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  1. Miami has plans for a street car system connecting it's northern inner ring neighborhoods to downtown. There are also plans for a light rail line to connect Downtown and South Beach, but those have been shelved as of now. Fort Lauderdale has plans for a small street car type line serving it's downtown. St. Petersburg, FL has release plans for a monorail system serving most of Pinellas county.
  2. I looked for numbers and did not come up with anything. Sorry. I did come across the study that you cite with the 13% (don't have the link handy though). I don't think Orlando was include in that study however. Prahaboheme: I was thinking more along the lines of Lake Mary, UCF and Maitland. Either way it'd be interesting to see numbers for all of Florida and each of their sub-markets.
  3. I believe that is correct. They are considered two different office districts. Brickell is where most of the office space has been built in the last 10 years and also where most of the new space is planned. Coral Gables has also exploded with office growth recently and has several office projects planned there. But this isn't taking anything away from Orlando, I agree that what they are doing in attracting business to the region is impressive. I'm willing to bet that a majority of their new space howerver is in the far flung suburbs.
  4. 2.5 million according to this website http://www.ustraintravel.com/routes/trirail.html
  5. Thanks Topher and Depeche. That clears things up about. I was up in West Orange this weekend and was floored by the suburban development out there. I'm really intringued by the I75/turnpike/429/Disney setup. Could we see a new hotel/entertainment zone develop on that side?
  6. Now I'm jealous. Here's a camera phone pic of Nathan's Famous, Coney Island, NYC
  7. Are there any maps out there of Central Florida roadway improvement plans? Also, any more infomation on the 429 and western disney access road?
  8. Just for the record, Miami did get 100million from the state last year so they could build their MIC Metrorail connector without having to ask for federal funds. Orlando is way behind and needs the money. I believe this is a fairly well thought out first step for them too. The real question should be, why do roads continue to get so much state money at the expense of funding more transit.
  9. I like to think of HSR as more of an airport and less as commuter transit. If I fly into Tampa, do I get a rail service anywhere? Do I even get bus service anywhere? But the airports do just fine. I think the regular services will be more than capable of taking up any slack that is present until the HSR stations are linked with more apporpiate public transportation.
  10. As they say in Princess Bride, "he's only mostly dead". I applaud the Florida High Speed Rail authority for keeping at it. Maybe we can vote on it again next time around, but there's a chance at least some phases could be completed without another amendment.
  11. Tree City USA is a designation from the Arbor Day Foundation for good Arboring practices and promoting the canopy. A lot of cities get it. Do you have any links showing that Tallahassee led the state in population or wealth?
  12. Is he doing a silly walk? Here's mine; from a recent trip to NYC. The rest can be found here: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13360
  13. Dadeland (Metro Miami) Metrorail station. from this photo thread: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11344
  14. Miami's new Performing Arts Center under construction. The rest can be seen here http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11414
  15. Maybe we did... I lived off of Drury, a block from the lake. We used to walk (at least once a day) to a 7-11 just past the train tracks and sometimes to downtown, but there wasn't much there then. I used to wake up early and go fishing all the time on the lake. It was very much a stereotypical small town feel.
  16. I used to live in downtown Kissimmee, I'm glad to see it's turning around. That area has really sprawled since I was there, hopefully downtown turns into the "town center" that it used to be. It'd be nice to see the area gentrify a bit too. There's some nice buildings and houses in the area.
  17. I was in St. Pete last weekend. Made a special trip into downtown to get a meal. I was a little dissapointed with the dining options for a saturday night, but we found thai place that ended up being pretty good. the waitress even danced for us. I was suprised by the built environment of downtown. It was much bigger than i anticipated. The area definitely has a lot of potential. And lakelander is right. Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater would do much better to connect to each other sooner rather than later. It would increase the urban choiced in residents in all three communities.
  18. Since you asked... I saw it in person and hated it. I'm no fan of Brutalism to begin with but it seems especially wrong in Boston.
  19. Hard to beat philly in this category. Here's the City of Miami's - it's an old terminal for the Pan-Am flying boats. and the City of Coral Gables
  20. Here's two competing views on the projects from the Tallahassee Demecrat (keeping you informed!). I personally think that FSU is being typically nymbish. If this project is built right it'll only add to the area. http://www.tallahassee.com/mld/democrat/ne...on/10927072.htm TK Wetherell - President of FSU. http://www.tallahassee.com/mld/democrat/ne...on/10956433.htm John Marks - Mayor of Tallahassee
  21. But building a condo in a walkable environment where you already have a lot of peopel walking is the opposite of sprawl. It's urban infill and exactly the type of developments we need to fight sprawl. I think they should created a high density avenue between the campus and downtown where people can walk to either one.
  22. The rest of the shots can be seen near the end of this thread in the Miami, FL forum. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=8300
  23. how about a winter photo contest?
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