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  1. CSX would just be a repeat of the Norfolk Southern red line mess. Those tracks to Matthews are pretty heavily used. I'm not bothered by the 26 mile length as very few people would actually ride from Union County to Belmont. In reality, we're probably going to get a phase a from somewhere in Matthews to the Panthers stadium., which I'm totally fine with.
  2. Does anyone have the first floor retail plan handy? I remember seeing something a long time ago.
  3. If people complained this much about road construction all of our roads would still be gravel...
  4. My assumption was that they'll finish half the canopy now and the other half when the rest of the terminal lobby expansion is complete in another year or two.
  5. Permits have been applied for. I've heard that the office has landed at 37 floors based on the filing.
  6. A hotel guy explained it to me a few years ago. If there is an existing whatever, Courtyard for example, there's a requirement that another Courtyard can't be opened within x number of miles. So what does Marriott corporate do to work around this and not get into legal issues with franchisees ? Make up a bunch of new brands to work around these clauses.
  7. People walk in a steal from businesses all over Charlotte and suburbs on a daily basis. I see Nextdoor comments pretty frequently where people are watching shoplifters load up and walk out the door. I've seen it myself at home improvements stores multiple times. Anyway, I do not trust Tepper and it sucks that we as a city and state may be forced one day into financial agreements with this guy.
  8. I'm not usually a city competition person but I still think terminal 2 at RDU might be nicer/more inviting with the wood beams and architectural details. Our building is sleek and modern but a bit cold feeling so far. The blue panels at the entries are kinda cool. I look forward to seeing it in person. The outdoor glass canopy will be super impressive when complete.
  9. Great photo. CLT has been slacking a little on their construction updates.
  10. I would be interested in what cities are models for CLT. More specifically, cities with similar layouts and densities with high personal vehicle ownership or the ability to own one. How did they convince people to leave cars at home and serve those who cannot afford one or cannot drive due to age or other issues. Is it a combination of a higher focus on commuter transit and micro transit/on demand shuttles where ridership is low or non existent? I don't reliability or frequency is the main issue.
  11. It's 2022 and we're not enforcing ground floor retail regulations on our "high street"?
  12. I've done the same Denver to Breck with a rental car. For a family of 4 it makes lots of sense and the drive is nice once you're out of Denver.
  13. The map I shared on the previous page and the associated docs shows a lot of buildings being demo'd to the south of 5/23, including the original 1960's terminal. I wonder if the airport is considering an Atlanta style setup where there would be an actual second terminal with ticketing for departures with access from West Blvd? It would relieve a lot of congestion at the existing terminal. The gate count will ultimately be really high for a single terminal building.
  14. I know I've seen a master plan in the past that depicts a new terminal building . This relatively new document references decommissioning runway 5/23 and building a 4,000' long tunnel. I wonder if this is laying the groundwork for a new international terminal in the midfield? The gray box on the map kinda looks like a terminal. https://www.airportprojects.net/clt-capacity-ea/wp-content/uploads/sites/38/2022/03/CLT-Capacity-Enhancement-Projects-EA-FONSI-ROD.pdf Map showing tunnel: relocation of the triturator building into the existing terminal building; the decommissioning of Runway 5/23 and associated taxiways; construction of a 665,000 square foot hold pad at Runway 18L end; demolition and/or replacement of several buildings (see EA, Section 1.2); relocation of approximately 2,500 feet of Yorkmont Road; construction of crossfield taxilanes and taxiways and to provide landside access to relocated buildings; construction of a 4,000-foot long midfield access tunnel; and construction of a 20,000 square foot Federal Inspection Services (FIS) corridor between Concourse D and Concourse C.
  15. I don't think Legacy is an awful development but at the same time if Riverside delivers what is shown in renderings it proves what a little extra effort can yield. It's thoughtful development as opposed to just development. LH did include tons of street level retail but the storefronts are all bland and uninviting due to the building architecture.
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