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  1. UNC Charlotte students trying to avoid paying for parking would be my guess.
  2. Seems like the bus facility could be integrated into a multimodal station at the confluence of the Silver & Blue lines around Tryon and 10th.
  3. Was that deck built to support a tower? Curious how they will demo part of it if that is the case. A+ architecture in the rendering.
  4. Optical illusion with the plain gray panels on that side.
  5. They could play at a college stadium somewhere for 2-3 years while BOA is torn down and rebuilt. If he puts a substantial amount of $ towards it I'm not entirely opposed.
  6. It's supposed to be thin brick, which makes me wonder if that is what the existing garage is clad with. It's basically brick tile.
  7. What is going on with the stadium in that photo? It looks like they photoshopped a partial roof over it.
  8. The three biggest X's facing each direction should be red neon.
  9. Honeywell will be 23 floors and 331'. I think the penthouse part bumped the height a tad from the original stated 306'.
  10. Charlotte to surpass Raleigh area in tech jobs? I find this hard to believe but what a coup if true! https://www.wfae.org/post/bizworthy-charlotte-pace-surpass-raleigh-area-tech-jobs
  11. This is all I think of when I hear the new name. And no, I don't drink the stuff!
  12. I still think they build a new tower one day once the merger is finalized. It may just be 5 years from now. They needed immediate headquarters space and it was obvious they weren't getting a new tower designed and built in a year.
  13. I'm hoping that with the effort it took to put together this construction phasing video that the time for value engineering is rapidly coming to a close. I am so geeked out about this project. With the lobby expansion being constructed in phases, I'm hoping that we see some major changes in about two years. It's unfortunate that we have to wait 5 years to see it all complete but after watching the video I see why this will take so long.
  14. I just realized we more or less have this building downtown already
  15. Not getting all the hate for this one. The top of the building will add interest to the skyline. Look at Ally Center, the crown feature is just mechanical screening.
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