyway, I still believe preservation of this building is quite important and that it should be repurposed and not destroyed. Total housing units 454,104 +/-770 454,104 Built 1940 to 1949 9,344 +/-1,504 2.1% +/-0.3 Built 1939 or earlier 11,551 +/-1,447 2.5% +/-0.3
  2. The same argument to tear down Hall House is the same one that has been made for the past 60+ years when buildings were destroyed. It's old, it's dated, something modern will be so much better, etc. When does it stop?
  3. I hope the county commissioners squash this quickly. What I see is the private sector coming in and whining about the cost of renovating a historic structure. Same song we heard with the Polk building. Odell wants to honor history....blah blah blah "The intent is... to honor that legacy and celebrate that history but at the same time support the new residents,” said Brad Bartholomew of Odell
  4. Cool. What I meant was how the Hearst frontage on Tryon is anchored by a big tower at the terminus and has human scale storefronts lining it. So far, Legacy feels sterile in comparison.
  5. I was hoping for Hearst (Truist) Plaza part 2 at Legacy but so far that does not appear to be the plan.
  6. The red LED accent lighting on the Levine deck is spectacular.
  7. I thought I was going to hate this building but it's actually quite attractive. The windows and general symmetry of the building work well.
  8. This has zero to do with the election this year. Most of the planet is dealing with and reacting to this virus in a similar manner. Except the UK, they don't seem to know what they're doing!
  9. I believe it has 3 basement levels and a vault. They should be going down around 40' for at least a portion of the site.
  10. From permitting app: Sounds a little different from renderings we've seen so far. "Ten Tryon will be a mixed-use high-rise located on North Tryon Street, between 9th and 10th Streets. It will have a three level parking garage over a ground floor grocery store. There will be a large open-air terrace on top of the parking garage with a single story restaurant/entertainment building on the 10th Street end, and an office tower on the 9th Street end. The project will be phased and submitted for permits in separate packages. Phase 1 will include Levels 1-6, which includes the grocery shell, parking, and additional shell/core spaces for the office tower, Level 6 restaurant, and ground level retail. Phase 2 will include the office tower and upfit of spaces associated with that use in Phase 1."
  11. UNC Charlotte students trying to avoid paying for parking would be my guess.
  12. Seems like the bus facility could be integrated into a multimodal station at the confluence of the Silver & Blue lines around Tryon and 10th.
  13. Was that deck built to support a tower? Curious how they will demo part of it if that is the case. A+ architecture in the rendering.
  14. Optical illusion with the plain gray panels on that side.
  15. They could play at a college stadium somewhere for 2-3 years while BOA is torn down and rebuilt. If he puts a substantial amount of $ towards it I'm not entirely opposed.
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