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  1. Learning from Other Places

    Downtown MPLS is over 3 sq miles so if you're walking in certain areas like downtown east (US Bank Stadium , HCMC, government area) or downtown west (the central business district) at certain times, it will seem dead.
  2. Learning from Other Places

    I agree cities like Boston, San Francisco and Seattle have stronger downtown areas than Minneapolis and they should -- they are big tourist towns. However, even downtown Seattle and San Francisco where I occasionally work have dead zones that are not welcoming at all. Downtown MPLS falls between Seattle and the likes of Austin and Nashville, but it still offers quite a bit more than the latter two in terms of amenities, connectivity, etc... There are also a lot more people living within a 1 mile radius of downtown MPLS's core (CBD) than there are near Austin's and Nashville's (2010 Census: 32,678 vs 18,086 and 6,147) so that's an obvious a benefit. Not sure where you're going with the weather angle, but Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, and a number of other cities have sh*ttier weather than Charlotte and well, they are way ahead of Charlotte in a number of areas.
  3. Learning from Other Places

    Actually, nowhere in Uptown Charlotte has as much foot traffic as this area normally does. Nicollet Mall, which you can see is fenced off, has been closed since 2015 and has been a deadzone. Also, seeing the lack of cars parked along 7th has me questioning the day and time the photo was taken.
  4. Learning from Other Places

    I'm pretty familiar with Minneapolis, Charlotte as well as a long list of others. Downtown Minneapolis is far more active than Uptown Charlotte and many other downtown areas. While I'm not a fan of the skyway system, many visitors are, especially during Jan & Feb when it's actually freezing cold and then during the late summer months when it's hot and humid. As far as bustling street life, 98% of US downtown areas are nowhere near bustling so, when you state you are not impressed with downtown MPLS, what cities do you have in mind? Yes, there are special events - almost every night. There are sporting events (NFL, MLB, NBA, & WNBA), concerts, and theaters that draw hundreds of thousands throughout the year. Then there are the establishments along Hennepin and Washington that are a constant draw. Not many downtown areas can consistently draw this many people. Regarding retail, it's coming back. Nordstom Rack just opened in the IDS Tower and there is speculation that a well-known retailer will be opening in the short-lived Sports Authority space in City Center. Also, it was just announced that the former Macy's building will be turned into a mix of office and "high end" retail -- announcements could be within weeks. BTW, interesting choice of photos for your narrative. 7th Street (1st photo) and 2nd Ave (2nd photo) are not exactly representative of downtown MPLS. The first photo is the intersection of 7th and Nicollet Mall, which was completely shut down when you took your photo. Since then, Nordstrom Rack has opened in the IDS (upper right) and parts of Nicollet Mall have reopened so the foot traffic is coming back. Your second photo is wall of offices, most of which are government and banking operations; a very 9 - 5 area -- an area that all major downtown areas have.
  5. Amazon HQ2

    Sorry, but I just came across this statement and had to correct it. St. Paul is on the east bank of the Mississippi as are the Northeast (13 neighborhoods) and University (six neighborhoods, including the U of M east bank campus) communities of Minneapolis.
  6. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Huh? Minneapolis has two light-rail lines; the blue and green lines and the NorthStar commuter line.
  7. Outstate MN, yes. Twin Cities area not so much.
  8. Haha. I don't think anyone would be able to handle eight months of winter.
  9. That's fine. I was just pointing out that it's not all doom and gloom that some seem to think or are trying to portray. Downtown MPLS is seeing record numbers in terms of residents, office workers, private investment, hotel rooms, etc. and areas like North Loop and Downtown East are doing very well. It will be interesting to see if whether or not Nicollet Mall can recover from the changing retail climate and its recent renovation. I would think stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters would really struggle in most US downtown areas. Stores like H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, etc.., however, would do well.
  10. While Nicollet Mall has been struggling, the North Loop area of downtown MPLS has been doing very well. Also, in case you haven't noticed, consumer shopping habits have moved online and several retailers are failing, including many that are / were located along Nicollet Mall. Macy's has been closing stores left and right and won't be around in 5 years. The same can be said for Barnes and Noble, the Gap, and Jos A Bank. Sport Authority already filed bankruptcy and closed all stores. Saks Off Fifth is doing okay and I'm sure the new Nordstrom Rack (opening in the old Gap space) will do fine as well, but let's face it, retail is struggling everywhere. As far as restaurants are concerned, they come and go, but there are far more restaurants (and variety) in downtown MPLS now than what there was 5 - 10 years ago. Regarding the homeless and panhandlers, it's not any worse than what one would see in a major city. That said, downtown Minneapolis's retail / restaurant scene is still doing FAR better than the majority of US cities.
  11. Minneapolis - St. Paul Photos

    Here's some skyline porn: Minneapolis by Logan Selinski, on Flickr A Northstar at Mpls Jct by Noah Kleinschmidt, on Flickr Downtown Across the River by Greg Lundgren, on Flickr minneapolis by Logan Selinski, on Flickr Downtown East with Cedar-River neighborhood and the U of M West Bank in the background. Most of this area was parking lots 5 - 10 years ago. Untitled by AboveTheNorm, on Flickr Minneapolis skyline from NE 3-22-17 by Matt Bappe, on Flickr photo: IamHenryK So many additions over the past 10 years. 14076_G by Jamie Hutt, on Flickr
  12. New Minnesota United FC Soccer Stadium

    Allianz has announced that it will have naming rights to the new MN United FC's stadium. In addition to Allianz Field in St. Paul, the company has naming rights to Bayern Munich's stadium, Allianz Arena. Allianz to Sponsor Minnesota United's Stadium "...German insurance company Allianz, which has its U.S.-based operations headquartered in Minnesota (Twin Cities area), has secured naming rights for Minnesota United’s future stadium..." Confirmed: New Minnesota United Stadium to be Sponsored by Allianz "...the name for the new facility is all but finalized. What we now refer to as “the Midway site” will soon be known as Allianz Field.
  13. New Minnesota United FC Soccer Stadium

    Thanks. I've been a fan of his since the early 90s. Regarding the stadium: the capacity will be 19,916, with a future capacity of 24,474. Also, the pitch size will be 120 yards by 75 yards. New(er) Rendering:
  14. New Minnesota United FC Soccer Stadium

    There haven't been any changes to the renderings so it will be interesting to see how the stadium fits with the neighborhood. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Midway area, but it's been going through a lot of changes since the Green Line light-rail line opened. BTW, I like your Daniel Johnston profile photo.
  15. New Minnesota United FC Soccer Stadium

    The MN United FC will be holding a groundbreaking ceremony for their St. Paul stadium tomorrow (Monday).